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This is a great book for those of you who are interested in the mysterious but not mystical world of quantum physics Even if you have a limited background in the field of physics or mathematics, this book can clarify at least some parts of the subject.The drawing style doesn t distract, but it takes a few pages to accept the way the main character is portrayed in comparison to the rest of them but as soon as you realise that that character in fact represents y u in search for answers, you shouldn t have a problem with the style any.I felt like the story ended rather abruptly, but then again I guess a lot of questions do remain unanswered in the field of quantum physics Ude ujem tri ne m tve ma iatka z piatich, preto e kniha, v ktorej je vyobrazenSchroedingerova rovnica tak, e to pochop m aj ja, si menej proste nezasl i.Zhrnutie ako pr beh to na m a nefungovalo v bec, ale po takej tej didaktickej str nke je to dobr. N dhern komixov p svetom kvantovej fyziky lovek z ska ve a zauj mav ch inform cii o povahe sveta, ktor mu v bec nijak nepom u St le to ned va zmysel a ja st le ni nech pem no no Ja viem, e som viac muzikant ne myslitel, ale d fal som, e aspo tro ku tro ilinku tro ilin i ku viac porozumiem povahe sveta, ktor n s v etk ch tvor Z m jho poh adu teda LOL Aha Pes P ilo sa mi to, ale ost vam zo seba sklaman. A rather ambitious project I commend any attempt to teach challenging topics to the layman But I don t think it worked at all here The only take home message I ve managed to gather was that it s all about probabilities In fact, there wasn t any need to make it into cartoon form All in all, a frustrating book about a frustrating topic. Framing this exploration of quantum physics as a Tintin style adventure was pretty neat, but unfortunately the science was often impenetrable The explanations and examples for the various theories, principles, and equations were often just as difficult to understand as the thing they were meant to simplify I m not sure who I should blame for this the author Thibault Damour or the translator Sarah Louise Raillard The art, however, was excellent Mathieu Burniat is awesome. Rien compris mais c est bien fait, didactique et tr s bien dessin J aime bien les BDs de vulgarisation co ou science m me si a requiert un cerveau un peu plus affut Les conclusions du livre donnent un peu le vertige ne pas lire un samedi matin l esprit un peu embrum lire si vous vous rappelez de vos cours de physique de l Universit moi pas. When I first saw Mysteries of the Quantum Universe, I was distinctly wary I m not a great fan of comics and graphic novels, and based on the few examples I ve come across of trying to put across science using this format, I suspected what we d get is a very shallow Gee, wow, whizzy approach that was a kind of Horrible Science for adults In practice, although some of the language does raise an eyebrow for its clunkiness, possibly due to being translated did I really see the main character Bob say Egad at one point , if anything the problems areabout either having nothing at all happen, or concentrating some quite deep physics material in just a few frames.We begin with the sad death on the Moon where else of Bob s faithful and talking dog, Rick which immediately sets up in the mind of anyone with some familiarity with quantum physics the idea that we are going to get heavy mentions of both Schr dinger s cat and the many worlds interpretation and sure enough, there are no surprises there After rather a long time with nothing much happening, Bob goes on a spaced out trip through quantum history, bringing in most of the landmarks we expect and, of course, meeting Planck, Einstein, Bohr, de Broglie, Heisenberg, Schr dinger and Born Plus, yes, Hugh Everett but strangely not Dirac, Feynman or the other QED people for some reason I was genuinely surprised how much detail physicist Thibault Damour managed to squeeze into a few frames per page when the storyline got on to the details of quantum physics Sometimes the visual contribution of Mathieu Burniat s illustrations in a rather TinTin like style, mostly monochrome with occasional splashes of colour really helped underline, for example what was intended by various atomic models in other cases, though, the illustrations become a little overwhelming and the technical detail for example when dealing with matrix mechanics was probablythan the reader wanted or needed and seemed likely to confuse rather than elucidate.For me, the two biggest things holding the book back were the comic story format and the historical perspective Giving us Bob s story meant that we had page after page where we got no scientific content at all but equally no relatable narrative Bob is a two dimensional character and there s no attempt to draw us into the storyline And presenting the physics in a very chronological fashion, which often works in a pure text popular science book, here seemed to require too much unnecessary detail it might have better just to present things as they are understood now.I d also say that the last few pages, venturing into a very hypothetical Everettian alternative universe, seemed both baffling and a waste of space, especially because one page was totally blank for no obvious reason I could deduce the publisher assures me it s intentional, but it lookslike it s a printing error.Finally we get a quick the extra science bit of about 16 pages of text This is in the form of an alphabetic glossary, which seemed a bit of a waste of space acoherent chunk of text would have beenuseful, and the alphabetic approach meant that it leads with Alain Aspect s entanglement experiments, which are totally out of context for the book, so rather baffling as a way in.Was producing it a waste of time Absolutely not It was a truly brave experiment, even if it didn t quite come off It would have benefited from a significantly stronger narrative perhaps it would have been better with a science fiction writer involved and someone to tell Damour which bits neededexplanation or were unnecessary But even so, I m glad it was produced, and I hope it does well Incidentally I had a problem with the ink the smell made me feel physically sick We needrisk taking and creativity in popular science, and this book scores five out five on both The fact I don t think it entirely succeeded shouldn t get in the way of that. J ai lu cette BD dans le cadre de mon rattrapage de Comic Whales Mais je crois que c est beaucoup trop scientifique pour moi, ou plus exactement beaucoup trop pointu dans les sciences M me si c est une expliquation simpligfi e, cela reste pour moi tr s obscur J ai compris certaines notions mais par exemple je reste bloqu e sur l exp rience du chat de Schr dinger J aime le rapprochement entre philisophie et science et le c t didactique mais c est vraiment un sujet compliqu.De plus je ne suis pas tr s fan des dessins, trop simplistes, pas assez pouss dans les d tails pour moi Dommage. Bolo to fakt zaujimave vidiet nakreslenu kvantovu fyziku A celkom to fungovalo, tak som bola prijemne prekvapena A na konci bol slovnicek pojmov nie dojmov, tie som mala ja V kazdom pripade je to narocna tema, ktoru sa snazili prednostne zobrazit, takze tomu pribehu by sa dalo dat aj 3 Kedze vieme, ze to bola len obalka pre narocny obsah, tak privrieme oko ^FREE DOWNLOAD ⇹ Le Mystère du monde quantique ☟ La Fisica Quantistica Ovunque Intorno A Noi Nell Infinitamente Grande Come Nell Infinitamente Piccolo Il Fondamento Della Nostra Attuale Comprensione Delle Leggi Della Natura, Del Comportamento Degli Atomi E Dell Universo Intero Ma Quello Che Racconta Del Mondo Che Conosciamo Diverso Dalla Nostra Quotidiana Percezione Di Esso Preparatevi A Intraprendere Un Avventura Che Vi Far Incontrare I Precursori Della Fisica Moderna Un Viaggio Che Vi Porter Vertiginosamente Vicini A Comprendere La Molteplicit Del Mondo Quantistico Bob Inconsolabile Da Quando Rick, Il Suo Fedele Amico A Quattro Zampe, Morto, Schiacciato Da Un Meteorite Durante Una Spedizione Sulla Luna Ma Rick Torna Per Aiutarlo A Risolvere Il Mistero Ultimo, Che Sconvolger Totalmente La Sua Concezione Della Realt Nel Mondo Dei Quanti, Infatti, Una Particella Pu Essere In Due Posti Contemporaneamente E Le Nozioni Di Vita E Di Morte Hanno Poca Importanza