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No spark, no chemistry, very flat with extremely lame passionless love scenes only one to be exact I know these are not supposed to be explicit but I expected better. Liked this one Katy has been dithering about for ages as the personal assistant to nice old Joseph, who has her living with him at his country estate Joseph sort of has her around to type up his memoirs, but most of the time they just have chats and go for walks, and Katy drives Joseph around so he can spend time with his cronies It s not very demanding work, which is right up Katy s alley Also, I think Joseph appreciates the eye candy of girl in rumpled librarian chic If he were thirty years younger, he d hit that, I m sure.Then Joseph has to go into hospital, and his godson, Bruno, descends upon them both Bruno is a high powered businessman and sexy Italian guy and has no time for dithering women Katy dresses badly and won t look him in the eye, and she s all stutters and handwringing and Bruno has absolutely no patience for it.Given that she s clearly incompetent, Bruno decides to move in while Joseph is convalescing in hospital And Katy will have to be his secretary while he s staying, so she d better smarten up and learn to typethan two words per minute Oh, and she ll have to get a pool built He recommends that she throw cash at the workers and then yell at them so they know she s boss.Awesomely, Bruno wouldn t dream of forcing his own secretary to come down from London, because she has kids Bruno is a good boss, although Katy is initially terribly nervous and treats her every mistake as if she s just sunk the Titanic I thought this book was really sweet Sure, Bruno s an arrogant prat and Katy s got a noodle for a backbone, but he learns to appreciate her sweetness and the knockout boobs she s hiding under some really atrocious clothes She also gets a confidence boost from building a pool and doing it her nice way, so good for her And she learns to appreciate Bruno s manly physique, and probably how masterful he is At one stage, Bruno brings his girlfriend down to meet Joseph, because he s thinking of asking her to marry him But really, he s doing a side by side comparison with Katy, and it s always satisfying when the sweet, badly dressed girl wins This book is nothing fancy, but it some mostly fun. . .. 5 stars It was cute But we neededpoint of view from the hero, his was sprinkled in there The ending was too random There was a large problem that was tossed in near the end that should have been half the book But cute and quick. |FREE EPUB ♭ His Virgin Secretary (Harlequin Presents) ☸ Italian Millionaire Businessman Bruno Giannella Is Every Woman S Dream Handsome, Sexy And Successful So Katy Thinks She Must Be Dreaming When He Demands That She Become His Live In Secretary Surely She S Imagining The Electricity That Sparks Between Them After All, Bruno Is An Experienced Man Of The World What Would He Want With A Timid Virgin Like Her But Bruno Seems Convinced That There S A Sensual Woman Hiding Beneath His Secretary S Mousy Exterior And Unleashing Her Inner Desires Is Top On His Agenda Almost DNF i just has to finish even if I thought I am wasting time.