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The Announcement is a great teaser for readers before the launch of Star City It gives a glimpse of the characters and their lives The main character, Emma, is a talented and driven young woman whose friends share different interests from herself She s still very young, and I see areas where she will certainly be able to grow throughout the story, especially with her work, but I won t give too much detail because this is definitely a good chance to pick it up This story did a good job of building suspense for the main Star City novel. Good introduction to this series I really liked the sneak peak the first two chapters of {READ KINDLE} õ The Announcement (Star City, #0.1) Ø Emma Smith Does Her Best To Ignore All The Hoopla About The Upcoming Valentine S Day Dance, Including Her Friend S Persistent Attempt To Get Emma A Hot Date She S Focused On What S Important Acing Chemistry Class, And Trying To Reach Her Brother, Who S Serving In The Air ForceEverything Changes When Emma, Along With Most Every Other Human Being, Witnesses World Changing History