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!Free Epub ♸ Taken by the Tiger Lord (Space Shifters Chronicles, #2) ♗ He Loved, Lied, Then Left HerAnd Now She S Supposed To Marry Him Newly Disowned Princess Seria Callax Smith Is Tired Of People Trying To Control Her Destiny All Seria Wants Is To Return To The Orderly Librarian Life She Had Before She Discovered Her Royal Heritage But When She Becomes Trapped In A Marriage As A Political Pawn To The Very Man Who Betrayed Her, It Will Take All Of Her Resourcefulness To Resist Her True DesiresDestiny Says She S HisAs Will Be Her DeathTigerlord Kai Of The House Of Stargazer Has Always Known He Was Destined To Die As Hero But When A Political Power Play Drops His Fated Mate Into His Inner Sanctum, Kai Realizes Seria S Crucial Role In His Doomed Destiny Saving The Universe Will Not Only Require Sacrificing His Life, But Hers It S A Future He Ll Do Anything To Change, Even At The Cost Of Her LoveBut Sometimes, Destiny Has A Plan Of Its Own Taken by the Tiger Lord is a continuation from Wanted by the Werewolf Prince and I highly suggest reading that first, though you won t be completely lost if you don t There is a short, the Lady and the Tigershifter, that could come before this I have not read it, but I don t believe it s necessary for the story either.I enjoyed this one about as much as the first, so there s definitely some good consistency It s still written in first person and only from the female character s perspective, so it lost points for that The overall story is still interesting and keeps me coming back though.Essentially, we have a non shifting, ex Librarian who recently discovered that she is a werewolf princess trying to escape her newfound father s marriage attempts who runs right to the man she loved not so long ago who happens to be the new ruler of the tiger shifters that he didn t tell her about she new he was a tiger shifter, just not that he was the heir Lots of drama ensues, as one would expect.Kai is dark, domineering, and definitely secretive, but you can t mistake his affection for Seria For her part, she is damaged, hurting, and heartbroken for most of the book and it makes my heart hurt for her.There s a massive galactic war with zombies to stop, dragon shifters that have been thought long dead to find, and peace to be made amongst both shifter groups and humans to be managed, so there is certainly no end the action and suspense There is also a heaping dollop of steamy romance and angst The Happy Ending isn t quite an ending so I am hoping the following book will help clear up some of the remaining strings from both book s characters. What an awesome story I m not a huge fan of action romances or of interplanetary storylines but this was really good and left me wanting . Taken by the Tiger Lord is a fantastic second book in this series written by Kara Lockharte She writes an imaginative plot that follows Seria and Kai on their journey this time The plot has some nice twists and is rather captivating, making this a difficult book to put down The author again nailed it with the pace, never leaving me feeling rushed or feeling like the book was dragging out This is a fine balance and not all authors find it, but thankfully Kara Lockharte did since it is very important to me There is a lot of steam in this book so be prepared, with tons of action and an intriguing mix of shifters in the outer space, a combination I never envisioned would work, but clearly I was shown in this book yet again does work quite nicely,Seria is a strong female heroine who rises to the occasion, time after time I find it interesting, for someone who is an infoist, that she clearly is missing some of the most important answers in her life, but nothing stops her from finding them, even the ones who make her uncomfortable Kai is your strong male shifter hero,on the stereo typical side, but that does not take away from his appeal in the least, I actually happen to like him a lot in his role in this story I also read Wanted by the Werewolf Prince, so I was happy to see a few guest appearances of characters from that book, which was actually done beautifully.All in all, I am still surprised how well shifters and outer space work, but I admit it is because of the author who does an excellent job executing this This marriage of shifters and outer space science fiction could very easily be ruined if done improperly, but thankfully there is nothing to worry about here I really enjoy this series and I can t wait for the next one to come out This was a decent read, but I was a bit lost in places since this is book 2 in a series I didn t read book 1 Because I had the impression it was a stand alone Some of book 1 must have had part of the world building some tie ins with characters into book 2 Because I was a bit lost, it was harder to appreciate this book for me for that reason The characters gave me a like not like feel, not strong enough to be a love hate thing I also felt Seria was too over the top talented, almost unbelievably so which made her not realistic I would not recommend reading book 2 as a stand alone book The flow would have been better I think, if I had read book 1 The ending was abrupt with everything too easily wrapped up while Seria was knocked out , with hardly any descriptions filled in to tell her what happened. This story is fantastic This is the first book in the series that I have read and it will not be the last I loved Kai and Seria I was anxious finding out about Kai s sister s plot to usurp him Seria is amazing Everything she knows, her lack of fear and her coding skills are unparalleled She has been searching for information about her mother her entire adult life, to no avail Both Kai and Seria must deal with a betrayal by someone close to them When evil forces Kai into a feral state, Seria must tryto find a way to get him back This book is full of action, loss, a betrayal she didn t see coming, an unexpected ally and a love that cannot be denied, no matter how much Seria wants to Plus there is a huge secret she kept from Kai When he finds out, will he still love her This book is so good you must read it I felt so many emotions while I read this I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. Why 5 The books in this series just keep getting better The relationships are deeper andcomplex and this universe is developing in interesting ways Without spoilers there s not much I can say about the story arc but I ll try The villain s reveal and what it takes to fight that villainy gave me Star Wars like chills The feel of creeping power that seekspower and what kind of people come forward to fight that Chill bumps I want to knowabout these people and getof them to HEA I get the feeling Kara Lockharte knows a lotabout these people and this universe than has been revealed It reads like a series that has some place to go and is headed there in a well planned way Please keep writing these so I can keep reading. OMG this book was awesome I read it in one day couldn t put it down This book just was a non stop action, adventure, romance The war has started between Tiger shifters and Werewolves Ral, the werewolf prince s sister Seria is on the home planet of the Stargazer Tigerlord, Kai Kia is convenced he is to wake the Dragonlords to save the galaxy from the undead that has been created by another unknown group in the war This author has created an exciting world for us to slip into I can t wait forbooks to come out Oh and there is a lost baby to find hope it doesn t take to long for that book to come out Just an awesome read I absolutely love this world Shifters in space with the added bonus of zombies My only complaints about this book is that some things were rushed We needed some extra scenes to explain things 1 When they meet back up with her father we neededto it I would ve loved to have seen that scene Phoenix Project what the heck was that about it was never explained 2 When they found the Dragonlords it seemed rushed I wish it wasfleshed out and that we actually got to meet them and seen them fighting 3 How did she heal We needed that scene too 4 That ending I really hope we get to see a rescue I hope we get a story to explain I need that reunionAnduin Who and what is he I really hope we get his book soon Orphaned Seria lives her life as a librarian for the Universal Library She longs to know who her parents are and where she comes from Too trusting she finds herself the object of betrayal from the people that she trusted Kai included Kai the arrogant Tigerlord is a handsome shifter who needs Seria s assistance to get information from the library When he is force into a feral state brought on by evil it is Seria who tries to bring him back I loved this book It is filled with drama, suspense, intrigue and I can t leave out the romance The characters and plots are so intricate and detailed that you are drawn in with the details a truly amazing story.