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From sworn enemies to soul mates Wall Street hotshot Camille Parker is the last person rancher Jericho Jones expects to find on his doorstep Ever since his late wife Jeanette s best friend interfered in his marriage and showed up in his room naked, she s persona non grata in Jericho s book But the situation is literally life and death for this damsel in distress, and he opens his home to her, she heard her boss ordering her death The problem is, he opens his heart, too Camille has no choice but to seek help from her worst enemy, the one who stole her brother s fianc e, someplace where no one will think to look for her And as she lets her guard down in close quarters, unexpected feelings surge for him But what will happen if Camille s life goes back to normal and the city girl no longer needs to shelter in the reticent rancher s arms Ends exactly like other 3 books in the series, girl goes home, guy shows up to bring them back This is the 3rd book I read by Kathy Douglass I was happy for Carmen Trent Camille s character was okay Jericho s character was okay This book s storyline needed action I felt this story was missing something. Fish out of water scenario here Camille is a high powered Wall Street exec running for her life after overhearing a death threat against her She has unwittingly uncovered money laundering at her white shoe firm and needs to get away from the hitman after her She runs to the most remote place she knows where someone knows her Sweet Briar, North Carolina Unfortunately, the person she knows there also hates her Her best friend had married him and she tried unsuccessfully to break them up However, Jericho does not turn her away but allows her to stay on his ranch She finds herself liking and adapting to the ranch life and discovering the real Jericho This is a little formulaic at times but a good story. A sweet readFabulous story about two people from differing backgrounds who fall in love They were enemies who became friends and then fell in love If you re looking a sweet story, this is for you [ Free E-pub ] ♿ The Rancher and the City Girl ☰ From Sworn Enemies To Soul Mates Wall Street Hotshot Camille Parker Is The Last Person Rancher Jericho Jones Expects To Find On His Doorstep Ever Since His Late Wife S Best Friend Interfered In His Marriage, She S Persona Non Grata In Jericho S Book But The Situation Is Literally Life And Death For This Damsel In Distress, And He Opens His Home To Her The Problem Is, He Opens His Heart, TooCamille Has No Choice But To Seek Help From Her Worst Enemy And As She Lets Her Guard Down In Close Quarters, Unexpected Feelings Surge For Him But What Will Happen If Camille S Life Goes Back To Normal And The City Girl No Longer Needs To Shelter In The Reticent Rancher S Arms WOW WHAT A BOOK From the start it pulled me in, and Sweet Briar series is a keeper Thanks Jericho is hot A SWEEt READ.