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This is the sort of book that makes me wonder why things like this ever get published in the first place Don t get me wrong, it s not incredibly terrible, but it s clearly inspired by her work with John Green and the movie adaptation of Paper Towns A couple of close knit teenagers living their life, drinking, running around, getting tattoos, dark secrets, eating disorders, troubled youth, parents who doesn t care about their children, unnecessary swearing, betrayals, playing in a famous band, identity crises, metaphors about glass shattering and broken hearts etc Mirror, mirror follows a group of teenagers, Red, Rose and Leo, trying to figure out what to do when their friend Naomi suddenly disappears without a trace When the police finds her body with no evidence of what happened, the police slowly start to give up Red, Rose and Leo then tries to put the pieces together, and goes on an adventure for the truth about who really killed their best friend.First of all, did the person writing the blurb actually read the book all the way to the end After reading the book for myself, I am genuinely confused as to what this person was thinking while writing it I guess it s just another example of false advertising, where the publishers tries to get attention from not only ya readers, but other readers as well.I didn t expect much, I think Cara Delevingne is okay, but I didn t like her story or her writing The whole plot is extremely overused, and it felt like it was the cheap version of Paper Towns by John Green A girl goes missing, her friends try to find her, they re left with no explanation and it s their job to figure out what went wrong and why she ended up missing Also, let s talk about the fact that her name is bigger than the title of the book To me, it seems like she is relying on the name recognition, rather than the content of the book Personally I think the title should be bigger, and her name should be smaller I see fans rating this five stars before even reading it, because they already know it s gonna be perfect , but does it deserve a high star rating Let s begin talking about the book s content A couple of pages in, the main character starts talking about their band and how Naomi wrote song lyrics and played the bass Then, she says Naomi is the best bassist I ve ever played with, which is weird because she s a girl, and girls aren t normally good at that shit That s not sexist, it s just a fact It takes a sort of single minded determination to be invisible to really play the bass, and girls, well normal girls like to be looked at Well, saying it s not sexist doesn t make it any less sexist That s kind of like saying Not to be racist or anything, but and Not to be rude, but , then you say something rude and racist You might read this and think I m taking it way too seriously, but it s problematic and it is sexist even though you start off by saying it s not Some probably think things like this are funny, but I don t Also, I find the thought of a school band with a fan page and thousands of tumblr followers very unlikely, but maybe that s just me Today, saying words like fuck or shit is normal It s not surprising, but using swearwords in every single sentence is a little too much, even for me I don t really see the point, beginning every sentence with shit , and closing it with fuck I don t have a problem with swearing in real life, but I don t really think it s that necessary to fill your book with bad words It s like when you have to write 1000 words for a school paper, and you start writing unnecessary words to fill the pages and reach that word count In this case, it s just swearwords Sometimes, the dialogue was literally just fuck shit fuck off, mate The characters in this book could be much better, but they were beautifully broken , and I hate that Sorry, but I do I don t think self harming, starving or overeating, putting yourself in danger etc should be romanticized It s not beautiful, it s not something poetic It s painful and it hurts I just think the writing was bad and the story was poorly executed Imagine a YA book where the main character has a positive relationship with their parents, just imagine This book had it all, parents who didn t care about their children what so ever, alcoholic parents, family members who s in and out of prison etc.This was a combination of Paper Towns and Skins, making it this unbearable book about teenagers looking for alcohol and weed, sex, and randomly screaming into the air and getting into trouble with the police I don t know why, but I went through half of the book before realizing that Red was a female I don t know if I just missed the description and the basic information, or if the description and characters weren t mentioned in the first place, but I was genuinely surprised I know girls shave their heads and express themselves in different ways, but I didn t realize that Red was a lesbian girl falling in love with another girl That being said, I always appreciate a book with a gay female lead view spoiler To me, this book was a mess from beginning to the end Accusing someone of rape is extremely serious, and people treated it like it wasn t a big deal at all Their teacher literally asked them to calm down, and for Rose to stop messing about I get that their teacher knew them, but if someone tells you someone raped them, you don t take it as a joke If someone accused me of rape because I kissed them, I would be furious I would talk to someone straight away, tell them what happened and try to talk some sense into the person spreading rumors I wouldn t just forget about it, especially if that person went to the police or tried to sue me, and made up some kind of story that could get me in serious trouble Rape is serious, and when people make it up for attention or revenge, it makes others doubt the people who actually experienced rape I understand that she was manipulated, I one hundred percent understand BUT accusing someone of rape is taking it way too far, and people brushed it off like it was nothing It didn t make sense to me, the book was a mess hide spoiler Am I, like, the only person on this planet who had no idea Cara Delevingne even writes books, let alone a young adult mystery and contemporary fiction On second thought, there are probably than 6 billion people just on this planet who don t even know she exists.Actually, I just realised there are than 7 billion people who don t know I exist well that s a disturbing thought right there Do I even matterI hate me rn. #FREE PDF æ Mirror Mirror Ù Friend Lover Victim TraitorWhen You Look In The Mirror, What Do You See Sixteen Year Old Friends Red, Leo, Rose, And Naomi Are Misfits Still Figuring Out Who They Are And Who They Want To Be Life Isn T Perfect, But Music Brings Them Together, And They Are Excited About What The Future Holds For Their Band, Mirror, Mirror That Is Until Naomi Vanishes Before Being Pulled Unconscious Out Of The RiverShe S Left Fighting For Her Life In A Coma The Police Claim It Was A Failed Suicide Attempt, But Her Friends Aren T Convinced Will Naomi Ever Wake Up What Or Perhaps Who Led Her To That Hospital Bed And How Did Red, The Self Styled Protector Of The Group, Fail To Spot The Warning Signs While Rose Turns To Wild Partying And Leo Is Shrouded By Black Moods, Red Sets Out To Uncover The Truth It S A Journey That Will Cause Red S World To Crack, Exposing The Group S Darkest Secrets Nothing Will Ever Be The Same Again, Because Once A Mirror Is Shattered, It Can T Be FixedCara Delevingne, The Voice Of Her Generation, Explores Identity, Friendship And Betrayal In This Gripping And Powerful Coming Of Age Story For Fans Of WE WERE LIARS, THIRTEEN REASONS WHY And THE GIRLS It was not the blurb, which I only had skimmed, that convinced me to read this book It was the curiosity of how Cara Delevingne would write her first novel, because she always gets sharp criticism for everything she does besides working as a model and I wanted to form my own opinion on the book I read the book while listening to the audio book and can highly recommend that Right from the start you get the appropriate emotions and language style of each character, although there was a lot of swearing in the dialogues which annoyed, but you can read over it.After having completed the tedious first chapters, Mirror Mirror unexpectedly turned out being so thrilling that I could not stop reading Especially because of that unexpected twist at the end, I have to give it this evaluation.I don t like reading books whose characters live in a perfect world, what was totally not the case in Mirror, Mirror Unfortunately, the characters were all extremely broken in a specific way, so it s just as hard to identify with them To conclude I can say that I loved how the novel finally ended and that I continuously enjoyed reading it Although Cara Delevingne was clearly inspired by her work with John Green in Paper Towns, I can say that this was definitely not just another book written by just another famous person It turned out to be surprisingly good and constantly improving every chapter. the blurb is really interesting but I hate the cover art so much it seems like Cara is relying very heavily on name recognition, rather than the content of the book 5 Words Friendship, family, mystery, betrayal, secrets.Mirror, Mirror exceeded my expectations Starting off, I love the writing style I was a little surprised to find it narrated by Red at the beginning, hers was not the voice I was expecting But hers is definitely the voice that the story deserves and is a wonderfully complex character, with many layers and flaws.This has a definite Skins vibe to it, and I love it It s a bit shocking, it s raw, it feels real There is a thread of mystery to the story, a slightly chilling feel to the story.Full review to come. This is such a hard book to review, because if the characters had been better and not the beautifully broken kind, I would have enjoyed reading this book But I just didn t connect with the characters, and so reading Mirror, Mirror dragged up until the last 20% So basically, there s this school band that consists of Red, Leo, Rose and Naomi Naomi, who has a history of running away think Paper Towns , goes missing, only to be found a while later in a river So while Naomi is in a coma, Red and Naomi s sister, Ash, take it upon themselves to try to find out what happened to Naomi.Red is an okay main character Nothing to really write home about Leo and Rose are sort of just there, the former has a thug of an older brother and the latter just fucking irritated me, and that s all I can really say about them.The real star of this show Ash Ash is a fucking BEAST, you guys Her idea of a fun night in involves computers, coding and hacking She will hack into your social media accounts and will smile while she does it She s a fucking riot, and she alone has bumped my rating up to 3 stars instead of 2 If Mirror, Mirror was about Ash and Red, Leo and Rose were all taken out of the picture, I m pretty sure I would have loved this book The last 20% of Mirror, Mirror was decent but that was mainly due to Ash , but overall I wasn t particularly impressed It was too much like a John Green novel, and not in a good way Also, I have a mind blowing concept for you all Imagine, just IMAGINE, a YA book where the main characters actually havewait for ita POSITIVE and LOVING relationship with their parents Crazy stuff While I didn t particularly like this book, I am pleased that I read it because I sort of have a fascination with celebrity fiction books Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the chance to read it. So first off, this is basically a poor man s Paper Towns Cara was clearly inspired after starring in the film Secondly, the idea is aesthetically pleasing, but when actually presented has little substance. Do I need to create a morbidly curious shelf Videorecensione per curiosit , non per forza aspettandomi un libro trash.Infatti semplicemente un romanzo goffo, raffazzonato, con enormi voragini di trama.Ero incuriosito perch Cara Delevigne una sorta di icona giovanile anti Ferragni una sorta di Kate Moss 2.0, una bellezza atipica e rozza, sfrontata e dall attitudine grunge E proprio su quello che rappresenta costruito questo librucolo interminabile, prevedibile e noiosissimo una sorta di copiacarbone di un qualsiasi libro di John Green giusto perch ha recitato in Citt di carta , un po di lgbt, un po di dark side of trasgry wannabe e il gioco fatto uno specchio per le allodole, costruito ad hoc per piacere alla ragazzina tumblr che tanto vorrebbe essere lei La prosa , a tratti agghiacciante insieme eravamo cool, superpunk, strafichi oppure Quando canta i muri vibrano e gli occhi da castani le diventano verdi ma che davvero e la trama procede con personaggi cartavelina imbarazzanti, drammy familiari che si risolvono in men che non si dica e un mistero ridicolo che si risolve a colpi di dark web, whatsapp, spotify, instagram e snapchat.Il colpevole, poi, chiunque in grado di indovinarlo a pagina 1 I personaggi sono pedine incapaci di muoversi l azione che agisce su di loro Non trash, ma snervante eccome.Poteva essere meglio.Poteva essere peggio.In entrambi i casi, sarebbe stato molto pi interessante.