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~FREE PDF ⚆ Murder in All Honour (New Scotland Yard/Doyle and Acton, #5) ☹ Things Are A Bit Grim At Scotland Yard, This Christmas On The Heels Of A Nasty Corruption Scandal, The CID Must Now Contend With A Killer Who Is Murdering Pregnant Women, So As To Steal Their Babies Chief Inspector Acton Doesn T Want Doyle Anywhere Near This Case, Of Course, But She Can T Shake The Feeling That There Is To His Concern Than His Usual Over Protectiveness And To This Case Than The Usual Psycho Killer Kathleen share what Edward is going to looks like with Michael Awww, sweet Another good Acton and Doyle mystery I was shocked by the Munoz and Savoie pairing I didn t see that coming I thought she was seeing his brothermaybe that was a red herring type relationship.Onwards to book 6 in this series. Unable to award stars and will have to circle back I picked up this book last Friday at library because it was clean, fresh, unread Problems I know I have tried reading this series previously and could not get into it, but I forgot to make a note here to help my memory.One cannot pick up book 5 without having read the previous books.If I say too much I could ruin for others Note to self this female Irish detective is fey as they say oh, yeahanother Irish scalp a tingling Correction Every other page her scalp is prickling Her husband is of the aristocracy whoops They don t start out married, so forget I mentioned it.Pregnant women are being done away with, babies taken.Doyle has a very strange way of speakin for a countess And other problems.I will try to read the series some day starting at the beginning Maybe.It does manage to turn a boring police procedural into a fantasy dance, so be in the mood for that and start at book 1.LATER Note I was on the train long enough to read this book again so I can give it 3 stars There is a place for this light and zany approach to murder I can see this staged as a comedy in another era and there would have been appreciative audience I should look for interviews with author to find out if this was her intent to simply take the reader for a joy ride down balmy road If I had started at the beginning I may have been sure footed. I was giddy with anticipation for the release of the fifth book in the Acton and Doyle series, Murder In All Honour, so I nearly did a handstand when the Kindle version was released yesterday Since the sixth book, Murder in Shadow, will not be released until September, I inhaled Murder in All Honour in one setting then went back to savor the story in full Michael Sinclair, Lord Acton, is his awesome over the top possessive, jealous super Alpha self Acton does not play when it comes to his fair Kathleen Doylehe will kill anyone that thinks about threatening his wife While Lady Acton is fervently working on reforming her rapscallion spouse but Acton is not quite ready for confirmation This book was full of revelations that any in depth review would reveal plot spoilers and this book is meant to take the reader on a journey of plot twists with the murder mystery and the machinations of the House of Acton and then some.As usual favorite characters make an appearance, the cool butler Reynolds, the stoic and noble Habib, calm and collected Thomas, that sneaky, dangerous criminal Philippe Savoie, and poor Munoz who dealing with a family crisis of her own Sadly, there Lizzie Mathis was only mentioned in passing and there was little mention of Dowager Lady Acton who hates her Irish daughter in law with the heat of a million suns The ghostly Acton ancestors brought lots f humor in their in fighting and squeaking to Doyle about family secrets But on the whole, this story is firmly focused on Lord and Lady Acton I hope that we will eventually get a book with Acton point of view I d love to have a peek inside the mind of that obsessive possessive man This series is addicting and I have become obsessed with this awesome couple and that is no small feat for an author to pull off for an uber picky reader like me Very highly recommended 3.75 stars Love these books The characters are like old friends that you want to visit over and over again I love Kathleen and Michael Whenever I want to read a good book that makes me laugh and where I enjoy myself I always reach for Doyle and Acton It works every time Give the books a try and you won t be disappointed. Doyle and Acton are back Anne Cleeland s latest mystery, Murder in All Honour, is not a jumping off point for the series Her stories are as interconnected as Louise Penny s, and readers need to have read earlier ones to keep the characters straight, and to pick up the pieces of the plot But, fans of the series will be satisfied as the storyline continues.Detective Sergeant Kathleen Doyle is pregnant, and she doesn t need the worry of the latest cases to catch the attention of tabloids Although Acton does his best to keep the stories under wraps, pregnant women have been murdered, and their babies have been taken How does this connect with the death of a nun Because Doyle is always on high alert when her husband is involved in a case, she asks a few questions, tracks down some witnesses, and heads off in the wrong direction.Lord Michael Acton, also Detective Chief Inspector Acton, is juggling the investigation into corruption at the highest level at the Met, along with the murders he s trying to keep secret, and family problems And, of course, the man who is obsessed with his wife, Doyle, tries to keep secrets from her Finally, even Doyle has to admit some secrets should be kept Unfortunately, her gift of knowing when others lie make it hard for her to butt out of Acton s business.Although the current case seems somewhat convoluted in this book, the characters are as delightful as ever Murder in All Honour is set at Christmastime, and part of the enjoyment comes from Doyle s uncertainty as to appropriate gifts It s a treat to catch up with Acton and Doyle again, their butler, Reynolds, Williams, and even the criminal, Savoie Cleeland continues to reveal bits and pieces of Lord Acton s family history More than the criminal investigations, the characters bring readers back to Cleeland s novels Her characters are clever, sometimes amusing, but always fascinating. One of the great joys of reading is finding a series that is one thrilling book after another My devotion to the Doyle and Acton series was cemented in the very first book, Murder in Thrall, and each subsequent tale has been a complete experience of reading euphoria Kathleen Doyle and Michael Sinclair are the most mismatched, perfect couple in fiction Kathleen, with her Irish commoner s background and touch of fey and Michael, with his Lord of the manor and touch of obsessive compulsive disorder prove that love and humor can conquer all Their positions at Scotland Yard are reflective of their social order disorder, and they have an uncanny knack at solving the most complicated of cases, even when Acton is withholding vital information Murder in All Honour is a most personal tale for both Kathleen and Michael, with all they hold dear and important at stake.Someone is killing pregnant prostitutes and removing the babies without a trace of where those babies have gone Are they dead, too, or have the babies been spared to live a better life Although Acton doesn t want Doyle anywhere near a case where mothers to be are killed, since Doyle herself is pregnant, but with the lingering business of corruption at the highest levels of the Met, investigators are short handed and Doyle is ever wily about inserting herself into the most complex crimes Of course, with her scalp tingling and undeniable intuitive skills, Doyle is a definite asset in investigations When a murdered nun is also discovered, Doyle s antennae are on high alert As is usual with Acton, he seems to be dealing with other matters and dark dealings which he is keeping from the fair Doyle, but Acton s secrecy never discourages Doyle from digging for answers in both their professional and personal lives There are revelations in this 5th book that have been brewing for some time, and some intriguing new developments that will affect the new heir, Doyle s and Acton s offspring.While the series always delivers with the characters of Doyle and Acton, and their witty conversations are a highlight, the supporting cast of characters is as cleverly drawn Detective Inspector Thomas Williams is forever devoted to both Kathleen and Michael, and like Kathleen, I am always buoyed by his appearance Doyle s somewhat nemesis, DS Isabel Munoz, continues to bait Doyle about her good fortune with Acton and dismiss Doyle s detective skills But, Munoz has a personal stake in the current crime wave, which may serve to humble her a bit Doyle s and Acton s butler Reynolds is always in fine form and quite the purveyor of tradition and useful information Doyle s criminal friend Savoie plays an extensive role in this story, too Savoie, with his contradictory traits of ruthlessness and caring, makes for an interesting ally in Doyle s life Anne Cleeland is an author of exquisite imagination and cleverness The plots of her stories never fail to captivate me, her characters entertain and thrill, and her dialogue delivers in delightful abundance. I liked the book overall I still think Doyle is a wee bit stupid I probably would have enjoyed this series if I had read the books as they were released Meaning, it s a series that s best in small doses If I stop reading I m afraid I won t go back to it After receiving so many recommendations for this series I do want to be up to date with the story arc The mystery was better in this book and I was surprised when the murderer was revealed I hadn t considered that character Acton and Doyle still have communication issues They both keep secrets Doyle displays guilt like a 5 year old She holds it in as long as she can then spills it all to Acton Her scalp still prickles at least one every 10 pages, which she promptly ignores I m so tired of reading about it that I m ignoring it too What s the point in having a gift if you don t pay heed to it So annoying.As the series progresses I find Doyle s character is portrayed and as the stupid Irish bumpkin I feel it widens the social divide between her and Acton Acton has his own honesty issues How can you have a good relationship with someone who refuses to be open and honest I know Doyle is much younger than Acton She s naive and inexperienced I really want her to start growing up a bit Her experiences at Scotland Yard and her relationship with Acton should help her grow but she isn t, not really 3.5 4.0 and on to