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received 4 stars Harlequin.com as of 1 26 17 To view reviews, go HERE Cameron Johnson is a bush pilot and wilderness guide in Alaska, but she s also lonely and living in a falling down trailer because her boss and the owner of the place is using her skills without paying what she deserves Not that she s done much about that, but she prides herself on never having lost a client When she is asked to fly Jack Parker, a veteran intent on finding the dog he rescued from Afghanistan, Cam has her doubts about him going into the wilderness alone, but he insists Trouble is, when two stubbornly independent characters knock heads something has to give, and it s their respective hearts that occurs, but only after Jack heads on, on his prosthetic leg, and Cameron goes back to find and bring him out when Jack s sister insists.All manner of near disasters confront them as she looks for him and then finds him, but he won t quit, no matter what she says or does And those near disasters continue to occur as they attempt to find the dog Cam is certain is dead but Jack is just as certain would have survived They find another dog, with a pup, but it s the wrong dog, and when they do find the right one, the man who has her isn t sure he wants to give her up Happily for Jack, the dog makes clear who she wants to be with, which leaves Cameron out in the cold when Jack reiterates his intention of going back to his Army duties in the Middle East.That was what he wanted in the first place, didn t he Which means Cam is out in the cold again, after foolishly allowing her heart to be stolen by a man she suspects doesn t really care for her Oh, the sex is good, but commitment No way Or, wait a minute Are both of these flawed characters incorrect in their assessments of the other, unaware of what the other really wants A stupendous story set in the wilds of Alaska that jump off the page and pull the reader onto the difficult trails, even in the cold cold waters of the Mackenzie River And, of course, into the hearts and minds of the two protagonists. ^Book ✗ A Soldiers Pledge ⇲ She S Never Lost A Client, But This Could Be A First Cameron Johnson Thought She D Found The Perfect Life As A Guide And Bush Pilot In Canada S Northwest Territories Until One Of Her Clients Disappeared In The Wilderness Jack Parker Had Been Searching For The Dog That Saved His Life When He Was Deployed In Afghanistan A Dog His Sister Had Helped Bring Stateside Only To Lose Him Along The Wolf River Jack S Traveling On A Prosthetic Leg, And After Just One Day, Cameron S Sure He Ll Be Ready To Quit And Climb Into Her Canoe Once She Finds Him Well, She S About To Get A Thorough Lesson In Stubbornness From A Veteran Who Won T Give Up