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Some parts are good, and I can empathize with the author on a lot of it, but it starts reading like a list of complaints about males and it s just not amusing enough to distract from the misanthropy I wanted to be interested, but I ended up giving up It s mildly amusing but it just never drew me in enough to care what else the author had to say about the guys in her life, and there s no ongoing plot to keep me hooked as I wonder how things are going to conclude. I have a compulsion that obliges me to finish any book I have started, no matter how bad This book is the exception to that rule There is no edge to this book, nothing that makes it funny or exceptional in any way. #Download Kindle À House of Testosterone: One Mom's Survival in a Household of Males ⚶ Every Woman Has Asked Herself The Question What Was He Thinking At Least Once In Her Life When You Are The Mother Of Boys, It Seems Like This Question Is On A Continuous Tape Loop In Your Head Humor Columnist Sharon O Donnell Knows This Feeling In House Of Testosterone, She Chronicles Her Adventures Raising Three Sons And Reining In Her Ber Male, Forgetful Husband, Kevin She Shares Her Stories Of Welcoming Her Third Son Into The World, Resisting The Gravitational Pull Of The Guy Zone, And Running A Household Immersed In A World Of Sports, Bathroom Humor, And Laundry O Donnell S Spirit Shines Through As She Struggles To Find Some Me Time Or Survive Another Comical Family VacationThese Entertaining Episodes Of Child And Husband Rearing Lovingly Illustrate Why Sharon Calls Herself Lady Of The House Of Testosterone I have access to a random lending library on this trip, so I m reading random stuff I took this off the shelf because I figured as a parent of three I could commiserate, and thank my lucky stars I don t have three boys.This one was ok, with some funny stories and some heartwarming stuff, but it was pretty repetitive and pretty cliche as far as gender roles and understanding of gender roles, which I found annoying though don t doubt the realism of the stories the author tells But, admire the author for trying sometimes to push back against the roles.Anyway, easy and fast read that was ok. As a mother of 4 children, 3 of whom are boys, this book called to me I was ready for a light read, full of funny anecdotes on life in a houseful of males I was disappointed.While I could relate to a lot of Sharon s stories have definitely felt the brunt of living in a house so full of testosterone, I just didn t really find this book that amusing In fact, rather than a quick read, it seemed to drag on on.In the end, I feel I gave it a valiant effort, though I only made it about a third of the way through the book.Full disclosure, I try my darndest to finish each every book I begin True story BUT as a mother of 4, who has an Etsy shop, a part time job a husband who is rarely home, my reading time is a hot commodity I think this point, I judge books a bit harshly There are so many AMAZING books in no way enough time to read them all, so I choose not to spend my time reading ones that I ding hum drum Also a true story. Cute. Might make a good blog but doesn t really cut it as a book My library had this shelved in the humor section but, while mildly amusing at times, it is never really laugh out loud funny I suppose I might have felt differently if I had a houseful of sons I d call it of a memoir or blog type book.One positive thing about this book it made me want to go hug my husband and thank him for being the amazing guy he is This author seems to love her husband but she also talks about him like he s one of the original neanderthals and like a child than a partner, best friend, equal, lover, or spouse.Recommended for moms who can identify. Written by the mom of three stereotypical boys, I could relate to some of this humorous book and not so much to others I don t really care for humor at the expense of others, and the author is a bit of a martyr and is pretty hard on her husband It certainly made me happy that my sons are renaissance types, interested in than sports Not sure I d recommend it to others it was fun at first but then the humor grew a bit tiresome after awhile. Good book, especially since I too had three sons You can relate to a lot of what Sharon struggles with Luckily I had dogs and cats that were female. A woman surrounded by males, Sharon s life has become dominated by sports, laundry and camping The only woman in her household, this book details some of her daily struggles in getting her boys to talk, to be emotional and cultured I found this collection of accounts to be realistic, but also a bit unnerving Ms O Donnell complains about being the only woman in her household a lot almost too much While some of her accounts are amusing nothing was particularly laugh out loud funny to me I think that my favorite part of the whole book was the last chapter where she discusses the importance of children to their parents and the love that it shared Being a mother of a boy and the only female in my household , I had imagined moments of hilarity than there actually were within these pages I also found that this book lacked detailing of the special bond between mothers and sons Overall, it was interesting but not a book I would read again or recommend.