#Free E-pub è Backyard Birds of Utah:How to Identify and Attract the Top 25 Birds ï eBook or E-pub free

Excellent, very short, field guide with some outstanding photography. #Free E-pub ⚧ Backyard Birds of Utah:How to Identify and Attract the Top 25 Birds á BACKYARD BIRDS IS AN EXCITING SERIES Of Books That Explores The Top Twenty Five Backyard Birds Most Commonly Found In Each State It Includes A Profiled Size Scale That Allows The Reader To Quickly Identify The Correct Bird, And Each Bird Entry Is Accompanied By A Stunning Color Photograph And Specific Description, Including Identification Marks, Behavior, Habitat, And Nesting Style Even The Song The Bird Makes As An Added Feature, Author Bill Feni Also Provides Expert Tips For Building The Ultimate Backyard Bird Sanctuary, From Creating Birdbaths And Planting Proper Foliage To Offering A Bird S Favorite Foods My six year old just asked me if we could keep this book he loved that there were pictures and that it explained the different habitats, behaviors, songs of each bird, etc it is a very simple introduction to the top 25 birds, but very helpful for those of us who don t know much.I am sure that we see others that are not in here but this is a helpful start. I was a little disappointed that it only showed 25 birds The three I keep seeing in my backyard were not included However, for those top 25 birds it is quite informative and user friendly. Great pictures of some of the birds I see in my yard but was surprised not to see all of them since I expect my birds are quite common. It is pretty fun to try to find the birds in this book I think the coolest is the sharp shinned hawk, but I ve never ever seen any hawks in our backyard Ever. Great information