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Ok, ick Apparently Barbara Cartland channeled Penny Jordan while she wrote this book Here s what she came up with, and I m only on page 12Together we will make the world rock and feel its hushed tremble, my little virgin When I make love to you and my body finally possesses yours it will be as though we are immortals, gods, and not mere human beings, but as yet you know nothing of the pleasure that will be ours No other man has shown you what I shall show you I shall be the first Oy, it got worse from there Sienna has been targeted by Alexis looks like a Greek god but is actually a cruel and slightly stupid asshat because he thinks Sienna s brother raped his sister Alexis sister not Sienna, obviously This is a Harlequin so clarification is needed after all I say thinks he raped his sister, Alexis doesn t actually confirm this before he starts his Humiliate the Virgin maneuver.Alexis hires Sienna to do some temp work for him while he is on London, and the insta love is in the air Lots of purple prose, see above, and bottom line he asks her to go away for a weekend This book was published in 1984, the year I graduated from college so I can t BELIEVE I am going to write this I could relate to Sienna just a little Okay, that was not so bad She was a very sheltered girl even for the times Even her brother, the rapist wink wink, says she needs to get out of their little village The mark buys pretty lingerie and just out and out lusts for the Greek alpha hero view spoiler They have sex The warmup is wonderful, but she has a lot of pain This is when it almost made me tear up Yes, I almost cried over this stupid book, but the scene was both cruel and sad After all the romancing and seducing and soulmate crapola, instead of asking if she is okay, Alexis gets up, turns his back to her, and tells her that she got off better than his sister did when Sienna s brother raped her What did Sienna expect being so easy to dupe Ouch Kind threw me for a loop In fact, the h took it better than I did by going into an ice cold freezer She stands up for her brother and demands to be taken home Good girl hide spoiler Honour snickers If raping another man s sister for his sin is honourable in your culture then your culture either needs to be extinct or reevaluated.The hero had nothing honourable about him.He was NOT sorry about his actions He actually believes it s justified.He s only sorry that he practically raped the wrong woman because her brother was innocent Not the for the action For the wrong victim.And he s only sorry when he figured out the brother was innocent.So his actions were completely justified if he wasn t innocent and even though the heroine is an independent third party from her brother Him being sorry after learning about her brother s innocence does NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT count The marriage I m pretty sure was also not legal And would have landed his ass in jail no matter what era it was. @Free Book ⛅ Response ì His Honor Left Him No Choice Sienna Had Been Swept Off Her Feet By The Handsome, Powerful Greek, Alexis Stefanides I Shall Imprint Myself On Your Heart And Body So That You Will Never Forgive Me, He D Said Once He D Won Her Heart She D Been Chosen Not For Love But In Vengeance For The Wrong He Believed Her Brother Had Done His Sister Too Late The Truth Came Out Too Late To Save Sienna S Whole World From Exploding In Pain Still Deep In Shock, Sienna Found Herself Married To Alexis With Her Mind Instinctively Fearful Of Her Body S Intimate Cravings This was classic Penny Jordan The trembling virgin heroine, the arrogant hero, the insane plot.The hero s crime was pretty bad, but PJ balanced the scales with his sister explaining his backstory, loyal servants discussing his largess, and she let him suffer physically with weight loss and malaria for the big grovel scene You know it s serious when the hero loses weight and can t sleep He was actually a lot less obnoxious than other PJ heroes I ve read The heroine suffered a revengeful hero, a car accident, a wedding while in a coma, and amnesia but still retained her ability to orgasm That s resilience for you. Loved this one This is probably one of the most aptly named books I ve read And it is all about RESPONSE the h s to the H and vice versa It s possible that some people may scoff at how quickly the h Sienna capitulates to her love for the H Alexis but in my mind it made perfect sense That is what love at first sight is, where your bond is instant and intense and I m lucky enough to have a first hand experience of what that is The planned revenge may have been a little OTT, but did nothing to take away from the beautiful love story between two adults who really loved, needed and indeed, craved each other but it is a poor kind of love that will not allow the beloved to make any mistakes, that sets him up on a pedestal and condemns him to remain there now that s one of the dialogues that really resonated with me in this book In a world, where people are only too willing to give up on relationships for whatever failings minor or major one needs to understand that one s partner is human and therefore, susceptible to making mistakes and if one truly loves that person, they should learn to forgive and to love again I loved how that sentiment was expressed in this book and not in a boring, preachy way either In fact, this is one of the fastest, hottest books I ve read from the MB collection and I enjoyed every moment Here, the H and the h do that They accept their faults and they make amends proving their love for one another in their own compelling ways People keep talking about the power of an emotional connection, truth is, the power of touch is just as compelling and can heal wounds just as completely so a solid five stars from me needless to say this is going into my re read bunch It s a shame they don t release books like these any if anyone knows of another title like this one please share. One of the better vengeful Greek tycoon books He thinks her brother raped his sister so he seduces the h in revenge He realizes he is wrong and tries to make amends, but she runs from him, gets hit by a car and gets amnesia Obviously, he takes advantage of her memory loss in great Hqn fashion. Pretty OTT in the beginning broody Greek tycoon revenge deflowering trembly virign with insta lust on both parts The dialogue was a bit on the painful side I didn t like Alexis for most of the book his tactics just screamed GASLIGHTING to me, the way he twisted things to make her fall in with his reasoning and make himself look sane Later on he was palatable, after he owned that he was out of control It s Penny Jordan, so the intense passion was fun to read, but I have a feeling I ll forget all about this story by tomorrow, so it we re gonna go with an it was just okay. Another Greek tycoon out for revenge Heroine is innocent and unaware of his evil scheme She falls for him hard but when she realizes the truth she abandons him, has a car accident and amnesia Hero realizes his mistake and takes advantage of the situation, marries heroine tries to win her back but our amnesiac heroine can t trust or love him again Lots of angst, drama and intense emotions make this a great read This was a bookclub read for me and here were my rambling thoughts.Did you like the Hero heroine She s a bowl of jello constantly quivering, easy to makeHe s a deep fried mozzarella stick cheesy, oily, sure to cause heartburnWhat do you think of this type of revenge plot I have no problem with revenge sex, but get your facts straight first Hero s failure to do so makes him look stupid.Was there enough interior musings in the book Could there be any I was happy each time the monologues ended, until the dialogues started Hero has a stash of cheesy, OTT, smarmy, purplific phrases that do nothing to lift my opinion of his brain or heart, and make me do funny gagging faces.Have you read Penny Jordan before No, and if this is 1 of her better books heroines, I doubt I will again.Extra commentary I really hate when a 3rd party has to explain to the heroine or Hero that they love each other Learn to communicate, dolts I hate that the Hero only spilled his guts while in the fever at the end He deserved to be fully conscious and grovel to the heroine It makes me mad that he escaped without thoroughly admitting he was wrong.Hero seems to have no friends except a dead rapist, and his own sister can t trust him PJ needed to give us something about him that is likable. RE Response this is a true HPLandia classic, PJ put just about every popular trope in the universe in this one and it is the epitome of wreckiness with a very, very badly behaving H There is revenge, callous seduction, amnesia, deathly love sickness and an h with very perky decolletage The only thing missing is the seekrit baby, and if PJ had another 35 pages, she probably could ve worked that in there too In fact, I was sorta expecting it but PJ went with the direly ill H scenario instead There is also one of the best forced marriage scenario s in all the HQN world s, the H with his natural alpha supreme authority marries the h while she is unconscious from a car wreck, as her brother couldn t be contacted and surgery might be needed Well that is HIS excuse anyway.We all know it is because of his helpless, desperate love for the h that he just cannot confess to Surprisingly, the h in this one is not the usual PJ doormat we see who will tolerate anything to be with her man Nope, not this lady she dumps the arrogant H not once, but TWICE and does it so thoroughly his misbehaving rear is totally in the cold She stands up for herself and I was glad to see it Of course she is miserable, but the H gets to suffer the torments too, so it all works out for a nice HEA in the end.