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This is a very British dark comedy that follows Fred, Sid and company as they leave the army and head out onto civvie street with disastrous and immensely funny consequences At first all seems to be going well for both Fred and Sid but then Fred s past catches up on him and he finds his war with shoplifters is not quite all it seems Then even worse for Sid, he wins the lottery and finds that his grifter lifestyle is in tatters A very entertaining read that includes a re working of the Did Socrates Get Pissed prequel an excellent question that I really want to know the answer to My only issue is with the layout, why oh why are there so many really really really short paragraphs From Helmand to Heywood is a light and fun read It basically follows former soldier Fred and the assortment of characters around him Initially it feels like an anthology of short stories but some of the threads come together as the book progresses and unite the narrative it makes for an easily accessible book that draws you in The humour is nicely varied There s a pretty dry and subtle feeling throughout, but it s punctuated with a few few well placed punchlines, sometimes as subtle as a sledgehammer, that help keep things fresh.Definitely a book worth reading, although I d recommend skipping the footnotes I m a bit obsessive about them in general, and kept regretting looking at them I was hunting for comic asides in the style of Terry Pratchett but they were like academic citations The majority of them were huge overkill it felt like sitting in a pub and after Farry delivered the joke the bloke at the next table leaned over and told you why it was funny But they re easy to brush over so don t really detract, even if you do kick yourself every time like I did.A good lighthearted read that manages to pull in some clever touches and observations pick up a copy and enjoy RECEIVED FROM GOODREADS GIVEAWAY Being in the military myself and coming from a military family, witnessing the transition to civvie street in real life through friends and family, I could relate a lot to this book The humour is dark squaddie humour and the author does warn the reader of this beforehand I did find it difficult to follow the flow of who was who and where we were with the story, but it all sort of comes together by the end Even though it is quite humorous, it brings up some serious matters that face the majority of serving personnel, such as mental health, dealing with being a non uniform conformist , and marital issues I think it is quite clever how the author mentions these issues without seeming to make a big deal of it, but it did make me think deeply about those issues as I was reading Perhaps it may just be the fact that it is something that I relate to, but it would be interesting to see if those who are not also did the same. It is pretty much as described on the dust sheet, an enjoyable piece of British humour, possibly in tune with northern British humour truth be told It is not a literary masterpiece and is not likely to become a classic to be read by avid students of English Literature, but then it certainly doesn t claim to be There are a number of typos and grammatical errors, so if you are pedantic and can t get beyond the odd publishing blip, don t even go there But if you are looking for a book which is going to make you laugh and put a smile on your face, this is the one for you It is true to life, most British readers are likely to identify with or recognise similarities with the characters in this book and their own family or friends It is down to earth, like a Carry On script without the smut A quick, easy, funny read, full of loveable characters with a half decent plot and pretty good ending. I received this book for free via Goodreads First Reads.I now wonder if I need to read the prequel to understand this fully Did Socrates get Pissed does have a great title after all I found this to be rather confusing and maybe the humour was too black for me to understand it On the plus side, the use of acronyms brought a smile or two and the characterisation was interesting I would never want to meet any of the characters so they obviously did have an effect on me.It is one of those books where I am sure that some people will love the humour I just did not get it and was clutching at straws throughout It was not terrible but it did not suit me. Fred and Company march onFrom Helmand to Heywood expands upon and continues the short very short and amusing very, very amusing novella, Did Socrates Get Pissed As well as containing a slightly reworked version of Socrates , there are management waffle acronyms, BREEXIT, BASSTARDS, PBP PTIPTO and LOPJ among others There s Guerilla Gardening and , much , laugh out loud moments as Fred, Sid, Darren, Nick, Besharat, Bert MI6 etc try, not always successfully, to make the best of life in civvy street, with the help and oftimes hinderance, of Chardonnay, Wayne and a few others Jeremy Kyle among them Like DSGP there are an awful lot of laughs And also like Socrates the very short, very widely spaced paragraphs take a bit of getting used to In fact I d finished the book before I actually did get my head round them However, whilst I may not have been overly fond of the writing style, I loved the writing itself Rib tickling and heart rending in almost equal measure, From Helmand to Heywood is a great read, full of fun but with it s serious side I find myself eagerly awaiting from Mr Farry, despite those pesky paragraphs.I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest and unbiased review. This is a tale of Sid, Besharat Fred etc which included a reworking of Did Socrates get pissed which I have also read It is very tongue in cheek and has some very funny acronyms that will really make you smile as they are so apt and well thought out The characters were steadily introduced and for a while we skipped from one to another but it all came together successfully in the end I enjoyed the book and will reread it soon.I received a free copy of this book free from the author Thank you Des. to use an oxymoron this book can be described as macabrely humorous, read it in 2 days, laugh out loud, pouring scorn from a foreign perspective on all things British but in a softly lampooning affectionate way, sure you will recognise yourself and others you know among these side splitting descriptions dripping with sarcasm and irony. {READ DOWNLOAD} È From Helmand to Heywood ê This Is A First Class Enjoyable British Black Humour Read Where The Interplay Between Colleagues And Opposite Sex Allow For A Lot Of Laughs Starting In Camp Bastion In Helmand Province In Afghanistan Through The Lower Pennines In England Where Fred Has Unwittingly Created The UK No Dogging Spot It Ends In Tenerife In The Canaries It Follows On From Preceding Title Did Socrates Get Pissed Which Has Reviews Ratings On And Goodreads From Helmand to Heywood seems to be like a diary and as such feels like a summary of events This means it s very easy to read Probably suited to those people having to do a daily commute to work Open it up, read a couple of chapters to catch up the progress and then close it down until the next day.