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~Epub ♶ Some Kind of Wonderful ⚔ Puffin Island Puffin Island Betoverend, Zonovergoten En Vol Uitdagingen DeelHaar Leven Lang Droomt Archeologe Brittany Forrest Al Van Avontuur Op Haar Achttiende Dacht Ze Dat Gevonden Te Hebben Met Bad Boy Zachary Flynn, Maar Na Slechts Tien Onstuimige, Hartstochtelijke Dagen Ging Hun Bliksemhuwelijk In Rook Op, Waarna Ze Besloot Hem Uit Haar Hoofd Te Zetten Piloot Zach Weet Dat Hij Brittany Destijds Teleurgesteld Heeft Nu Hij Is Teruggekeerd Naar Puffin Island En Haar Weer Ziet, Kan Hij Er Echter Niet Omheen Zijn Gevoelens Zijn Nog Net Zo Sterk Als Vroeger Ook Al Heeft Hij Zich Nooit Goed Genoeg Voor Haar Gevoeld, Toch Kan Hij Onmogelijk Uit Haar Buurt Blijven Terwijl Lange, Hete Zomerdagen Overgaan In Zwoele Nachten Onder De Sterrenhemel, Ontdekken Brittany En Zach Dat Het Vuur Tussen Hen Nog Lang Niet Gedoofd Is Komen Hun Dromen Van Een Lang En Gelukkig Leven Samen Deze Tweede Keer W L Uit I have put this off long enough I did not love this book the way I wanted to, and I am so bummed out about that I just couldn t connect to the characters or even the writing and that was the most wtf thing in the world, but it just felt so weirdly repetitious and their relationship, and ugh, I am just so sad about this.I m still sort of hopeful about the next one because I like that dynamic a lot, but yeah I m sad. It s important to let good people into your lifeI admit I was a little wary going into this as Sarah Morgan used a similar second chance scenario in Holiday in the Hamptons which came a couple of years after this series and sadly was a huge fail for me And if I d read this beforehand it would have been evenso as she worked all her magic on Brittany and Zach and I loved them together Couple of things felt unfinished but all in all another winner Can t stop, Sky and Alec are calling. 5 What happened in the past wasn t your fault What happens in the future is your decision Stars Sarah Morgan s Puffin Island series just goes from strength to strength with its latest instalment Second chance love is one of my absolute favourites and this has to be one of the best telling s of that tale I have read in quite some time I think it is due to the depth and breadth of backstory and personality that Sarah manages to give her characters without clogging up the flow of the overall story, and it makes her books pretty hard to put down, Some Kind of Wonderful slips into that category with ease.Zach and Brittany haven t seen each other in ten years, after marrying in haste as the young are wont to do, and then Zach making an even hastier retreat from their honeymoon bed, their reconnection, or potential fall out from it is one that could cause issues for them both, especially as they are literally reliving the memories that they both made together the first time around But as I have come to expect with this authors work, this isn t just a simple reconnection story, Zach s back story, and Brittany s unwavering belief in him through everything, made for a pretty emotional, sexually tense and engrossing read This book and the series as a whole so far has been an absolute treat, you get to spendtime with Emily book one and SkylarChristmas Ever After, due October 2015 , as Zach and Brittany s story progresses I enjoyed the time exploring Puffin Island further, and getting to knowabout its residents as they came into contact with them There is a lot of potential here forbooks over and above what is already advertised, and I really hope Sarah gives her readers the opportunity to revisit the Island and keep up with its inhabitants many times again in the future.Was there aperfect place to live on the planet ARC generously provided via Netgalley, and it was my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review. Second chance romance is one of my favorite things, but this had nothing that I love about second chance romance. A decade ago, good girl and Puffin Islander Brittany Forrest thought that bad boy Zach Flynn was the answer to her adventure dream He was her first and being in love as well, Brittany asked Zach to get married Only ten days later, that dream shattered when Zach walked out on her Now, Brittany is back to Puffin Island after an accident broke her wrist Unfortunately, Zach is too Now no matter how Brittany says that it s all over between her and Zach, the intense emotions between them is not something they both easily denied.Some Kind of Wonderful is the second book in Morgan s Puffin Island series I was looking forward to this one mainly because it has one who got away theme, which has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to romance From the first chapter, Zach just had my heart I knew that he would be a difficult stubborn man, and Brittany would need to fight hard to knock down the wall of distrust surrounding Zach s heart Zach came from an abusive home situation, and he was shoved into foster care when he was only eight years old He has lived his life not trusting anyone because it s the way he feels safe Meanwhile Brittany, despite having her parents divorced, grew up with the love of her grandmother and the Puffin residents She was loved and had a happy childhood.I thought the chemistry and tension between these two was OFF the chart It was clear that both still had deep feelings towards one another But Brittany was afraid of getting hurt again, while Zach still didn t know how to love other people I was so immersed with their story and I couldn t take my eyes off the pages.I actually cried not once, not twice, but on three separate occasions while reading this book The first one was when Jack saved a stray dog That moment was powerful because it made me, as a reader, understood Zach a lot better Then the other two occasions was when Zach finally opened up to Brittany about his childhood, and of course, the ending.Guess I was probably in sappy mode.But yes, I loved Zach so much and Brittany too except for the ending, in which I thought she was throwing a hissy fit, being childish, and a bit over dramatic view spoiler I mean, with all these talks about trust, why couldn t Brittany trust Zach that he would tell her about the camp And her whole attitude of why didn t he say I love you to me first sounded whiny to me Philip and Celia were practically like Zach s foster parents, they LOVED him way before Brittany did Philip was the one introducing Zach to flying and gave him a chance for something better It was absolutely understandable if Zach told them first that he loved them The sequence of Zach finally able to say that he loves people shouldn t matter hide spoiler J avais beaucoup aim le premier tome par contre, j ai mis trois ans avant de me d cider lire la suite Pourquoi Tout simplement parce qu il s agit d une histoire de retrouvailles et je d teste ce genre d histoire Sauf qu ici, pour une fois, c est fait avec intelligence Chacun des protagonistes reconnait ses erreurs d s le d parts Ils ne passent pas leur temps se reprocher tout et n importe quoi mais vont de l avant avec ou en d pit de leurs bagages motionnels C est forc ment rose bonbon mais j ai beaucoup aim leur tat d esprit, notamment celui de Britanny. Vielleicht liegt es ja daran, dass ich es als H rbuch geh rt habe aber ich fand es leider nicht gut Die Charaktere waren mir zu langweilig und mir hat der Humor gefehlt Irgendwie war die Umgebung auch nicht so meins. schade. 5 Words Marriage, family, trust, acceptance, friendship.Ok, I loved it.Of course I loved it.It s Sarah Morgan and I m yet to read a book of hers that I don t absolutely adore And every time I finish one of her books I pre order the next one.Some Kind of Wonderful is a perfect summer read that has all of the right ingredients mixed together to create this amazing series I want to go to Puffin Island so bad I think I want to go therethan Snow Crystal Because these whole communities that this author creates and drops you into are almost characters in themselves and they re magical Amazing Wonderful.All through this book I was rooting for both characters You just can t help it You fall in love with them as much as you fall in love with the setting.Although this is the second book in a series, you can definitely read it as a standalone But I d definitely recommend reading them all in order even if it s just so you can fully experience this wonderful setting and the amazing characters I received a copy of this for free via NetGalley for review purposes. Kind of Wonderful is one of the books that I took on holiday to Devon and it was perfect summer reading.It s Book Two in the Puffin Island trilogy I haven t read Book One yet but can be read as a stand alone.The characters, the setting, the community and Sarah Morgan s writing style made this a romance that really worked for me Zach is your typical wounded and brooding male lead Beginning as it does with his childhood background, the reader empathises with him straight away As the story progresses, we find out that he s not as flawed as he wants everyone to believe.Brittany doesn t settle anywhere and despite owning Castaway Cottage, feels suffocated living permanently in this close knit community On her return to the island, pretending nonchalance towards Zach, her speeding heart and shaking limbs show otherwise.The attraction between them is there from that first eye contact and despite trying to ignore it, it s just not possible for them stay away from each other Their intimacy draws you in and the sex scenes are very well written There is one scene that is a symbol for muchthan a sexual release.The way that the author has Brittany reflecting on that whirlwind time when she was 18 shows how much she s matured since she s been away She has the selfishness of that age group just right.Brittany s two closest friends Emily who is living on the island and Skylar a short flight away in Manhattan are the perfect foil for her indecision with their opposing views Emily has had lots of changes since Brittany s been away Emily s story is told in Book One, First Time in Forever and is settled Skylar is acting out of character and her story will complete the trilogy Christmas Ever After publishing October.You can understand Brittany s feeling about living within a small community the assumptions and judgments that are made which just aren t true But the islanders are only protecting their own There are strong bonds and acceptance on differing levels A couple of humorous scenes gave me a chuckle.The maturing love and friendship between Zach and Brittany kept me turning those pages Add into the mix the setting and secondary characters and it s a story that I would recommend to all romance readers not to miss I would like to thank the publishers for a copy in exchange for an honest review.