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Toda la noche con el jefe, me pareci un texto relajado y fresco, aunque en algunos puntos me pareci ir en c rculos por las repetitivas dudas de la hero na, me mantuvo queriendo saber m s, adem s, debo decirlo, es una historia con muchos pasajes apasionados, por ah ya me gan.RR COMPLETO Toda la noche con el jefe se volvi Toda la vida con el jefe.Este libro de Harlequ n me sorprendi NO ME GUST SINO QUE ME ENAMOR De verdad que voy a ser poco critica con la review del libro pues mis sentimientos y emociones est n por encima de todo an lisis a cerca de personajes, escenas, etc as que nada LO AM De principio a fin lo disfrut asquerosamente, desde el primer di logo hasta el ltimo A pesar de todo lo que es realmente, ya sea positivo o negativo corto, veloz, din mico, divertido, entretenido, emocionante, gil, predecible, clich , irreal o como malditamente te parezca A M ME GUST MUCH SIMO Y lo nico que lamento es que haya sido una historia que se ha quedado como de Harlequ n cuando pod a haber sido m s Sin embargo, en eso mismo ha de radicar su maravilloso encanto Es de verdad una historia para dejar en un d a de tu vida un sabor dulce en la boca.P.D El protagonista Oh, Dios EL PROTAGONISTA 3 On the pill and taking an antibiotic REally How original. It s difficult to craft a heroine that is damaged from a previous relationship and because of this, refuses to entertain the notion of a fling, much less a relationship, with the hero without making her appear wish washy or TSTL such is the case with All Night with the Boss.First off, the title mostly the series title of Pregnant Mistresses killed me, but I still read it anyway Well, obviously the main character will become pregnant, it s just the how of the matter that makes the story I suppose We begun at a party where Lissa Coleman s free spirited generally code word for slutty best friend who isn t as good as the heroine Gina has set her up to meet with womanizer Karl, who is supposed to show Lissa a good time before she departs back for New Zealand she s temping for a company in London Enter handsome Karl, who doesn t appear as rakish as Lissa thought he would, and who she isn t planning on having a good time with at all, but who is good for conversation Lissa spills that Gina is hoping for Rory Baxter the boss who never goes to these shindigs to show up because he s The Chosen One, etc Happy to see Gina with Rory, she allows Karl to take her home only to find out the following day that she confused the two and it was really Rory that kissed her the horrorSarcasm intended.Rory then pursues Lissa if just for a fling and Lissa gives in, but backs out for a majority of the novel I understood from a character perspective that Lissa was trying to protect herself, which is what caused her to act and make decisions the way that she did when it came to Rory, but it just made me roll my eyes because the inevitability of their relationship was still there If the latter had not been obvious if Lissa really fought their attraction, but not in the stupid and eye rolling way that she did, I think the story would ve been muchenjoyable Also, the pregnant thing was at the end, which makes me think that maybe it shouldn t be in the title Then there s no purpose for the story because everything is known anyway just my two cents Fine, but not great read. Awesome ReadI read many many books and I ve been reading harlequin books for over 16 years This book is up there with the bests It took me back to when I was a young girl I started this book and could not put it down till after I read the last page The book had a perfect blend of angst and easy The h was hard to get but unable to resist H as well The H was authoritative but never gave up pursuing h H expressed himself well without sounding soft but he also wasn t a jerk I absolutely loved this book. i think this book is funny yet sweet i loved it Una historia linda, breve que te llena de un sentimiento c lido Aqu no hay pat n, solo un hombre confundido buscando la respuesta aunque no este basada en amor y mas con la responsabilidad.Pero si con ese final feliz que amamos. Un intermezzo molto carino, mi aspettavo qualcosa di pesante ed erotico invece stato scontato si, ma non troppo anzi abbastanza piacevole. (KINDLE) ó All Night With The Boss (Harlequin Presents: Pregnant Mistresses) á He S Her Boss And The One Man She Can T ResistRory Baxter Is Tall, Dark And Incredibly Sexybut He S Also Lissa Coleman S New Boss Lissa Doesn T Do Office Affairs But Rory Tests Her Powers Of Resistance To The Limit Lissa S Body Responds To Rory S Every Move And Goes Into Overdrive When He Says He Wants Her But Once She S Spent All Night With The Boss, The Biggest Problem Is That One Night Will Never Be Enough It was a feel good romance with a heart warming ending It s a bit different than the normal erotic romance books that only focus on steamy scenes I really enjoyed the storyline