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I see that some other reviews tell a little about the story line, so will just give my impressions, without repeating what others have said.The main character, Nick Angriff, is a new American hero, set in a really compelling, imaginative novel It should appeal to a wide demographic Women will love that he is a strong man who loved his wife and daughters Men will identify with his struggle to do the right thing against overwhelming odds bucking a corrupt system in the beginning and fighting to protect innocent lives throughout Military personnel will be honored to see how they are appreciated History buffs will appreciate its references SciFi fans will love the future time warp , cryogenic and post apocalyptic aspects.As you read it, you can visualize it, just like watching a movie I can hardly wait for the sequel to see what happens next. A few little things I didn t like, but overall an excellent adventure I just bought the 2nd book on kindle Oh and I love Nipple I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review I don t usually read military fiction, but this story started off with such a bloody punch that I was instantly pulled in I usually don t like prologues on a story, but this one was so loaded with action that it set up the perfect tone for the rest of the book.Angriff, the main character, lost his family his wife and daughter to a terrorist attack In order to get revenge on the men that did it, he makes a deal to become part of Operation Overtime a group of soldiers cryogenically frozen until the time they are needed.The characters in this story were very down to Earth and relatable, making it easy to feel Angriff s pain over losing family I loved the dialogue in this piece as well There s nothing here but ghosts, was probably my favorite quote of the story.There s quite a bit of army military lingo in this book, but not too bad where a person uneducated about the subject would be confused All the important information is very nicely laid out.All in all, I really enjoyed this story, and I m excited to see what comes next in the series Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Standing the Final Watch is the debut novel by William Alan Webb, and is the first book in the Last Brigade series This book best described as a speculative military techno thriller I ll let you, the reader, fit that into whichever genre you deem appropriate When I initially spoke with Mr Webb, he described to me a futuristic Clancy esque thriller with shades of Mark Greaney I admit to being both interested and skeptical, as I am an avid fan of both of these authors Little did Mr Webb know that he had set himself to a very high standard However, I soon found out that William Webb is a talented author with a surprisingly original premise, and I walked away ready for a sequel.Standing the Final Watch transpires after the collapse of the United States Most of the land is under caliphate rule, and Western culture has practically ceased to exist Enter the Seventh Cavalry Brigade, a group of elite soldiers recently awakened after a fifty year cryogenic sleep the group s mission is simple take back the United States Commanded by legendary general Nick Angriff, this last remnant of the world s mightiest military has been tasked not only with the subjugation of all enemies of the former United States, but also with eliminating any leftovers from the corrupt political system that led to the downfall of the country How, though, do you fight an enemy that s fifty years ahead of you How do you handle the knowledge that the entirety of what was once the United States military exists in a secret base in the side of a mountain And how do you know that the company you keep is dedicated to the same mission you are General Angriff is prepared for the fight, but he s also aware that not all are as loyal as they seem I ll say right here that Standing the Final Watch is excellent I was fully prepared to take it easy on Mr Webb s debut storytelling attempt, but there s no need The book has been finely edited the story is cohesive and keeps moving and the dialogue is spot on If you re any fan of the aforementioned Clancy or Greaney, even James Rollins or Clive Cussler, you re going to enjoy this book There s just enough sci fi to create an intelligent What if scenario, and there are twists and turns enough that it s impossible to get bored I couldn t put the book down, and honestly, I didn t really want to.Mr Webb s attention to detail is probably this book s strongest selling point I can t give any spoilers, but I will say that a large scale covert operation does come with its share of unintended consequences Also, Mr Webb succinctly and deliberately deals with the issue of modern day soldiers suddenly being thrust half a century into the future Webb s ability to answer questions and handle opportunities as they arise makes the storycompelling and believable This, to me, is the mark of a great storyteller in the making.There is, however, one potential negative This story is told from a staunchly conservative point of view I understand that every writer has a bias, but most tend to keep personal feelings subtle or subdued Mr Webb does not Standing the Final Watch is a conservative manifesto This fact did nothing to deter me from enjoying the story however, some readers may find Webb s writing to be too politically motivated or aggressive.Standing the Final Watch gets a strong 5 Stars from me This story is just well told and enjoyable If you re a fan of James Bond or Jack Ryan or Dirk Pitt, you re going to love Nick Angriff I am anxiously awaiting Last Brigade Book 2, and I look forward to seeing where Mr Webb takes this story. Great read I liked this novel, it needs a sequel Well written, interesting premise, suspenseful, lots of battles, I still wanted The FBI man was right, Angrief is an ass, and I didn t really like him But his ideals make for a good story after the downfall of the US, and I have to admit that I m curious as to what s hiding down the tracks. Good conceptThis is a first for me The idea of storing a large military force for future use is I have only read about a couple of times before So this is new twist on military scifi and a good one I hope the author is planning a follow up to this I recommend it as a good read. From the opening pages of a terrorist attack on a civilian tour boat, Webb weaves a tale of intrigue, betrayal, political deception, and personal tragedy The book itself could be considered a satirical take on today s national political and social atmosphere.Standing the Final Watch is the story of General Nick Angriff and his last command, Operation Overtime His personal vendetta leads him fifty nine years into the future, but his past follows with deadly intention.Webb s writing is technically mature but fast paced His characters are both believable and well developed Angriff s gruff personality is reminiscent of his hero, Patton Bettison, his nemesis, is obviously based on all the politically ambitious serpents we see in today s Beltway.All the supporting characters show their foibles and strengths well, whether for or against Angriff s ideal USA For anyone who enjoys military history or alternate history, this book is a must read. The first half of this book was so Fox News it was ridiculous But I read another reviewer saying that once you get to the halfway point the book gets better However as one of those stinking liberals, I don t think having an open mind toward immigration is going to lead to Armageddon Maybe, if the immigrants are psychos out to kill the country they re migrating to, then it might happen but just because I m a democrat does not mean I m stupid Although the author may disagree And the reviewer is correct, the second half was much better than the first But I don t know if it s enough for me to read the rest of the series However, I might change my mind Remember, I m not only a democrat but I m a woman It s my liberal privilege. `Read ⇸ Standing the Final Watch (The Last Brigade, #1) ☉ America Might Be Dead, But Nick Angriff Will Kick Your Ass To Resurrect Her Lt General Nick Angriff Has Spent His Adult Life Protecting Family And Country From A World Of Terrorism Spinning Out Of Control On The Battlefield, Off The Grid, In Clandestine Special Task Forces And Outright Black Ops, Angriff Never Wavers From Duty But When A Terror Attack On Lake Tahoe Kills His Family, He S Left With Only The Corrosive Acid Of Revenge That Is, Until A Hated Superior Officer Reveals The Deepest Of All Secret Operations Against The Day Of National Collapse, A Heavily Armed Military Unit Rests In Cryogenic Storage, To Be Awakened When Needed, And Angriff Is Named Its Commander Fifty Years Later He Wakes To Find The USA Destroyed And Predatory Warlords Roaming The Ruins Stalked By Assassins Bent On Seizing His Command For Their Own Purposes, Angriff Has To Prepare For War While Avoiding Murder Because The Only Wall Still Shielding Survivors From Slavery And Death Are The Men And Women Of The Last Brigade