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This was ridiculous I almost hated it Why I even wasted time reading the whole trilogy, I don t know Although, you would probably call it like skimming because after reading the first book, I definitely only sped read through the last two So, this series is about a gang of kids who survived a deadly virus that swept across the world killing everyone but them or so they believed They ve been living on their own for five years until a strange boy and twins show up in their town The strange boy convinces them to go looking for whomever caused the virus For some unexplained reason, the kids all forgot their real names so they name themselves after what they do, hence, Mommy, Teacher, Hunter, Action Figure and so on It s stupid and I loathed it Also, the strange boy Angerman Anchorman is unhinged and goes off on these strange announcerish tangents I skimmed every one of these horrible tirades The ONLY thing that even kept me reading past book one was the last paragraph of the entire book when the kids found a grown up That foolishly made me think the next book was worth reading Instead, it only got worse from there The adults turn out to be religious fanatics who rename themselves books of the Bible Corinthians 1 5, Deuteronomy 2 7 and who are assisting their supreme leader is genocide Well, at this point, I was so amazed at how ridiculous these books were, I went ahead and skimmed book three The kids manage to escape the religious fanatics and stumble into a retirement village filled with old women who somehow survived the virus as well The flimsy reasoning was that the virus seemed only to affect anyone with hormones so pre puberty children and post menopausal women weren t affected The kids decide they need to take out the supreme leader and get to the bottom of the mystery themselves They end up getting captured by the religious fanatics again and discover that the supreme leader is actually the President of the United States who engineered the virus that was supposed to wipe out everyone except he and his followers who hid in a bunker , so that he could then marry every furtile female in an attempt to produce the next savior as an off spring Every child born from his marriages is tested and this is code for BURNED TO DEATH once they start walking The kids manage to kill the President and his followers immediately and conveniently abandon their cause, making the way clear for the kids to live their lives Oh, and yes, that strange boy who went into unhinged tangents He happens to be the President s son, who came back to make sure his father paid the price for killing the rest of their family with the virus So, yes, happy times these books Steer clear of this trilogy. For sure the weirdest of the trilogy, the third book concludes the story and explains how the virus leaked out and who perpetrated the mass murder of most of the planet also why the children and survived Charismatic leaders, cult behavoir, and a little coming of age drama keep the story fresh and interesting I love how she deals with mental illness and stress anxiety in young adults. #Book é The Kiln (Fire-us, #3) ë They Are Not Alone After Most Of The World S Population Was Wiped Out By A Deadly Plague Five Years Ago, This Small Group Of Children Formed A Family They Ve Taken Care Of Each Other, Scavenging Food From Deserted Supermarkets, Fighting Off The Wild Animals That Prowl Soccer Fields And Schools The Children Thought They Were The Only Ones LeftThen They Came Across The Keepers, The First Grown Ups They D Seen For Years, Living In An Abandoned Shopping Mall The Keepers Offered Fresh Food, Clean Beds, And Security But What Looked Like Safety Was Instead The Worst Danger The Family Had Yet FacedNow The Family Is Once Again On The Road But If They Want To Reach The End Of Their Journey, If They Want To Solve The Mystery Of What Happened And Who Is To Blame, They Must Head Straight Into Danger To Pisgah, The Heart Of The Keepers PowerIn This Stunning Conclusion To The Fire Us Trilogy, Jennifer Armstrong And Nancy Butcher Return To The Post Apocalyptic World They Created In The Kindling And The Keepers Of The Flame, As The Family Discovers The Dark Secret That Changed Their World Forever Fairly complex tying up of the major arcs I was satisfied on most points the cause of the disaster, motivations of many of the characters, decisions made to bring resolution Again, some small points that I whent yeah, right THAT would happen But overall I loved the whole series Would be great if there could be a 4th installment documenting the subsequent cross country journey of the group I m not really ready to leave this bunch of characters. I really liked this series and this book is a great ender The children are constantly pushed to do than anyone their age should ever have to face The secret of Fire us is disturbing and the villain is creepy and psychotic I hope these authors collaborate again. Even though Fire Us The Kiln is a step up in maturity from the rest of the Fire Us books, it was probably my favorite I love all the surprises that turn up, such as the identity of Supreme Leader and the truth behind Angerman This is a great book to finish up the series. I would actually rate this book 3.5 5 stars, but since Goodreads doesn t do half stars, I had to go with 3 I just couldn t verify giving this book a four While I am so happy to finally have been able to read the final book, I was pretty disappointed with how fast it went It was like the authors just wanted it to be over, I am glad that we got our answers as to what the fire us was and how it happened And we also get some other shocking news spoilers.Overall, the third book desk has many twists, but I feel like the information didn t have to be as rushed To put so many important details in one book, it should have at least been the longest book in the series, not the shortest. 2015 Reading Challenge a trilogy.3.5 stars This wraps up this YA post apoc trilogy My rating is really for the trilogy as a whole, though I think it could have been condensed into one longer book instead of broken up This would be a great trilogy for a teen reader, or even a middle reader who s mature enough to understand some of the adult material that is implied in this book never shown or really explained, but definitely implied While I initially thought this trilogy was for a middle reader, some of the material in the 3rd book and a smidgen in the 2nd book make me think it s for teens after all.Although the ending was a bit rushed, and there were some contrived moments, I think this trilogy is still very good for either new post apoc readers or open minded experienced readers Those who ve already read a lot of Post apoc novels or advanced sci fi might find this one a bit too straight forward, but if you re just in the mood for some light adventure, then this is just fine The gist of the trilogy is that a loose family of kids has survived some mysterious event that has wiped out nearly the entire adult population With the arrival of some newcomers, the group decides to try to reach Washington DC or wherever the president is, to see if he s still alive Along the way, they run into a group of deeply religious adults the Keepers who also survived the apocalypse, and the kids begin to understand that things may be even sinister than they seem Plenty of action, plenty of interesting foreshadowing, plenty of coy social commentary.As for adult material, in the 2nd and 3rd book we see teen girls being prepped to go marry the Supreme Leader of the Keepers, and later we see that these girls are basically being used as breeders to produce babies So, there isn t any specific discussion of sex, but it is implied including mentions of the wedding night , and when one of girls from the original group starts going through puberty, some vague birds and bees stuff is discussed SoI d say that this is somewhere on the lower end of YA, but not quite a middle reader book CharactersI liked that there was about an equal mix of male and female characters in the original group of kids The older kids have developed characterization, since they re central to the plot than the younger kids Each battles their own demons, and each has their own strengths, and each are respected as important members of their group One thing that was virtually absent from this YA post apoc trilogy that is almost a given in a lot of newer books published to the genre A love triangle The closest thing we get is the barest hint that two of the boys might be noticing or feeling protective of one of the girls, but it s only barely hinted at How refreshing to read a YA trilogy with female protagonists who AREN T distracted by romance So, overall, I quite liked this trilogy, with the allowances that it s not as epic as some prefer and that it really should have been one stand alone novel. The third and last book of the Fire us trilogy was fantastic A lot of people think it did not live up to the previous two books, but I thought it was amazing.In this book, the group leaves Florida where they had stayed with the grownups for a while, and travels to an island to see the President Apparently, the President has been hiding a vial with the virus that is the cause of the apocalypse It is up to the group not to let him release it, wiping out everyone who does not have an antidote.The plot in this novel surpassed those of the previous two books The huge huge twist at the end threw me way off guard Of all the things that I predicted to happen, that one wasn t even on my list It also had a very tear jerking and touching ending. The final book of the Fire Us trilogy Not as strong as the previous two It loses a sense of that post apocalyptic isolation and dread feeling that the kids had to face in the first two books, a premise that originally attracted me to the series in the first place But I suppose that it was unavoidable as they introduced so many Grown Ups in the previous book, while also trying to resolve everyone s plot lines here in this book as well.Overall, The Kiln is mildly disturbing as certain plot twists are revealed, but still a satisfying conclusion to the Fire Us series.