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If you re a Dylan follower or just curious this book might be what you want Psychobiography A new term for me Didn t exist back when I was taking psychology courses It s an interesting way to approach a biography though and that kept me reading What makes a person choose his direction that ends up being his biography I am aware that the reviews for this book haven t been stellar, and after reading it I can understand that since the author stops and explains what he s doing at every turn Dylan is the subject of this study than a person But what makes a person Some of what this author investigates like outside influences on his life and how he reacted to them as he matured The author prefers the idea of a script, a sort of predictable go to position, that Dylan developed to handle significant life events like fame, injury, divorce, illness, death The script forms and repeats, but is adapted to the different stages of life He builds his case using interviews and other biographical material primarily to show a pattern in Dylan s life Lyrics are used only to illustrate a point, but not as a guiding light to Dylan s actions motives I think it works and seems flexible than ways to organize an examination of what makes a person tick It is repetitive with some of the material and reminds me of the organization of an academic work than a work for the general audience It is quite accessible to that same public though which is why I think it was worth my time to read Another point that disappointed me is that he wrote all this without his own interview with Dylan to verify his conclusions Consequently, the case seems to support what the author has said, but lacks that final nod from his subject, unless allowing its publication amounts to that in the legal sense, at least.I received this book through Netgalley from the publishers. I love Dylan s music, which moved my girlfriend to buy me this psychoanalytical book on perhaps the most cryptic, impactful musician in history The read didn t do much for me save to confirm that I am less interested in Dylan as a person or as an idea than I am about Dylan as only embodiment of lyrics and music that inspire me The author s perspective was interesting yet, despite being clothed in fancy jargon, relatively shallow in its insight I d not recommend the book to any Dylan lover and would instead save it for a student of psychology interested in studying someone other than your run of the mill dictators, sociopaths, and uninteresting celebrities. #READ E-PUB ⚤ Light Come Shining ⚢ Bob Dylan Is The Prince Of Self Reinvention And Deflection Whether It S The Folkies Of Greenwich Village, The Student Movement Of The S And S, Born Again Christians, The Chabad Lubavitch Community, Or English Department Postmodernists, Specific Intellectual And Sociopolitical Groups Have Repeatedly Claimed Bob Dylan As Their Spokesperson But In The Words Of Filmmaker Todd Haynes, Who Cast Six Actors To Depict Different Facets Of Dylan S Life And Artistic Personae In His Film I M Not There, The Minute You Try To Grab Hold Of Dylan, He S No Longer Where He Was In Light Come Shining, Writer Andrew McCarron Uses Psychological Tools To Examine Three Major Turning Points Or Transformations In Bob Dylan S Life The Aftermath Of His Motorcycle Accident, His Born Again Conversion In , And His Recommitment To Songwriting And Performing In With Fascinating Insight, McCarron Reveals How A Common Script Undergirds Dylan S Self Explanations Of These Changes And, At The Heart Of This Script, Illuminates A Fascinating Story Of Spiritual Death And Rebirth That Has Captivated Us All For Generations You know, I have been listening to Dylan s music since high school has it been that long and have long admired his music I have read a few biographies of him with interest as I did live through many of the events that marked his life In 1974 when he came out with Blood on the Tracks I shared his experience of remembering love in the past, looking forward to love in the future but rarely experiencing love in the present I became a Christian in 1979 shortly after Slow Train Ciming came out and it is difficult to express show vindicated I felt listening to the poet of my generation sing about Jesus One,of my favorite memories with my oldest son Peter is when we went to see him at White River amptheater in Indianapolis on the Modern Times tour My family has seen him two times since, the last was the last event at Roberts Stadium in my home town with my wife, two other sons and my daughter Ruthanne I have always marveled at how he could put words together with such perception and dexterity To those who say his voice isn t good, I say you don t get it, that s not the point Yet, the question of Who is this guy continues to come up He was the first to invent and reinvent, always shifting, always at least two steps ahead of those who wanted to mold him into what they wanted as their spokesman Maybe not the first I dunno, but he does a better job of it than Madonna, Britney Spears or recently Taylor Swift So this book Light Come Shining is another addition to the vast attempt to figure this out It comes in the form of a self called Psychobiography The author takes past and current psychological theory and applies it to Dylan s life in particular the three life changing events his motorcycle wreck, his conversion to Christianity and his recovering his art in the late 80 s Dylan on the couch but he s not there I m at the point to simply take Dylan at his word, if you want to know me, listen to the songs I m kind of tired of dissecting our celebrities to the degree we do, you know, I really don t care how many times a day Dylan or the Kardashians for that matter go to the bathroom Dylan is known to be a very difficult man to be with I am sure he can be butwhen does that become my business So I think I m done with reading about him One day he will face the Lord, and I do pray that his conversion was real In the meantime, I think I ll put Blood on the Tracks on the old turntable and enjoy what he produced through the obvious gifts that God has given him Thanks Bob for your music, the rest of it is your business. Nice idea, not entirely well executed several dates are wrong which is an obvious point of irritation and gives across the picture that McCarron simply doesn t know his subject well enough why then should be believe any of the insights of this psychobiography The aims of the book are well established though if not always well executed. Light Come Shining is a fascinating look at one of 20th century America s most fascinating pop culture icons It is thoroughly researched and very thoughtful, yet still accessible for those, like myself, who pick up the book with little prior experience with Dylanology or psychology On that note, I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in the field of psychobiography However, this book would also make an insightful supplement to the research of seasoned, hard core Dylan fans. My first psychobiography This one on Bob Dylan s transfigurations and destiny How the Atomic Age and the radio were the catalysts for Dylan s pattern of self reinvention Periods of insightfulness, but a bit laden with psychology vernacular for me For serious Dylanologists only. Although it has many information and assumes a particular angle, it forces into conclusions without necessarily having all the reasons to do so It shows at a great extent the limits of academic investigations into pop culture but also of the specific method used by the author.Disclaimer Book offered by the publisher in exchange of an honest review Review title Inventing DylanSpoiler alert The best part of this short psychobiography comes in a quote from another author on nearly the last page Dylan has invented himself He s made himself up from scratch Dylan is an invention of this own mind The point isn t to figure him out but to take him in He s not the first one to have invented himself, but he s the first one to have invented Bob Dylan p 190 McCarron is a doctor of psychology, and uses words like generativity , narrative identity , and destiny scripts in this essay length biography His theory is that Dylan s three major transformations the 1966 motorcycle accident, the 1978 Christian conversion, and the 1987 rededication to his songwriting craft that has carried him into his 6th decade of writing and performing reflect a lifelong pattern of spiritual death and rebirth I will not recap the argument any further for fear that I may have already spoiled any insights you might gather from the book on your own reading Dylan has been plagued throughout his long career with biographers and critics who examine every word and action to uncover what they claim is the core of his personality McCarron acknowledges this but then proceeds to add his voice to the mix Dylan has certainly brought much of this on himself, with his famously false or unverifiable autobiographical statements, his abrasive and unlikable personality, and avoidance of journalists and writers except on his own terms which include refusing to correct biographical details So we can at least be thankful McCarron s addition to the noise is brief and easily read in an hour or two Whether you enjoy this book than I did may depend on your tolerance for the 10 dollar psychological terminology he uses that in the end translate to basic common sense five and dime concepts I m a huge Dylan fan and I probably have a higher tolerance than most for involved and complex analysis of his music, lyrics, and performances, but I don t have that much patience for complicating the theories behind the published documentation behind the persona behind the supposed personality of a man who has so purposefully and playfully obscured his real biography You ll never get to the core of the man with any truth, so why waste the paper and ink on him instead of the words and music which are the parts of Dylan that will last ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for a honest review, thanks again I can t really put into words the feelings I have right now It s sort of disappointment mixed with confusion Let s start off with I did not like this book I did not The reason I got this book was that I was kind of interested in Dylan But now I understand that I should stick to liking him in my own way The arguments presented felt entirely one sided and not up for debate and the the whole idea of the book felt not thought out.