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Teenager Kalle Blomkvist Bill Bergson in English spends the summer days playing with his friends Eva Lotta and Anders, and once in a while they team up to fight the rival gang over real or invented disagreements But in his daydreams Kalle has an alter ego Master Detective Blomkvist Nothing much happens in the small Swedish town where he lives, and, whenever something does happen, the only suspect is the local drunk No case is too big, or too small, for Master Detective Blomkvist, who puts his investigative powers and intellect to use in search for clues and suspicious events or persons When uncle Einar, a distant relative of Eva Lotta shows up, Kalle eyes a possibility to get his breakthrough If only uncle Einar could do something suspiciousThe story about Kalle is about the inventiveness and imagination that emerges from good old boredom It brings back childhood memories of make believe, hide and seek, spying and what to do with all this spare time Boy, do I miss it I read this to my kids, and they were as captivated by it as I was as a kid and still today Combine stories like this with some basic offline time, and you ve read I ve got yourself myself a massive stress reducer It takes me back to nature, back to playfulness, back to joy and happiness Peace of mind for a 150 ish page read That I d say is a bargain Uusi suomennos antoi minulle kimmokkeen tarttua t h n Lindgrenin lastendekkaritrilogian avausosaan.13 vuotias Kalle Blomkvist kuvittelee olevansa mestaridekkari kuin Sherlock Holmes konsanaan Leikit saavat kuitenkin vakavamman k nteen kun pikkukyll n saapuu Einar set , joka k ytt ytyy monella tapaa kovin levottomasti Puoliksi leikill n alkanut Einarin vakoileminen syrj ytt hetkeksi Kallen ja h nen kavereidensa kes iset riennot.Kristiina Rikmanin uusi suomennos ei pelasta Mestarietsiv Blomkvistia silt , ett kirja tuntuu enidblytonmaisella tavalla ajastaan j lkeen j neelt 12 vuotias poikani luki my s kirjan, eik erityisesti pit nyt siit Ja ymm rr n hyvin miksi Tarjolla on paljon paremmin ajassa olevaa, nopeampitempoisempaa ja j nnemp luettavaa P s nt isesti Mestarietsiv Blomkvistin tarina laahaa hitaasti eteenp in ja loppuj nnite on kovin k yk sen oloinen P henkil n Blomkvist on my s mit nsanomaton verrattuna muihin Lindgrenin lastenklassikoihin. @Download Book á Mästerdetektiven Blomkvist Ä Kalle Er Bestemt En Mesterdetektiv I Samme Liga Som Sherlock Holmes, James Bond Og Peter WimseyHan Er Snu, Modig Og Eftert Nksom Og Han Har Aldrig M Dt En Sag, Han Ikke Kunne Opklare Desv Rre Har Der Ikke V Ret Mange Mysterier At Opklare, For Kalle Bor I En Stille Og Fredelig Svensk By, Hvor Der Er Meget Langt Mellem ForbrydelserneMesterdetektiven Blomkvist Er Altid P Vagt Efter En God Sag, Men Han Har Ogs God Tid Til At Nyde Sommeren Sammen Med Sine Venner Eva Lotte Og AndersMen S Kommer Eva Lottes Onkel Einar P Bes G, Og Ham Er Der Noget Lusket Ved Kalle Blomkvist Kan Se Det Med Det Samme Og Er Straks P Sagen Han G R Systematisk Til V Rks, Udspionerer Og Skriver Alle Mist Nkelige H Ndelser Ned I Sin Notesbog Hurtigt Finder Han Mange Beviser P At Onkel Einar Ganske Rigtigt Har En Hemmelighed, Som Involverer Biljagter, Skumle Kumpaner Og En Hemmelig Skat . 2.5 Bosan Misterinya ketebak banget buatku, side stories kesehariannya malah bikin bosan, tapi penyelesaiannya yaa lumayan seru.Yang aku kecewakan, sebagian besar alur sudah diceritakan di blurbs, jadi mengurangi esensi ceritanya karena sudah tahu deh bakal ke mana As a mystery lover, I was immediately interested in the story of this intrepid child detective This book was given to me by my mum on the recommendation of her Swedish friend Apparently these were her favourite books growing up and have now been published in English I loved Lindgren s Pippi Longstocking stories as a child and lovers of Pippi will be glad to encounter capers with another Lindgren s lively creations Ausgezeihnet Dieses Buch hat mir viel Vergn gen gemacht Normaalne raamat eriti viimased peat kid. This is my very favourite book of all time It s not the most well known book by Astrid Lindgren, but it has all the essential qualities of her fiction the idyllic surroundings and descriptions of a happy childhood I think I was about 9 when I first read it and I ve read it about once a year ever since It s about a teenage boy who in the English version is apparently called Bill Bergson sorry, I haven t read it in English , but whose name in the original is Kalle Blomkvist He is very interested in detective work and he solves three mysteries in the three books Lindgren wrote about him the others are called Bill Bergson Lives Dangerously and Bill Bergson and the White Rose Rescue He lives in a sleepy small Swedish town of about 1940s, built on a river, with its castle ruins on the hill top, beautiful doll houses, striped cats sitting on the pavement, chestnuts in bloom, families having Sunday dinners in their small green gardens, open windows and flying white curtains in the breeze, the sweet smell of the freshly baked pastries etc etc So, imagine an idyllic small town and you have it all In addition, since everything happens during the summer holidays, it s always summer there Kalle has two friends, Eva Lotta and Anders, with whom he spends his summer, playing a game called The War of the Roses, and who also help him solve the crimes, even though they aren t too enthusiastic about Kalle s keen interest at first There are some darker moments when the crimes take place, but naturally all books have a happy ending I read this on a whim to see what Kalle Blomkvist was like as a master detective Astrid Lindgren wrote Pippi Longstocking amongst other stories so were looking at Blomkvist as a detective We were all 13 at some point in our lives Wonder if Mikael Blomkvist by Stieg Larsson is a takeoff on Kalle Blomkvist so many years latter Well, read this to your grandchildren because Kalle get his man or men as you see it.