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I loved this book I have read other books by this author namely the Luca Bennett series which I also really liked I like her characters that are so tough on the outside but actually pretty soft and tender on the inside This book was full of interesting characters that added to the rich development of the main character Cash You can t help but like Cash because she s actually a good person even though she s a drug dealer The romance was just enough It does end abruptly, with a lot of stuff unresolved If this doesn t become a series I m gonna be really angry Arc received from publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Edit As mentioned below..I have no idea where I got the idea this author wrote the Luca Bennett seriesIt was Carsen Taite that wrote that series Sorry for any confusion The words which follow this sentence are not a review but are instead a few thoughts made moments after I read the last words in this book.Beginning was great Somewhere late in the game everything turned to crap Then the book ended abruptly with everything unsolved.I very tentatively rate this as much as 3 stars I might lower it At the moment I m thinking of this as being around 2.75 But I won t put it on that shelf at the moment Maybe it is a 3 Maybe it is even than a 3 At the moment I m leaning to putting a 1 on this and tossing it out of my life, but that would be unfair, so I tentatively think of it as a 2.75, but only mark it as a 3 star book Also, some spoiler things view spoiler This is not a capital R romance despite appearances the rest of the spoilers I ll put in a private note only I can see hide spoiler #READ E-PUB ⚫ Cash Braddock à Cash Braddock Is A Drug Dealer But The Classy Kind Pills She Really Doesn T Get Why People Are So Uptight About That Sort Of Thing She Has A Decent Operation, A Little Business To Launder Money Through, And Only A Few Mommy IssuesLaurel Collins Is The Perfect Girl For Cash She Wears Vintage Ties And Is Totally Chill She Doesn T Mind The Dealing Or Cash S Cat It S Almost Like She S Cash S Dream Girl Sometimes She S A Little Closed Off About, You Know, Life But Who Isn T Sadly, The Drug Game Doesn T Always Run Smoothly There Are Dealers Who Don T Respect Boundaries And Unreliable Customers And, Of Course, Dealers Don T Fly Under The Cops Radar Forever Even When They Work With Dirty Cops Which Is A Damn Shame It S Not Like They Re Hurting Anybody, Right Cash Braddock by Ashley Bartlett was not going to be on my list of December reads I scanned the cover and was meh, I have too much to do to add this one A weekend of terrible weather, and boredom of running the treadmill, I succumbed and picked this one up Why I gave it a go Basically, for the fact that Cash is a drug dealer What an interesting premise in which our main protagonist is actually kind of a bad girl.Cash Braddock is an educated, smartass that chooses to forgo a big girl job to peddle opiates and benzos to college students and housewives Anti establishment, I do what I want attitude, with a side of hippie While morally bendy, she does have a sense of right and wrong, however, twisted her logic may be While Cash s day job is reprehensible, she is also sweet, caring, witty and sarcastic in the best possible way Imagine a character that goes from peddling Adderall to quoting Plath and Wilde while sipping craft beer all withing the course of an hour Cash in a conundrum in the best possible ways.Laurel is Cash s would be girlfriend These two meet and the chemistry is instantaneous They challenge each other intellectually, open up over past hurts underneath the stars all the while dancing around actually dating You as the reader, see the beginnings how these two are each other s other half True love is in the making Hold the phone, though, nothing ever worthwhile comes easy, and this is a romance novel, so we are going to have to ramp up the tension Laurel is super into Cash, but something is holding her back I m not telling you, what that something is either You can read the book and gasp out loud at 1 00AM like I did I loved that this book is so different There were moments I laughed out loud, pop culture references that I adored and parts I cringed because I m a good girl and Cash is kind of bad I relished the moments that Laurel and Cash spent alone These two are really a good match and their chemistry just jumps off the page Playful, serious and sarcastic all rolled into one harmonious pairing The story is great, the characters are fantastic and the twist, well I never saw it coming The ending is kind of abrupt, so I find myself impatiently waiting for the next book in the series, but loving the time I spent with this one For once, I am actually glad that bad weather kept me inside.4.25 stars Well that was different but in a really awesome way My ReviewI actually really enjoyed this book by Ashley Bartlett Cash Braddock isn t your standard Lesfic Romance but it was done ever so well Cash Braddock is a drug dealer but don t write her off straight away She s so sweet, caring and by the description extremely hot and actually if there was ever going to be someone that deserves your time it s Cash She s a second parent and friend to the young girl next door, she s a great friend and when she falls for you, she really falls for you So can we look past the drugs I did and I m glad I picked this book up The book is written from Cash s POV, Which normally I m not a fan of but it worked for this novel I especially enjoyed the sarcastic quips from Cash and her girlfriend Laurel, I definitely had a few laugh out load moments I love a bit of humor and sarcasm in a novel so this was a big tick for me.I thought all the characters developed well as the story continued and the twist don t we all love a great twist was done well I had a feeling from the start something was up but when it happens it flips your perspective on than one character.If you read my blog you all know I love a good sex scene and this book not only delivered but it was written extremely well I felt the build up to it was cleverly written, and when it finally happens the reader is hooked Ashley Bartlett was able to leave me hanging on every word and then at the end just like a junkie from the book I was hooked and craving 5 stars.Come on Ashley Bartlett we need know when we can expect our next hit from Cash BraddockQuote of the Book I wanted to cause damage, you know Plus, this kind of ramps up my badassery. This is one of those books that I constantly drop lower on my to read list The cover really doesn t appeal to me and I was pretty sure that a drug dealing main character named Cash wasn t going to appeal much either There is a third instalment imminent and I thought I d give this one a try and if I liked it, I would skip the second and go straight to the third Well then, I didn t even stop to review this before diving straight into the second, The Price of Cash I thoroughly enjoyed both and I m invested.Cash deals prescription drugs and meets Laurel one night at a party she s working With both of them older than the average age of the party goers, they hit it off and find their interaction wonderfully easy The Cash finds herself drawn to Laurel, the she is conflicted about telling Laurel what she does.I expected Cash to be a little macho and posturing but she wasn t at all The first half of the novel is positively domestic and shows such a sensitive and smart side to Cash that it is hard not to like her.She s quick witted, clever and emotionally open Her relationship with her neighbour and her teenage daughter goes a long way to defining what kind of person she is The story is fast paced and often humorous with some tension and angst thrown in. 4 stars I enjoyed reading about Cash quite a lot Sort of an anti hero vibe going on here and I do so love anti hero books The romance here is of a subplot, the book mostly focuses on Cash s life dealing drugs and avoiding the authorities amongst other things And while usually it s of a downside, I didn t mind this time The plot is engaging and fresh I hadn t read a book about dealing drugs before Still, the book could have used a bit romance in it And Cash is a bit too open about her drug dealing with complete strangers But then she also sells drugs to complete strangers so there s always that risk and tension present The plot I thought was really good and ultimately delivered on the premise It also wasn t overly predictable which has been rare for me lately And some of the secondary characters are also really colorful and memorable Overall, a really engaging read for me. Fun fun fun And strangely moving. It was just average until the end And now I have to read the next one.Cash is a Sacramento dealer of prescription drugs Not the bad stuff Because if there are such things as good drug dealers then she would be in that category She has an awesome partner, Nate, that helps push the merchandise Cash meets Laurel at a party and begins to develop scary feelings But she is sure that her chosen profession will be a deal breaker First, I have to say that I grew up near Sacramento Then lived there later in life for several years If the movie Lady Bird was a love letter to Sacramento, then Cash Braddock is the wedding As Bartlett referenced numerous places and streets, it felt like going home The fab 40s Midtown 50 Apple Hill Second Saturday Crocker Faces The Depot Etc So I really enjoyed the setting aspect of this book.As for the story It was just OK for 85% of the book It felt like everything was happening so sequentially that I was just living Cash s life with her From waking up and drinking coffee, to checking up with the next door neighbors, to getting a hair cut, to doing business with Nate It all felt a little bit diary esque without a lot happening to keep interest There were a couple of interesting things that happened in that drug world of theirs in regards to competing business Just not enough to elevate the book into anything spectacular until the last 15% of the book I was shocked, for one thing I had speculated something may be off, but I hadn t guessed exactly what Then everything that happens with warehouses and counties and jails and trucks in the end had me gripped And now I HAVE to continue the series to see how everything plays out I don t know if I would recommend it I think that will depend on how the rest of the series goes This may be a case of having to slog through the development of characters to get to the good stuff I hope so I loved it Caught by surprise even by how much I enjoyed this read To quote a line from Laurel, You, Cash Braddock, are nothing like I expected Cash Braddock is a soft drugs dealer She sells prescription drugs like Xanax and Vicodin to her regular customers and keeps the college kids happy with amphetamines I am normally against drug use and those who push drugs but Ashley Bartlett gives us a character so endearing she is impossible not to love Cash is clever and street savvy She does what she does to support herself and others she cares about When she and her partner Nate are not working dorm parties she hangs out with her cat Nickels, and trades wisecracks with her neighbours teenage daughter Andy is fifteen and a baby dyke in training The scene when Cash takes Andy for her first barber shop haircut with her mother s blessing was a sweet example of the friendship these two non conformers share Andy also has success with the ladies than Cash Her chosen profession tends to scare the good ones away One night at a frat party she and Nate are working she meets Laurel Collins They hit it off and Laurel is both charmed by and tolerant of Cash and her lifestyle Cash cannot believe her good fortune Laurel does seem to keep things to herself and is slow to reveal a lot of personal information but Cash knows how to be patient.This story builds and builds until you find yourself unable to stop reading It is rare that a book told in first person doesn t grate and annoy me but Cash Braddock is the exception The reader only knows Laurel through Cash When Laurel is off page she is a mystery Tension builds because their connection and conversations are almost too perfect You can t help but wonder how this perfect match for Cash, this gorgeous dyke can progress from beers in a bar to helping Cash battle a rival drug dealer You know something is about to happen Bartlett excels at keeping the reader guessing while watching Cash act and react to threats on her operation The author could give lessons on how to write raw emotions I was so caught up in the lives of these women and their friends and the strong dramatic ending that I look forward to another chance to connect with these characters There are scores to be settled and explanations to be offered I can t wait to read what happens next.5 happy starseARC received with thanks from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley for review.