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This was not a dry textbook like history The diary entries and interview style made all of the facts alive, as though you were talking with a friend who had lived through WWII In the beginning of the book, I thought I would like the parts about Hay Edie s childhood the best, but I ended up getting really caught up in the WWII part, which is most of the book I have learned about the war before, but this book showed daily living as a European mom of little kids during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong I am amazed at the strength and endurance of Hay Edie and can see how people without the connections she had would have perished She definitely has a colonial mindset, treating the amahs and other servants as people without their own needs for socializing and family. FREE DOWNLOAD ♷ Adventure, romance and war in the Far East ♢ Adventure, Romance And War In The Far East Is A Fascinating True Story Based On The Diary And Memoir Of Iris Hay Edie, An Attractive And Free Spirited Scottish Girl Who Grew Up In The Glamorous French Riviera During The S Suffering Under Her Strict Mother, She Ran Away From Home And Never Turned Back Iris Leads Us On An Enchanted Journey Around The World And Through The Far East To What Were Then Remote Colonies Of European Empires During The S Reaching Hong Kong, She Falls In Love, But Soon After, The Japanese Invade The Island And Bomb Her New Home With Her And Her Young Family Inside It Opting To Escape Prison Camp, They Flee Across China, Over The Hump Of The Himalayas, To India, Kashmir And Beyond Her Outgoing And Positive Personality Captivates The Reader, And Her Old Photos And Postcards Add An Extra Dimension Of Interest To This Historical Account Of Her Extraordinary Life As A Rebellious, Independent Woman In A Bygone Era Of Colonial Powers And Decadence, Of The Brutal War In The Pacific, And Of The Growth Of The Far East Into The Powerhouse That Asia Is Today This was a really fun read International travel in the first half of the twentieth century was so different compared to now If you can imagine growing up on the French Riviera, boarding school, going to stay with your brother in Hong Kong, traveling around the world, suffering through the Japanese takeover and aftermath, this story will amaze you Iris Hay Edie was an amazing person A great hostess, guest, friend to everyone I really enjoyed this book. Interesting look into this time period with the advantage of photos. Considering all the things that weigh us down and stop us in our tracts in life, it is inspiration to see the way in which Iris lives her life When bad stuff happens, she observes it, but that is mostly it, and that gives her the freedom to move on and live her life so fully Watching Iris recognize the bad things that happen in her life, and not react to them, and not be encumbered by the judgments of the times, we see the freedom Iris gains to live her life on her terms, in the way she wants The life she lived is that of a dream adventure, not because she dreamed it, but because she lived her life freely, and thus, the adventurous life resulted This is the true inspiration of Iris as told in Adventure, Romance and War in the Far East. I can appreciate the fascinating life Iris had She went through many extremely difficult and dangerous situations, however she came across to me as entitled, selfish and unbelievably disconnected from reality at times. This was an engaging read and showed me a side of history I had never heard about Growing up, we would study the effects of the Second World War on Europe, but little was ever said about Asia This memoir gives us a detailed, thorough look at one woman s experience of the war in Asia, beginning in Hong Kong, moving on to China, and ending up for a time in India The beginning seemed a little over detailed at times so many proposals , while the end seemed a bit rushed and was lacking in details about how life was post war, but overall it was an interesting look at war from one woman s perspective. 4,25 stars Kindle Edison I have dyslexia We have been adviced to wear black incase of Japanse places coming over If they see forgein loocking people they might juice machine guns The story of Iris Hay Edie is based on her memoir Her granddaughter Iris wrote the book In the book see writes For Iris s grand and great grandchildren it will serve as a reminder to them of the wonderful personality she was My opionon is that you can read that on the pages of the book But also was Iris a woman who In a time that that not was normal went alone on a road trip to Hong Kong, and later to Japan with her Son Jojo She drove cross country true Amerika with her brother and his friend She met her true love and had to leave Hong Kong for the Japanese The doctor in Hong Kong who they told about their route of escape had said that their was a big chance that the children would get sick or worse But they knew that the intern camps where worse for family s with young children What a brave person she was And chapeau to her grand daughter who mixed the story of Iris with pictures, pages of her memoirs and explanation about the far east and trading in the far east It makes a story you should read. What makes this story unique is it was originally written as a personal diary that spanned nearly 100 year of the author s life, most of the 20th century Of particular interest are the daily entries during the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong during the Pacific War of WWII where Iris and her young family were being bombed in their home and later had to flee across mainland China, over the Himalayas and into India.We including her photos and postcards she collected during her travels and during the war After careful editing and research to add supporting details of the events that she experienced, the story reads like it was intended to be published as a novel from the start, something that surely Iris never would have expected Her independent and adventurous character, combined with the extraordinary events that she experiences make her story outstanding.