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!FREE EBOOK ⚖ We Found a Hat ⚖ Hold On To Your Hats For The Conclusion Of The Celebrated Hat Trilogy By Caldecott Medalist Jon Klassen, Who Gives His Deadpan Finale A Surprising New TwistTwo Turtles Have Found A Hat The Hat Looks Good On Both Of Them But There Are Two Turtles And There Is Only One Hat Evoking Hilarity And Sympathy, The Shifting Eyes Tell The Tale In This Brilliantly Paced Story In Three Parts, Highlighting Jon Klassen S Visual Comedy And Deceptive Simplicity The Delicious Buildup Takes An Unexpected Turn That Is Sure To Please Loyal Fans And Newcomers Alike We read We Found a Hat in 2016 and I was amazed at how much children loved his turtle illustrations They re so simple and can be recreated on paper by very young children We love Jon Klassen s illustrations and stories I love to see children inspired by books like these They re unique, simple, and wonderful 5 I think I need to read this book every night for the rest of my life, and eventually perhaps the mysteries of the universe and the human condition will be revealed to me I ll start by reading it to my kids tonight and seeing what they say. Each year I and my family read and rate all the Goodreads picture book nominees This one is nominated for 2016 I make a few comments and then add their separate ratings and a comment from each of them There s 20 15 first round and 5 new ones for the semi final round and this is the fifteenth being rated My rating might be somewhat influenced by the family, naturally This one is unique in that it is the only one of the 20 I had read well in advance of the award process And so I will honor my collective sense of this book as not as good as the first two and knock my own personal rating to 4 stars Because maybe they and GR friend Martyn have talked me out of my rave.Dave s October 16, 2016 5 Stars Yay, yet another hat book from Jon Klaasen, the third in a kind of trilogy This one is in three parts, which is unusual for a picturebook Two turtles find a hat One hat They decide to leave it so no one will NOT have a hat But turtle 1 seems to REALLY want it It would appear that 1 will, when the other one is asleep, finally take it, but 2 shares a dream he has about their both having hats Though there are not two hats So the ending is either just strange, weird, or it has mystery about it I say the latter.Most kid books have clear morals This one could be about friendship and sharing It could be about how we must deal with a world of diminishing resources And maybe it is about these things, or could be I think it is just a little refreshingly off center, with some admission of longing and jealousy in it And magic, with wonderful drawings Check out Klaasen Read everything he does Lovely.Tara my wife 3 stars Not as good as his other books.Harry 11 3 stars The turtles are fighting to get the hat back.Hank 10 2 1 2 stars Lyra 9 4 stars I like how one turtle wants the hat without sharing. 2.5 stars Good artwork, really cute turtles, lovely colours We found the text quite boring.Library copy Cute af. This is a children s picture book about two turtles who come across a hat They both look good in the hat, but the complex maths involved in dividing one hat between two turtles creates a resource scarcity dilemma that could end in betrayal This tale serves as a beautiful and stark illustration of every human confrontation ever, from family squabble to global war, since the dawn of mankind. I will refrain from writing a review so as not to spoil anything It s not like I need to convince you to read it anyway, right Such a sweet ending to this trilogy of sorts, but with significantly less murder than I was expecting. I have an unreasonable amount of love for this simple story.It started on the first two pages.