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ME Hello SANE, WELL MEANING FRIEND So what s up ME I m reviewing Checkpoint.SWF Uh oh.ME He s right I d like to shoot W too.SWF Isn t it a little lateME Right between the eyes No, that would be too quick I d like him to bleed to death slowly, and know what was going to happen I dSWF Uh, Manny, you know Internet content is monitored these days.ME I don t care I said I d like toSWF Hello Content monitors Manny doesn t really want to shoot former President Bush, he s just parodying Nicholson Baker s book ME I SAID I DON T CARE I M SERIOUS I D BE HAPPY TO PICK UP A GUN THIS MINUTE ANDSWF Jesus Christ, keep your voice down will you At least, don t use all those capital letters And you ve never fired a gun in your life You barely know which end the bullets come out of.ME Okay, okay In fact, shooting him s not what I want to do I d rather have him taken to Abu Ghraib, stripped naked, covered in menstrual blood, thenSWF Look Whatever you say about W, at least he kept the US safe from terrorists ME Yeah right With the small exception of 9 11 Which was carried out by Saudis, a country he has intimate ties to I just can t believe people fell for that Imagine how everyone would see it if a similar attack happened tomorrow, nearly all the terrorists turned out to be Kenyans, and Obama had told the CIA to ignore the intelligence chatter because it wasn tSWF Look, be reasonable You aren t seriously saying that W wanted toME I am I think he just hates the US He s done everything he can ruin this country He s got us into the craziest and most expensive war in our history, he s trashed the economy with his insane policies, he s done his level best to destroy the Constitution I don t understand why he did it though Is he a Chinese agent Maybe they re blackmailing him Or likely it s just resentment, becauseSWF This is all crazy talk Calm down You know you don t mean any of it.ME Actually, it s not just the US He hates the whole world He intentionally blocked action on global warming for 8 years We ve now got maybe a 50% chance of stopping it before we reach the tipping point where the whole climate collapses, and civilization becomes impossible That wouldn t make sense if he was a Chinese agent In fact, I think he s probably the Anti Christ That false, sanctimoniousSWF Manny, you re raving We d better stop now You go review some Proust, right That usually calms you down And take a couple of these.ME Mhm SWF It s okay everyone Manny s feeling better He s finished with this review ME READ BAKER S BOOK READ BAKER S BOOK READ OW SWF Nothing to see here folks We re just leaving No, he s fine Thank you Bye now I decided to read some lovely short books this weekend, among them this strange little Iraq war polemic I liked Baker s The Mezzanine, though confess to finding the last third a slog is the footnote dead Discuss No such problem here, as this all dialogue number serves us quick and chin stroking content from cover to cover Two friends gather to discuss the ramifications of assassinating George W Bush and talk tangentially about their lives This book makes brevity a narrative strategy it s too short to be about one thing in particular, to carry a political message To me, it articulates that cloud of confusion when war was declared, when outrage swept across the world and most right minded people wanted Bush s head on a spike Towards the end, the book argues against anger itself, dejectedly suggesting we should shake our heads and move on, being powerless to stop things And, alas, it d be right Sad, funny, wacky, and deeply serious Bravo. At 115 pages long and by Nicholson Baker, you don t really have an excuse to not read this book It ll take you like 2 hours, and he s fantastic.I loved the format two guys meet in a hotel room and record their conversation about assassinating the president that d be George W on tape You don t get any description of the environment or the characters beyond what is in their dialogue, and yet you get a real sense of where they are and what they sound like It s practically written to become a radio drama.Baker doesn t assume his readers are dummies this book is riddled with casual references to American war history and politics all you ll get will be the name of a country, or a person, or even it s like that guy, with the prisoners in 19XX Unfortunately for me, I am a dummy, and I think that really detracted from my experience of the book I felt like I needed a Checkpoint References Guide.So likely, had I paid attention in high school classes and watched the news and read the papers, this would be a five star book for me Unfortunately I was spending too much time crafting paper airplanes with will u go to the prom w me y n scrawled inside, and thus was incapable of appreciating this book beyond 4 stars.