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@Download Book · Rathcormick ⚽ Set In S Rural Ireland, Rathcormick Is An Engaging Tale Of A Large And Happy Family A Stern And Domineering Papa, A Warm And Practical Mama, Their Two Daughters And Six Sons For Homan, The Youngest, Life Is A Free Spirited Awakening In A World Of Old Fashioned Virtue And Frugality But No Boyhood Lasts Forever, And An Abrupt Turn Of Events Signals An End To The Idyll Rathcormick Is An Unforgettable Memoir Funny, Compelling And OriginalWith An Introduction By William Trevor And Drawings By Jeremy Wiliams I am currently reading this book and am engrossed in it It is written in an engaging style, structured around episodes from the author s childhood as he was growing up in a rural Church of Ireland household during the 1950s A light humorous touch, with nice touches of irony, pervades the book A genuinely recognisable humanity is one of the book s appealing aspects.Personally, I was attracted to the book and am enjoying it because it captures an era and a context that is familiar to me from my own childhood, also in 1950s Ireland The book rings absolutely true for me in even the smallest details the descriptions of rural life, the food, the family entertainment, the holidays in Kilkee, the Catholic Protestant relationship, the prejudices of rural people via a vis Dublin people I grew up in a rural town where I was aware of the lives of Protestant Church of Ireland families from the big farms They were people who largely keep to themselves, did their shopping only in certain places, went to a different church and to a different school But they were highly respected and many were friends of us Catholics What the book does for me is raise the veil on the hidden lives of those families in their intimate details, lives that were in many ways not much different from our own The values were ones that I recognise as having shaped my own growing up, even the politics in some instances For anyone researching the lives of rural Protestant Ireland in the 1950s this book is essential reading For anyone else, it s a charming and informative book about a very real family. I am just beginning to read this one It s starting out a little slow so I m giving it 3 stars I will update this review when I finish I have bought other books that that started out slow Then I would put them down until I was ready to try again and most times I would end up loving the book This could be one of those books that I end up falling in love with I hope so