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It s kind of a Hunger Games in space type of read, except with attention to diversity Review first posted on Fantasy Literature A group of teenagers, engaged in a deadly serious game like competition Life changing fortunes are at stake, if not life itself An ominously secretive corporation pulling the strings.Many of the elements in Nyxia are familiar, but Scott Reintgen combines them with some unusual plot features a worldwide cast that is primarily of minority races and nationalities, an appealing urban black young man as a protagonist, and a trip through space to a distant planet, rather misleadingly called Eden, that is clothed in secrecy The result is an adventurous page turner of a YA book The mysterious Babel Communications has gathered ten teenagers for a trip to the planet of Eden As they begin their trip to Eden on the spaceship Genesis, Marcus Defoe, an executive of Babel, explains to the teens that wealth beyond their imagining will be offered them fifty thousand dollars a month for life, free top grade medical care for their families, and if the teens sign on the dotted line and, by the way, agree to a gag order on the secrets they ll be learning All sign.Defoe explains to the group that they are traveling to Eden to work there for Babel for a few years, mining a near magical, incredibly valuable mineral called nyxia found only on Eden that responds to your mental commands and morphs into almost anything you mentally ask of it Why teens There are dangerous natives living on Eden who are deadly enemies of humans, but culturally they reverence children and young people, putting them in a safe zone So Babel has picked teens in desperate circumstances and offered them incredible boatloads of money to go to Eden and do the nyxia mining for them Apparently non interference with alien races is non existent as a guiding principle for Babel Communications.During the year long trip to Eden, Babel puts the teens through brutal training, turning it into a competition points are awarded and scores are kept and cumulated, and the bottom two teens will be sent home, missing out on most of the incredible financial benefits But Babel has much up its sleeve than its personnel are saying, and you can t believe everything you hear from them.Emmett, the main character and narrator of the novel, is complex, bright, and sympathetic enough to be an engaging protagonist He struggles with anger and resentment against injustice, but diligently strives to follow the moral guideposts that his loving parents and others have helped him to form Emmett habitually works to control his anger, channeling it into mental filing cabinets I file the thought away under P for Power There are also several very strong, intelligent and capable female characters The multi ethnic cast is a plus, particularly since the diversity is handled in a way that it makes complete sense for the storyline.Scott Reintgen, a debut author, has created a gripping and compelling read in Nyxia, the first in a planned trilogy There are a few minor inconsistencies in tone and characterization Nyxia itself is a fantastical, near magical substance that has so many diverse, amazing uses that it veers close to fantasy, requiring some suspension of disbelief Additionally, the competition driven plot may strike some readers as overfamiliar Nyxia distinctly reminded me of both The Hunger Games and Ender s Game Still, I think fans of those books will find Nyxia hugely appealing Not just a paler imitation, Nyxia is a book that adds to the genre I highly recommend it if you like young adult science fiction adventures, and I ll be anxious to pounce on the next book in this series I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher for review Thank you That cover All the heart eyes Honestly, I didn t even read the description before hitting that request button faster than I could blink I had seen some fantastic early reviews for Nyxia and I m a bonafide, card carrying member of the judge a book by it s cover club I know, that s terrible for a book blogger to admit but it s the truth and there you go. I ve been finding the young adult space exploration novels a bit hit or miss lately I m really drawn to the idea of them but sometimes the execution and world building just doesn t leave a significant impact on me As a reader, I consume roughly 200 books per year and the ones that are a debut to a new series or trilogy rarely hold me long enough to intentionally carry on, but this one did Can I have it now A rough draft is fine thanks Clearly, I am no teenager I m usually in my jammies by 8pm and I only wear makeup and big girl clothes when absolutely necessary I am not the intended target audience for a book like this, which is why I always give my observations a wider berth for the genre and form generalized opinions throughout my reading experience All that to say, Nyxia worked well for me as it didn t make me feel like an old fart Yes, the focus is on a group of whippersnappers, but the quality of dialogue, the level of world building along with the aspect of leaving some things mysterious for the following installments , it was all pure genius The beginning was a slow and steady introduction to Emmett, our narrator, and the why behind his involvement in Babel Corp and their mission to mine Nyxia is gradually revealed From there, we had the chance to discover the purpose of the mission and the benefits and incentives for the kids to go, followed by the training exercises and relationships that form during the one year passage to Eden That s all I ll give you plot wise, because you need to gasp as loudly as I did in the airport at the twists so everyone around you can jump up and give you dirty looks the rest of the evening Oops. One of the many facets that won me over was the naturally occurring diversity These kids are from all over the world, and as I learned about why they are present and what backgrounds they came from, an inclusive picture was created in my mind It was so cool to have a multi racial plethora of kids formed in my brain I wouldn t call the plot action packed, but it did grip my attention from beginning to end Think slow building suspense with regularly placed twists that keep you tense and intrigued throughout. It s no wonder everyone is grasping for the next book the ending is abrupt and a bit of a cliffhanger, but not in the way that pisses you off It was highly memorable, and once one question was answered a few new ones would open up I m really intrigued to see where the author takes us next and to learn about Eden, the natives on said planet, and what will happen to those who were able to complete the challenges and proceed to the next phase If you enjoy young adult novels with unique world building that are just as enjoyable for adults as to those of a younger audience, you really don t want to miss Nyxia Many thanks to the publisher for providing my copy via NetGalley it was a pleasure to provide my honest thoughts here. Well, sometimes it lasts in love sometimes you end up two starring the book instead.I am a huge fan of space both outer and personal and I believe that Nasa should strongly consider volunteer applicants even if they have no prior experience and just think space is cool and want to be hurtled into the moon Because I really think it s time gravity lets go of me and I start floating above cities and clouds to space and beyond.So you understand why it came as a shock to me that I am not consumed with passion for a book about space.Though I m trying to remember that my Expectations are just high school bullies from American movies with too much hair gel and I m the one who ends up getting the girl and they re going to end up forty and alone and still wearing their letterman jacket, I forgot what it s like to not be let down by my most anticipated reads At first, I thought maybe I was just not in the mood but it s been a couple of books now, so I guess always let down is just who I am now.Look, here s the thing my anti passion is when a book is supposed to be about space and it suddenly turns into an existentialist look on humanity rather than just aliens You really don t need to leave this dirt orb to examine yourselves and your relationship with your entourage, so how about you just show me some intergalactic entities I don t know what I expected from this book exactly Just kidding, here s the utopian reality that existed within my mind before I read this ALIENS a multinational team of like, super nerds who are really smart and they work together on science and shit get hired to investigate let s say paranormal cases across America but they end up uncovering a major government conspiracy to hide the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials again, ALIENS and together they do their best to prevent alien attacks only to come to the conclusion that aliens are pretty chill and laid back usually, but it s humans who fuck shit up they ve spoken to them through holograms or something , so then they embark on a mission to destroy humanity becoming dark vader voice the VERY enemy they were created to stop ALIENS.This is the actual story This high profile company called Babel Communication discovered a habitable planet Eden Except, it s already inhabited by the Adamits ALIENS So they were basically like, har har Let s colonize their home With the intention of harvesting this really powerful interactive substance that you can manipulate using your thoughts and intents Nyxia.The Adamits understandably were not very thrilled to see the slime humans would inevitably leave all over their planet However, Babel Communication manages to find a weakness the Adamits dote on children and young people So they decide to send a multinational team of kids with one mission slither their way in and mine Nyxia.Plot twist they ve chosen ten kids, but only eight will actually make it to Eden.They ve put them through this series of games and ultimately whoever gets the highest score will secure their place for a chance to go to Eden We re talking digitally murdering each other, swiming through storms and running through exhausting obstacle courses, chasing each other in simulated forests, learning to manipulate nyxia and to mine it in a virtual reality while undergoing unexpected virtual mining explosions and whatnot.I know what you re thinking what the fuck This shit sounds awesome Yeah, shit was awesome..until it became tedious and repetitive, and you know how in the prisoner of azkaban, Dudley watched his aunt blow up like a balloon and then float away and he just kept eating and watching tv Well, I might just have in common with him than I realised because that was the exact level of my interest throughout this entire reading experience And guess what bNO ALIENS Where do I complain to the manager for false advertisement Moreover, none of the characters did anything but BE characters if that makes any sense Like there was zero relatablity from my end At times, it was like reading about middle schoolers and their drama on a spaceship Which is sad because the cast was so diverse the mc is black and there were palestinian japanese african characters and this had so much potential, but there was just so much vagueness in every character s ties to each other and there was nothing mind blowing about the plot twists either.I was reading this book for about a week because I kept putting it on airplane mode I actually kept forgetting about it until my buddy reading partner would mention it and then I d have to make the conscious decision to forget about it all over again Arc provided by the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. buddy read with Emma ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Buddy Read with Solomon EliseBut they don t tell you the pain comes with you They don t tell you that hurt travels at light speed tooThis is easily one of the best books I ve read all year I can t wait for everyone to be able to read this in September when it releases This book is the YA Sci Fi book I ve been waiting for my entire life Growing up, you guys might have learned about the story of Tower of Babel as a lesson about why we speak so many different languages Basically, after the Great Flood happened, a bunch of people came together and agreed to build a tower that would touch Heaven itself God, realizing what they are attempting, scatters them all around the world and makes them all speak different languages, hence our world today.Well, Scott Reintgen spins that story backwards, and created a company, Babel, that brings ten teens from all around the world, speaking different languages, from different cultures, and gives them headsets that translate everything for them Then, they are sent on a mission to land on a new planet, Eden, where the life forms, Adamites, won t harm children Babel then wants the children to mine Nyxia, which is the new super resource and is a substance that can create anything This book also feels a bit like a mixed hybrid of The Hunger Games, Ender s Game, The 100, Divergent, but, in my opinion, it does it way better and realistically and much emphatically Nyxia stars a young black boy from Detroit, Emmett, who is one of ten teens that are a part of a space mission All of these children come from broken places, and all are desperate to enter this program, because the company, Babel, is offering them an immense amount of money But Emmett isn t in it for the money Emmett is doing it to save his mother Systemic poverty in America is real and the system keeps people in that demographic over and over and throughout generations This book doesn t shy away from it or any other hard topics Emmett s family works hard, they work so very hard, but they still can t afford his mother s hospital bills She is in dire need of a transplant, and the only way to get her to the top of the donor list is for Emmett to be a part of Babel s missionIt s hard to tell the difference between rich and wrongOur story mostly takes place on the ship, Genesis 11, where the teens are heading to Eden and Babel is training them to not only mine the substance, but to become powerful and strong tools themselves The teens all get scores and points on how they complete their daily missions Seriously, think Hogwartz, where the kids can constantly see how they are doing Once on the ship, the group is informed that only so many will be allowed to actually step foot on Eden and be able to gain all the money they were promised Obviously, this is where the point system comes into play, and we quickly learn how much this mission means to these ten teens Emmett American Detroit The main protagonist Kaya Japanese Emmett s roommate and a master problem solver Longwei Asian The best on their ship Jaime Swedish The only white boy Azima Kenyan Looks for strength, while being strong Katsu Japanese The stereotypical chubby comic relief but I do love him Jazzy American Tennessee Beauty and pageant queen with a sick mother Isadora Brazilian Has a secret tattoo, and carries a lot of anger and hurt Roathy A boy with a lot of mystery and sadness surrounding him Bilal Palestinian The sweetest and kindest boy in the world You ll feel an immense amount of empathy for all these characters, but, besides Emmett, Bilal and Kaya were easily my favorites, and both are complete little cinnamon rolls The kindness that Bilal would constantly show everyone, even the people who wronged him, made me cry or tear up constantly I wish everyone in the world was like Bilal And Kaya, and the unconditional love and friendship she showed to Emmett was something I always look for in a YA book All of the friendships in this book are honestly goals, and Bilal and Kaya showed so much beauty towards Emmett that I couldn t help but fall in love I spoke about how this book touches on our current health care crisis and how we let people die just because they can t afford treatment to live, but Scott Reintgen doesn t stop there with there with the important discussions We get to see in this book how we stereotype and profile kids and adults of every race so very often and without even thinking I loved seeing Emmett handle this anger, and using the system his Grandma helped him with I hate how we live in a world where black men have to always be portrayed as angry They can never be happy, or emotional, or anything close to looking sensitive I loved seeing Emmett constantly battling his anger, and then also seeing him break down and just cry innocent tears from his family s love and them believing in him And the family dynamic in this book is so strong and wonderful We don t get to see a lot of Emmett s family, but each time we did I had tears in my eyes Emmett s dad is perfect, and seeing his unconditional and unwavering love for his son and wife was something pure and beyond words I wish YA books showed stronger familial bonds like Nyxia.Emmett s journey to making his own family on the ship was also something of perfection So many important messages are in this book about feeling broken in this broken world, with such heavy emphasis on letting kids know that they are not alone, no matter how alone they feel Seriously, this book is not just a fast paced and addicting read, it s powerful and full of messages that warm my heart to know teens and young adults are reading about I also loved the use of music in this book, and how Emmett would constantly use it to calm him and to cope with heavy situations around him I m a strong believer in the healing powers of music, and I love seeing it used as a positive outletThe power of music and how it can heal your very soulI predict that this is going to explode Between the amazingly addicting story, to the wonderfully diverse and realistic cast, to the important topics and discussions, to the beautiful writing, this story has it all, and I truly believe it is a recipe for success I can t wait to get my hands on book two and to see what Scott Reintgen does next Blog Twitter Tumblr Instagram Youtube Twitch The quotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication. UNDERRATED TRILOGY ALERT Where my scifi fans at You need to be picking this up Set in a not too distant future, where a huge corporation, Babel, selects 10 teenagers to go to space and compete They are fighting for a chance to be sent to the planet of Eden to mine a new miracle substance called, nyxia Babel has promised great wealth to these kids and that means a lot in the unstable world in which they live Coming from countries all over the world, this diverse cast of characters embarks on the journey of a lifetime and fierce competition ensues I felt that Reintgen writes from a teen perspective really well I suppose as a teacher, he has a lot of experiencing dealing with people in that age group The dialogue felt natural and how they relate to one another is spot on considering the circumstances they find themselves in The main character, Emmett Atwater, is a great character I had no problem becoming attached to him and was rooting for him from the very start He is just such a sweet kid, just trying to do what is best for his family while saving his integrity along the way.Competitions in books are one of my favorite tropes I am a competitive person hello, Slytherin so I absolutely adore and relate to reading about competitions the training, the mentors, the challengesyep, love it all These kids go through vigorous training that at times is downright dangerous They have so much to prepare for after all being sent onto alien soil, that is in fact inhabited by aliens dangerous ones according to Babel A lot of the training takes place in VR virtual reality which adds a super cool gaming element to it as well If you have been seeing any buzz for Nyxia Unleashed and wondering if it is worth tracking down the first book and starting this triad, I would say YES It definitely is I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a great, action packed science fiction story particularly with YA characters great for readers of ALL ages 2.99 5 starsWhy d they choose us We re all broken They picked us because we re brokenThank you, Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review It doesn t feel right to give this book three stars, but I can t bring myself to give it two stars I don t know what it deserves and I m just so conflicted right now Maybe if Goodreads created half star ratings I wouldn t have this kind of inner turmoil There has been so much praise thrown at this book that I m wondering if I even read the same book as everyone else I m usually not a SciFi fan because, like any reasonable person, I realize that space is f cking terrifying and aliens will one day destroy us all Yet, I was prepared to throw an entire galaxy of stars at this book before I even began reading it You can imagine the agony I faced when I realized, about 40% into this book that I was going to end up extremely disappointed This book did start out good Ten random inexperienced kids being paid to go into outer space to mine a mysterious mineral on some far off planet And they have to compete against each other to see who is top dog because only some of them are actually going to end up on that planet Then sprinkle in aliens that are obsessed with children I was so intrigued I wanted to know why So I kept reading, wanting to know why And I kept reading.And I kept reading And then I finished the book.I still don t know why I think that is the first problem I have with this book It s going to rely quite a bit on its sequels to help tell its story, but as I read an ARC of this, it s going to be over a year before I even get my hand on the next book By then, all I will remember about this book is how big of a let down it was for me Now, you might probably not be asking yourself,Teenagers Competing against one another in space Where does that sound familiarAnd which I say to you,Ender s Game. And while I do love the Ender s Game movie, I am very vocal about my absolute hatred for the book And the similarities between Nyxia and Ender s Game were so uncanny to me, I had a difficult time separating my EG hatred from my possible love for Nyxia I did, however, eventually get over it, but there was still a lasting impression Which is problem number two for this book I didn t find the plot all that original It also reminded me a lot of that one season of Power Rangers where they go off into space to colonize some planet But, unlike Power Rangers, Nyxia wasn t full of colorful spandex, wasn t full cheesy dialogue, and wasn t made in the 90s Talk about evendisappointment And that was all the plot was Them competing It was 400 pages of Emmett looking at a scoreboard and wondering why his name wasn t in the 1 position And then going around training Then competing Then looking at the scoreboard And you get the picture Anyways let s move onto reasonable reasons why this book is a bigger disappointment than I am to my parents So, if I m not mistaken here, this is a science fiction book It takes in the future The characters are all floating around in space There are aliens that might one day kill us all Except there is no science At all I was all prepared for giant words I don t understand the meanings of to be thrown around like a typical science fiction book And with all those words would could scientific explanations and other scientific things But, like the MIA answers to my many questions, those scientific things never came Instead, everything was answered by the fictional mineral of nyxia.How do they travel across space really quickly Nyxia.How do they say fuck you to the antigravity laws of space and keep their feet on the ground Nyxia.How did they create a society where instalove doesn t exist Nyxia.Okay so maybe that last one only happened in my dreams, as even this book wasn t immune from the disease that was instalove, and trust me this book is dying from it, but I m sure nyxia would be able to cure it if it tried But let s talk about nyxia for a second because it doesn t make any effing sense to me It is a mineral These children are being sent to some far off planet to mine it, to take that natural resource from those big bad aliens Yet, nyxia can shapeshift It s pretty much the Pokemon Ditto in rock form The people in this book can look at it, tell it to turn into a spoon, and it will do whatever they command Then, for some reason, it also can help make a 27 year long space journey take only a year How Then, to add onto that, it s also self aware It won t cure an injury caused by its substance No matter how much I try, I can t wrap my mind around it It doesn t make any sense How can a rock, a natural resource, be self aware How does it have the ability to turn its self into almost any substance Maybe, if we had a scientific explanation like a reasonable science fiction book should have, I would be able to accept a self aware rock and move on with my life But there wasn t one, so I m just left here eternally confused Now, there must be something I liked, considering I did end up giving this book three stars And that is easy The characters They was a giant cast of them, too many for me to go off and list them, but they were all so funny, realistic, and diverse The main character, Emmett, is a POC from Detroit There s a girl named Kaya from Japan Jazzy, from somewhere in the south, is an ex child beauty pageant contestant Which is my favorite part of this entire story Probably the only reason I bumped my rating to three stars If you know anything about me, you d know about my undying love and devotion to Toddlers Tiaras I loved the cast, and if I do end up one day picking up the second book, it will be because of them But that also brings me to unanswered question 2319 I have with this book Why were ten random, inexperienced teenagers that are apparently broken sent into outer space Isn t that, like, incredibly dangerous These children have no astronaut experience whatsoever I understand why they sent children, for the aliens really like kids for some unexplained reason, but why not send teenagers who are equipt to go into space than ten random kids Also can we talk about something incredibly irrelevant to the plot but bugged the crap out of me Emmett had never heard of the story Alice in Wonderland before Like how have you not I don t understand It s never explained how he hasn t ever heard of a 150 year old classic Also the Disney movie exists I started to assume maybe books and movies are banned or nonexistent or something in this world, but Kaya owned a copy of the book And then also later in the book he mentions watching old Disney movies with the other crew mates Scott Reintgen please explain.Then the aliens Let s talk about the aliens for a second I forgot what they are called in the book, but that doesn t matter, as the book never goes into much depth about them We are told about them view spoiler We fucking see one halfway through the book and it kills one of our main characters hide spoiler Emmett Atwater gets the opportunity of a life time when along with nine other teenagers he is recruited by Babel Corporation Yet Emmett knows better than anyone that everything comes at a cost, especially when he sees that all the other recruits are poor too Soon they re all told that they will be competing against one another and that only eight of them will be able to go through to Eden, the Planet where they will be working, in the end Emmett know s he has to win, this opportunity will improve his life and save his mother s life but it s difficult as he tries to reconcile his competitive feelings with his tentative friendships and loneliness Especially when his suspicions about Babel s intentions begin to seem warranted This book is totally 4.5 stars for me, I really enjoyed reading it I couldn t put it down because I really needed to know what was going to happen to Emmett Also there was a lot that happened that I did not see coming like view spoiler when fucking Kaya dies which I m so upset about because I really don t think that was necessary and all it did was hurt me but like why couldn t she just get hurt why did she have to die idk man I m just sad I really liked her hide spoiler 3.75 stars.Well, wow This book was pretty amazing If you re a huge fan of SciFi, add this to your tbr because it s literally so fucking awesome I mean, The Hunger Games, but in space And god that ending I need the next book now, please This book is about 10 teens chosen to mine a mysterious substance, nyxia, on a newly discovered planet Throughout the book, they are trained to fight and survive for the life on Eden In exchange for helping Babel, their families are cared for, given tons of wealth and fame This book is filled with diversity There are people from all over the world present in this book Our MC Emmett is black Kaya is Japanese Bilal is Palestinian Jazzy is American Longwei is Asian Azima is Kenyan Isadora is Brazilian Katsu is Japanese Jaime is Swedish I loved all these characters They were kind, funny, loving, caring and just amazing Except for a few assholes view spoiler even though two had to go, they still formed loving and caring friendships hide spoiler UPDATE 1.99 Kindle US 4 20 19Wow This book was pretty freaking awesome Since it doesn t come out until Sept 2017, I m going to keep it short and no spoilers Emmett is one of 10 teens picked to go to the planet Eden They are going to meet a new species there and try to set up a good life on Eden They have some work to do there They have to mine a substance called, Nyxia It s pretty cool stuff too The kids are put through some rigorous training like fighting, terrain issues, work they have to do there and a few other things They have to be prepared for life on Eden The kids are scored daily on the trials they perform and that will tell who all gets in I loved some of the characters in the book and I can t really tell you which ones because some might die right Just want to keep you on your toes The company they are working for, Babel Communications, are keeping secrets Isn t that the way it always goes though But the kids are in a race to see who can get to Eden at all costs They will win a lot of money and their families will be set for life I wonder if that s really true Some of the kids form some bonds even though they are competing against each other Sometimes you need teamwork to get you to the top So, who ends up going and who goes home Find out when you read the book I was so excited for this book and loved it I m looking forward to the next one already I wonder what s going to happen Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for a digital copy of this book MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List `DOWNLOAD E-PUB ✐ Nyxia ⇤ Emmett Atwater Isn T Just Leaving Detroit He S Leaving Earth Why The Babel Corporation Recruited Him Is A Mystery, But The Number Of Zeroes On Their Contract Has Him Boarding Their Lightship And Hoping To Return To Earth With Enough Money To Take Care Of His Family Forever Before Long, Emmett Discovers That He Is One Of Ten Recruits, All Of Whom Have Troubled Pasts And Are A Long Way From Home Now Each Recruit Must Earn The Right To Travel Down To The Planet Of Eden A Planet That Babel Has Kept Hidden Where They Will Mine A Substance Called Nyxia That Has Quietly Become The Most Valuable Material In The Universe But Babel S Ship Is Full Of Secrets And Emmett Will Face The Ultimate Choice Win The Fortune At Any Cost, Or Find A Way To Fight That Won T Forever Compromise What It Means To Be Human