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Sad. Funny This is amazing A collection of the Idiot Supreme s deep intellect sarcasm of course Trump is not capable of a single coherent thought He s also the king of contradiction.If you want a good laugh or eye roll at the expense of the Idiot Supreme and all his idiocy, read this collection of some of his best incoherent, moronic moments. Hilarious love it. Dump is stupid, Seely may be a genius. I have been racking my brain without much luck ever since the wise people of America choose Donald Trumpster as their president I mean the signs were there After all, they did put up with first version another Donald Rumsfeld with his famous known unknown There are known knowns These are things we know that we know There are known unknowns That is to say, there are things that we know we don t know But there are also unknown unknowns There are things we don t know we don t know I think this love of the irrational, illogical type of personality demonstrated by the general population can be attributed to the popularity of social media websites like Facebook, twitter etc which has provided almost anyone the ability to become popular as long as they can gather some sort of popularity No wonder Trump has managed to attract massive support in the world s most social media crazy country ^READ KINDLE ↡ Bard of the Deal ⇢ From Award Winning Reporter And Author Of Pieces Of Intelligence The Existential Poetry Of Donald H Rumsfeld Comes This Collection Of Poems Mined From The Interviews, Speeches, And Tweets Of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald TrumpThe Vicious OnesI Was Attacked ViciouslyBy Those Women,Of Course, It S Very Hard For ThemTo Attack Me On Looks,Because I M So Good LookingBut I Was Attacked Very ViciouslyBy Those Women August NBC S Meet The PressStraight From The Mouth Of The Donald Himself, This Treasury Of Spoken Poetry Not A Word Is Changed Has Been Culled From Nearly Years Of Interviews, Speeches, Tweets, And Ramblings From Presidential Candidate And Billionaire Donald Trump Since The S, Trump Has Built His Verses Like His Casinos, Using Only The Highest Quality Words And Phrases, Regardless Of Cost He S Run A Real Estate Empire, Achieved A Net Worth Of Ten Billion Dollars, Scripted Best Sellers, And Starred In The Top Rated TV Show The Apprentice Like A Colossus, He Bestrides The Cultural World As If It Were The Bottle Strewn Boardwalk Of Atlantic CityBut Until Now, Trump S Poetry Delivered Spontaneously In Moments Of Enduring Clarity Has Gone Unnoticed, Making It The Only Aspect Of Trump To Be That Way On A Regular Basis, The Donald Speaks, Tweets And Hollers His Verses Always Without The Needless Restrictions Of Political Correctness And Grammar Because Among World Class Poets, There Don T Be No Grammar, There Only Be Truth Big Time Whether You Re A Trump Debunker Or Admirer, The Bard Of The Deal Will Delight, Shock, And Entertain You So Prepare To Be Trumped By The Ten Billion Dollar Poetry Of The Ten Billion Dollar Bard This Is The Art Of The Poem