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Yellowfang how strong you are and how much you have suffered I must say that I m actually disappointed with this book.SPOILERS I was really looking forward to learning about ShadowClan and some prominent characters from this period in the Clans It felt like one event after another with little time for characterization I mean, I know we alreay knew Yellowfang s story, but I was hoping for a little bit information or insight and I felt I didn t get it.I was also hoping to see how Yellowfang and Raggedpelt would react to one another after Brokenstar revealed his true self I wanted to know if they made up or if they at least forgave one another.Finally there were a quite a few mistakes, but given the number of characters and timelines its bound to happen I suppose if one is working on a scale like this then you would pretty much need to go all J.K Rowling really detailed notes, charts, timelines, tables, etc on this.Overall, I felt that this book could have been a lot better than it turned out.EDIT Upon further discussion of this book with a few other readers none on here , I would like to add that a couple of characters in this book contributed to my dislike of it.Sagewhisker is probably the first medicine cat that I actually dislike Once she learns of Yellowfang s powers she spends the rest of the time berating her to give up the life she wants in order to become a medicine cat, and once Yellowfang does give in the first thing she does is teach her how to ignore them If Sagewhisker could teach Yellowfang to ignore her powers then why didn t she do that from the start so Yellowfang could be a warrior like she wanted or at least try To be honest, the whole Yellowfang is an empath just seemed like a lame excuse to get her to become a medicine cat.Raggedstar good StarClan Raggedstar In the other warrior books you hear that Raggedstar is actually a decent leader for ShadowClan and there doesn t seem to be any cats that disliked him I have no idea how that is possible because he nothing than a manipulative, abusive jerk Seriously This wouldn t bother me so much if someone, particularly Yellowfang, would truly call him out on what a horrible cat he really is but of course no one ever does. Recently re read this, and for some reason enjoyed it the second time around Second time s the charm, I guess.This is the only book I believe in the Warriors saga that takes place in Shadowclan, and it was exciting to see things from their perspective I never really liked Shadowclan, but after this book I came to respect and even like them Per usual, there is a lot of action and never a dull moment, which is good And I do like Yellowfang I feel sorry for her, she went through so much pain but stayed strong for her clan Kind of like Bluestar It was also a bit interesting watching Brokentail grow up from an innocent kit to a bloodthirsty, evil warrior.There s just a few things I didn t like Firstly, Yellowfang s character is a bit inconsistent, and I feel like her personality made a total 180 in the last chapter of the book The Yellowfang in most of this book is sort of different from the Yellowfang we know from the original books But hey, I liked both Another thing I didn t like is that I lost some if not all of my respect for Raggedstar He used to be one of my favorite leaders, but in this book he acts hot and cold with Yellowfang, sometimes really nice, other times being angry or ignoring her Maybe I m overreacting, but frankly I thought he was a little abusive Raggedstar was also foolishly blind when it came to his son Brokentail, and he didn t see how evil Brokentail was until it was too late In the original series, it s stated that Raggedstar was a noble leader and brave, and I respected him for it, but in Yellowfang s Secret he does not act like that at all And you know what I m really upset about that I was completely disillusioned.But besides that, Yellowfang s Secret was a good book Some Warriors books I absolutely loved, and others I didn t like at all Yellowfang s Secret falls somewhere in the middle. I m a longtime fan of Warriors I am 15, and I started reading these when I was 10 The people who introduced me to these dont read them any, but I still continue to love them.When I read all the books, I had never liked ShadowClan I always went from loving ThunderClan to WindClan to RiverClan, but never ShadowClan I always saw them as evil, as Brokenstar and Tigerstar lead them, and I didn t really ever like Blackstar I think it was past due that ShadowClan got a book about them.I love these super editions that give us information on the backstory of a cat, and Yellowfang had a very interesting story to tell If you ve read Warriors, I would strongly suggest reading this book It is very good and gives you not only Yellowfangs history, but about ShadowClan when Brokenstar had taken over. [ FREE PDF ] ☪ Gelbzahns Geheimnis (Warrior Cats - Special Adventure 5) ♖ Eine Finstere Kraft Ist Unterwegs Und Sie Wird Von Einer Heiler Katze Aus Dem SchattenClan Gebracht Werden Die Junge Gelbpfote Hat Sich Voll Und Ganz Dem SchattenClan Verschrieben Sie Kann Es Kaum Erwarten, Endlich F R Ihre Gef Hrten Zu K Mpfen Und Abenteuer Zu Bestehen Als Sie Schlie Lich Ihren Kriegernamen Gelbzahn Erh Lt, Wird Ihr Schmerzlich Bewusst, Dass Ihre Wahre Bestimmung Die Einer Heilerin Ist Ihre Treue Zum Clan Ist Nach Wie Vor Unangefochten, Aber Gelbzahn Tr Gt Ein Dunkles Geheimnis In Sich, Das Sie Auf Schritt Und Tritt Verfolgt, Und Das Leben Aller Clans Auszul Schen Droht In this book there is a she cat named Yellowkit when she is a kit ten She later graduates to an apprentice and is known as Yellowpaw, and finally she becomes a warrior, and is named Yellowfang As she goes through moons months in her clan, she starts to notice that something is wrong Whenever there is a battle or another cat is hurt, she seems to feel other cats pain Her clan s ShadowClan medicine cat, Sagewhisker tells her that her destiny is to become a medicine cat even though Yellowfang desperately wants to stay a warrior Later on she agrees to take on the role of medicine cat and goes on with the struggles of this new life This book made me feel empathetic toward Yellowfang because StarClan the Clans ancestors have pretty much forced her to follow another path of life that she doesn t want And by being a medicine cat, the medicine cat code says that she cannot have a mate, even though she already has one when she becomes ShadowClan s medicine cat Raggedpelt is devastated that she has left her and feels angry at her that she chose to do so The problems that Yellowfang had to face are the reason I chose to write this response When Yellowfang says But it was my mistake and I had to live with it It made me wonder how she could live with herself knowing StarClan was going to punish her right until the very end The book made me want to read on because I kept having mixed emotions about every new thing that came up while I was reading the book. I am enjoying these latterly written prequels very much they round out the world of the cats by taking us to all the other clans and making bit parts the centre stage. Personally, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Warriors I even have a club 4 it with a bunch of people This book took my breath away with the shadowclan cats I am used 2 books with Thunderclan, but I got the chance 2 C what shadowclan was all about and there secrets I totally recomendend this book 2 any young reader But I loved the book SOOO much that I never wanted it 2 end, even though it was a super edition I LOVE WARRIORS All of there books, but I think so far, this is one of there best.This book was about yellowfang from a kit, to a apprentice, to a warrior, and was destined to be a medicene cat Which also meant she couldnt have Raggedstar to be her mate, which makes rivals between the two When Yellowfang births as a medicene cat apprentice, she cannot have any other cat know they are hers When the evil son, Brokenstar takes his role as leader, he makes all the wrong desisions Many kits die because they start training too early, he beileves the elders serve no use, so they stayed outside the camp Also, he thought Yellowfang killed 3 kits, which she didnt She was vanished from the clan and then went on Thunderclan territory, which is a HUGE risk the story would continue in the first book called Warriors Into the wild. This was fairly good The reasoning of the cats was quite a bit lacking in quality, but I suppose one must forgive them. I m surprised that I am the only person who actually hated this book.I guess that I have the same gripes with this book that I had with Bluestar s Prophecy it ruined the character However, many Warriors fans feel the same way as I do this book was the worst Super Edition to date.I m going to list the reasons why I hated this book with a passion 1 Yellowfang s power Oh my freaking god This annoyed the heck out of me Yellowfang, a great character from the Original Series who was widely respected for her skills even in other Clans have a freaking power It s ONLY relevance was to make Yellowfang become a medicine cat After that, she learned how to control it and it was never used and rarely mentioned afterward.2 Raggedpelt Raggedpelt is one of the biggest jackasses in history He mentally and emotionally abused Yellowfang and blamed her for every single one of his shortcomings One minute, he seemed to love her, and then the next, he hated her.3 Yellowfang In the Original Series, Yellowfang was a wise cracking medicine cat who had a cynical, but humorous view of the world When she was a kit and apprentice, I didn t expect her to behave like this I figured that, with time, she would develop that personality, but she didn t She acted like the generic female character the Erins write, particularly Dovewing or Ivypool Yeah, she was angry, but nothing like her original character At the end of the book when she came face to face with Firepaw, I was laughing had how forced her dialogue was She was a completely different cat for 99% of the book and then in the final chapter, she suddenly becomes her old self.I think that it was poorly written, and had bad characters It lacked that certain, magical quality that the Erins have when they write I was very surprised that Cherith had written this book her writing, unlike Kate, focuses on describing the scenery and creating a beautiful picture, but there was none of that in this book It was a massive downgrade in writing that it didn t even feel like an Erin Hunter book Luckily, Tallstar s Revenge is a thousand times better I d say, if you like the Yellowfang from the original series at all, skip this and read Tallstar s Revenge.