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[Free Kindle] ♱ Two's Company ☹ MEMORANDUMTo The ReaderFrom Carole MortimerSubject The Black Sheep And The Scarlet WomanIt Is Being Drawn To Your Attention That Juliet S Boss Has Left Her Half His Company And All His Troubles Carlyle Properties Is Near Bankruptcy, And Juliet Has To Share Her Inheritance With Liam Carlyle, His Estranged Son, Who Has Already Assumed That Juliet Seduced His Father What Liam Doesn T Know Is That Juliet Was Once Engaged To Simon, His Despised Younger BrotherOne Thing Is For Sure Juliet Has Decided To Work With Liam To Save The Company, But As For His Notion That His Father Should Have Left Him Everything Including Juliet She Wants A Strictly Business Affair need to reread again, I read this when I was a teenager. This novel was good, I didn t expect a lot of things that happened to take place in the novel, especially Simon and Juliet s past.I did like that Liam actually was a bastard, it made me love his grovelling , later in the novel The ending was hilarious Juliet wanted to save the company of William who had been like a father to her and who gave her half the company Unfortunately, in order to save this company, she had to convince his eldest son to cooperate and his relationship with his father was cold for ten years When she finally convinces him to help her, she was not prepared to him attacking her romantic side and trying to reveal all her hidden secrets Good, but not one I would like to read twice.