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I almost lost interest when the hero mentioned some kind of handcuff game, but luckily it never actually came to that Aside from that it was another book in a decent series comfort food reading, if you would. @Free Pdf Å A Secret in Conard County (Conard County & Conard County: The Next Generation #46, Conard County: The Next Generation #29) í From New York Times Bestselling Author Rachel Lee A Riveting New Conard County Romance Healing From Bullet Wounds And Fleeing The Bomber Who Shot Her, FBI Agent Erin Sanders Refuses To Play It Safe Driving West, She Ll Stay Off The Grid Until Deputy Sheriff Lance Conroe Spoils Her Secret Getaway Taking Her To His Remote Wyoming Home, The Hunky Lawman Only Hopes To Protect Her Just What Headstrong, Untrusting Erin Doesn T Want But When Another Showdown With The Bomber Looms And A Shocking Betrayal Surfaces, Erin Wants Lance Badly It S Time To Get Over Her Control And Intimacy Issues To Indulge Their Dangerous Attraction Because Her Plan To Catch The Killer Could Cost Them Both Their Lives A fast read, with a believable romance and a suspenseful back story Some characters from earlier Rachel Lee Conard County books make brief appearances, which i always fun A good entry for lovers of thi series. A fantastic book Another hit from Rachel Lee The Conard County Series continues I have been a fan for a long time I truly liked this book It is worth your time and effort I encourage everyone to get this book Read the whole series you will like it A diabolical villain and the heartfelt attraction between Lance and Erin are the two highlights of this suspense filled Conrad County romance RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.Miniseries Quick, easy read and you can never go wrong with a Rachel Lee Conard County book. I really enjoyed this story Erin drew me into the story right away I loved the suspense, and touch of romance.FBI agent Erin Sanders had almost been blown up by a bomber After she got out of the hospital, she thought she would be safer on her own, off the grid, than she would be in a safe house Someone from her team had leaked information That information had sent the bomber to her house She was lucky to be alive, but she was still in a lot of pain She drove as far as she could, then she had to stop Erin had parked on the side of the road in Conard City Wyoming She hadn t been there long before a police car pulled in behind her Deputy Sheriff Lance Conroe saw that Erin was in pain When he ran her tag, he found out she was FBI He offered to take her to the only hotel in the area Erin s boss got in touch with the Sheriff, and asked if the small police department could provide a security detail for Erin Agent Erin Sanders was taking to Lance Conroe s home The group of men that provided the security detail was good, and loved what they did Lance, and Erin knew that she was being set up for bait They were waiting for the showdown with the bomber He had killed so many people, and Erin knew they had to catch him in the act It was the only way to put him behind bars She just hoped she and Lance lived through it I loved how attentive Lance was to Erin He knew she loved peanut butter, so with every meal, it put it on the table He fixed her coffee, just the way she liked it The man also cooked all the meals, and was a good cook He talked her into taking her pain pills when she didn t want too, and watched over her as she slept He was also sexy What s not to love An FBI thriller making trust in colleagues questionable Erin is on the run after being shot and having her house blown up by a serial bomber She pauses in a sleepy looking town to rest and recuperate from her injuries and finds a team she can trust and who can help her get her life back But , she finds love.