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I really liked this I much prefered this book to the first one in the series.This isn t linked a heck of a lot There are the boys we met in the first book who are going to be the guys we see fall in love And they are briefly in this book as well.I think this was a much better love story I think you see them falling in loveI love the author s writing style of regency romance in this book The past book I was very reluctant to start this one because it was very oldy worldy and this one was different and just easier to read. B r with Lyuda You can find this review in English below.Ir al grano, lo mejor de esta historia ha sido la compa a De nuevo Lyuda muchas gracias por la b r, me lo he pasado pipa Esta es de las pocas historias que me han dejado igual Ni frio ni calor, ni le he odiado ni me ha gustado Ha sido demasiado simplona, con unos personajes demasiado perfectos y con una trama demasiado conveniente Aunque me temo que si no la hubiese le do con mi amiga Lyuda, igual ni la hubiese terminado.Hasta tal extremo ha sido sosa que hoy, 3 d as despu s de leerla no consigo poner en pie la mayor a de los detalles No es una historia que vaya a recomendar, pero si a n no est s convencid , puedes leer la rese a de Lyuda Es maravillosa y no podr a a adir m s I will get to the point, the best of this story has been the company Again, Lyuda, thank you very much for the b r, I have had a blast This story has been one of these that have left me blah Neither good nor bad, I neither hated it nor liked it It has been too simplistic, with characters too perfect and with a plot too convenient Although I fear that if I had not b r it with my friend Lyuda, I would not have finished it.So far it has been so bland that today, 3 days after reading it, I can t recall most of the details It is not a story I m going to recommend, but if you are still unconvinced, you can read Lyuda s review It is wonderful and I could not add anything . READ DOWNLOAD ♸ His Christmas Countess (Lords of Disgrace #2) ☪ A Christmas Baby Grant Rivers, Earl Of Allundale, Is Desperate To Get Home In Time For Christmas But When He Stumbles Upon A Woman All Alone In A Tumbledown Shack, Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock, It S His Duty To Stay And Help Her Leads To Wedding Vows Grant Knows All Too Well The Risks Of Childbirth, And He S Seen Enough Tragedy To Last A Lifetime So Once He S Saved Her Life, Grant Is Determined To Save Kate S Reputation Too If She Will Consent To Marrying A Stranger On Christmas Day Very good book Grant was introduced in His Housekeeper s Christmas Wish, as one of four friends known as the Lords of Disgrace He s a widower who is headed home from Belgium to spend Christmas with his son and grandfather At the beginning of this book, he s been delayed on his journey by an injury, has received word that his grandfather is ill, and is desperate to get home before he passes He doesn t expect to come across a woman in labor, with no one to help her except him.Kate fell for a rake who refused to marry her when she got pregnant Her brother decided to use her pregnancy to blackmail the man in question, and threatened to take Kate s baby if she didn t cooperate When she manages to escape from her brother, her troubles continue when she is robbed and ends up alone and in labor Help comes in the form of a man who claims to be a doctor.Grant has been plagued by the memory of his grandfather s wish for him to marry again He feels guilty because he s been putting it off, not really wanting to go through all that again Kate s predicament as an unmarried gentlewoman gives him the idea of marrying her It will fulfill his grandfather s wishes, give his son a mother, and himself the wife he knows he needs When he makes his proposal to Kate, she is surprised, but the practical side of her knows that marrying him would be a good thing He s willing to accept her daughter, she would have a safe place to live, and wouldn t have to face her brother or ex lover again So she accepts thinking that Grant is a country doctor As they are still in Scotland at this point, a statement of their intentions in front of witnesses sees them married.The next day, as they make their way to Grant s home, both are a bit stunned at what they have done and unsure if it was a good thing or not Discovering that Grant is the heir to an earl that has just passed away is an even bigger shock to Kate, but what is done is done Grant gets Kate settled in his home, but heads for London a few days later because of the things that must be done about his inheritance He tells Kate that he ll be gone for several months, but it s her home now and to do as she wishes.Over the next several months they correspond, but the letters are pretty superficial Grant starts to feel guilty about abandoning Kate and finally goes home, only to discover a far different woman than the one he remembered, one that he finds extremely attractive Kate also realizes that the rescuer she remembers pales before the handsome man she has married.I liked both Kate and Grant From the time they are reunited they are determined to make their marriage work I loved the fact that they talked about their expectations calmly and honestly Their chemistry is there from the start, and their compatibility in the bedroom is a great foundation for the rest of their relationship Though both have been honest in their expectations for their marriage, each of them has secrets that have influenced their behavior I also liked the way that even when angry words are exchanged, after things calm down they are able to talk about what caused their anger and deal with it.Grant s first marriage was an arranged one and was not happy His wife s death is something that he tries to keep buried in his past, though it still gives him nightmares He refuses to talk about it with Kate, though she can see that it haunts him She is determined to get him to see that only by facing those memories will they stop controlling his future At the same time, Kate has flat out lied to Grant about her own past and her baby s father She feels that, as long as they stay away from London, she will be safe from any repercussions Of course, Grant is an earl and they have to spend time in London because of it Over the months they spend together at home, they slowly get to know each other I loved seeing their relationship grow, as Kate getsconfident in her role as countess, and Grant realizes that she is nothing like his first wife I really enjoyed the visit from Grant s three friends, including Alex and his wife from the first book It was great to see how well Kate fit in with them, and I loved how much alike she and Tess were I also loved the way that Tess and Alex could both see the love that Grant and Kate had for each other, even if they refused to admit it.When Grant and Kate go to London, she is very nervous about what could happen She knows she has to confess the truth to him, but she worries about what it will do to their relationship Instead of just trusting him and telling him straight out, she takes some rather risky actions that could put her in danger Meanwhile, Grant has realized that something is really bothering her, and because of his past with his first wife has some trust issues going on His actions end up on a collision course with hers, and there was a real worry about what it was going to do to their marriage But once again, the maturity of the characters shines through, and they work things out in a most satisfactory manner There are actually some rather amusing results from the whole thing that made the ending evenenjoyable The book ends one year from the beginning with a very romantic Christmas gift from Grant to Kate. When Caz first recommended His Christmas Countess I was a little hesitant because of the premise Well Wow I loved this book The writing was flawless and I tell you this reader so appreciates reading an historical written properly I loved how reasonable everyone is in this book It s all about two strangers working out a relationship that started very abruptly Well done, Ms Allen A book that causes warm cozy emotions.I think the author, Louise Allen has hit a home run with this novel IMO, readers can expect a good romance from Harlequin books and this approximately 300 page love story does not fail.It s a good story of a compromised lady rescued by Grant Rivers, one of the characters from, THE LORDS OF DISGRACE series The story starts with a good attention grabber and continues with a thrilling marriage of convenience trope Although it contained a Christmas theme, the timeline consisted over a one year peroid I thought, the expanded timeline helped with the characters development compared to Christmas novellas that lack in development and details I enjoyed that Catherine is not a wimpy heroine and Grant is not a Scrooge I felt the author s talent shined when she displayed the introspections and behaviors of the major, male characters The other minor characters feltone dimensional Also, the proses were nicely written and the dialogue exhibited their emotions.This couple was very attracted to another and experienced a healthy marriage within the bedroom, lots of scenes As with any marriage between strangers there are issues that must be dealt with and resolved In addition, stories with children are fun to read.A streamy Christmas story with mild villains and a HEA. I really like this installment of the series I wish that she had trusted him sooner, but watching them fall in love was sweet and beautiful She gave him the courage to face his demons, and when her secrets came out he view spoiler actually trusts her Oh my gosh I was floored It s so rare for someone to hear part of the story, and instead of leaping to the worst possible conclusion and going off half cocked, he choose to trust her and wait for an explanation And it s hard And he realizes it s a choice And he chooses to act on the fact that he loves her and asks her what is going on It s such an emotionally healthy behavior, but it s so rare to see it in a romance novel, especially in a romance novel hide spoiler I am LOVING this series I m not usually big on historical stories, mainly because I don t always understand the lingo, but I m pleasantly surprised and delighted by this one Kate and Grant are fantastic characters facing real problems Problems of self doubt, betrayal, broken trusts and deep seated heartaches Their story is one of a kind of second chance love, second chance at happiness I believe this is now one of my favorite stories and I can not wait to read the next book in the series Well done to the author. B r with Luli 2.5 stars As I was reading the story, I kept changing my opinion of it from pleasant to mildly pleasant to bored with all this perfection to perfectly boring Grant Rivers, a future Earl of Allundale, had hoped to be back home to celebrate Christmas with his son and his dying grandfather But, alas, somewhere on the Scottish boarder his horse became lame and Grant was forced to seek shelter at a lonely tumbledown cottage There is another inhabitant there a woman giving birth Grant decided to stay and help her For Kate, a sudden appearance of a confident male with a deep calming voice who called himself a doctor, is the answer to all her prayers And she is absolutely right It seems that right from the start, the story is one miraculously turned thing or event after another and, if not miraculous, than very very convenient I don t know how else to describe them Miraculously, Kate feels a budding attraction to Grant while in pains of childbirth Even though Grant misrepresented himself as a doctor, he conveniently attended a medical school for two years in the past while waiting for his Earldom Despite never attending a human birth, he is miraculously ahead of his contemporaries in applying frequent hand washing and sanitizing technique practice benefits of which where not recognized discovered until 1847.And then Grant s quick decision to marry Kate before she even gave birth Putting aside a suspend belief of a future Earl marrying a stranger who is giving birth to another man s child, this is not Grant s first marriage He was married before to a woman who he barely knew and the marriage was very unhappy His willingness to marry a stranger in these circumstances is nothing short of a miracle But there isWe are conveniently on the Scottish side of the Scottish English boarder where the marriage rules are not as strict A couple simply had to pledge yourself to your chosen partner and in the presence of another And lo and behold, miraculously, two farmers just happened to pass by providing the right number of witnesses at the right time and the right place Conveniently, Grant already has a son, so he doesn t have to think too much about having another man s child as a potential heir And if there was any danger of it, the child conveniently turned out to be a girl Conveniently, the wedding took place very very shortly before the child was born no baby out of wedlock to deal with.Moving along I though the author did a good job in showing how both Kate and Grant made attempt for their marriage to work despite secrets they kept from each other Their relationship was one of mutual respect and their romance was progressing nicely There was a moment where I thought the author decided to go with a big misunderstanding trope Luckily, I was wrong the protagonists behaved like adults and talked it through and prevented it to linger.All was good, but shortly after, the story became boring Everything and everyone was so perfect and perfectly boring at the same time I was hoping if we didn t really have internal to their relationship conflict to at least have a good external one But, no, the way the secrets revealed was conveniently easy or nothing short of miracle view spoiler Who needs a paternity identification kit when you can just look in someone eyes and determine the fatherhood hide spoiler 4.5 stars rounded upHis Christmas Countess is book two in Louise Allen s most recent series, The Four Disgraces , in which the heroes are a group of young men who earned that sobriquet as a result of their daring exploits at school and university For some reason, I read the first , third and fourth books when they came out and missed this one which was a mistake, because while I enjoyed the others and rated them highly, this is the best of the lot.It s Christmas Eve and Grantham Rivers is on his way from Edinburgh to Northumberland, where he hopes to get to the bedside of his dying grandfather in time to say his final goodbyes When his horse goes lame, and with the weather worsening at every moment, he has little alternative but to take refuge in a shepherd s hut or bothy and is astonished to discover that he is not the only one stranded in the middle of nowhere while waiting for the storm to pass A heavily pregnant woman is sheltering there, too, and Grant who, while not a doctor, has studied medicine recognises the signs of early labour.Kate Harding was all but pushed into the arms of the man who ruined her by her unscrupulous brother, who now intends to blackmail her child s father Threatening to take Kate s baby from her in order to ensure her co operation, her brother sent her to Scotland until the birth, but when at last the chance to escape arose, Kate took it, and made her way to the nearest coaching inn But her money was stolen, leaving her penniless the weather is closing in and she is alone, friendless and scared, with no alternative but to wait out the coming snowstorm in a nearby bothy But it seems someone else has had the same idea The man who enters is tall, dark, handsome and somewhat severe, but he quickly reassures her, telling her he is a doctor and that he will make sure she is safely delivered.Grant, a widower, has a young son by from his first disastrous marriage, and is well aware that six year old Charlie needs a mother He is also heir to an earldom something he neglects to tell Kate, understandably in the circumstances and has been feeling guilty about the fact that he has neglected to do the one thing his grandfather had asked of him, and marry again Impulsively, and as Kate nears the end of her long labour, he suggests that they marry he needs a mother for his son, her child will need a father and as they are in Scotland, all they need do is declare their intent to wed before witnesses A couple of passing shepherds are pleased to perform that service, and Grant and Kate are married, shortly before her daughter, Anna, makes her way into the world.Given the remoteness of Grant s home, and the fact that as a medical man, he is unlikely to move in the same circles as her brother, Kate believes she has found the perfect refuge So when they arrive at Abbeywell Grange and she hears Grant addressed as my Lord , she is shocked Grant tiredly explains that his grandfather who just passed away was the third Earl of Allundale, and that he Grant is now the fourth earl, and Kate is immediately worried An earl will be expected to spend some of his time in London and Kate has no wish to return to the scene of her disgrace or to risk an encounter with her brother But what s done is done, and she recognises she is in no fit state to think about muchthan caring for her daughter and taking comfort in the warmth and safety of her new home.Shortly after his grandfather s funeral, Grant tells Kate that he must go to London to consult with his solicitor and to see to various other matters of business He ends up being away for almost six months, and finally returns home to find things much changed The wife he had left a tired, pale shadow is now a pretty, vibrant young woman with a quick wit and keen intelligence and Grant is not a little surprised at the strength of the attraction he feels towards her.Grant s first marriage was a passionate love match or so he d thought, until his beautiful wife began to show signs of mental instability that turned into hatred He is still haunted by the manner of her death and clams up every time Kate tries to get him to tell her what happened But Kate is persistent She never bullies or demands and eventually Grant realises that she deserves the truth The one black mark I can make against Kate is that while Grant shares the truth of his past with her, she does not do the same, causing him to continue to believe that she is still carrying a torch for Anna s father Kate knows she needs to come clean, but, not wanting to jeopardise their marriage, makes some poor decisions and tries to deal with her brother herself But those are my only criticisms of what is an otherwise excellent book.As the story takes place over a year we get two Christmases for the price of one the romance is allowed time to develop and we watch Kate and Grant progressing from physical attraction to a deeper emotional connection The love scenes are sensual and romantic nicely steamy but not over the top for this type of story, and written with an extremely sure hand.Louise Allen has crafted a wonderful story about two strangers thrown together by circumstance who progress from mutual friendship and respect to passionate attachment They have to get to know each other and both of them make mistakes and say and do things that annoy the other, yet they are both mature enough to be able to own up to those missteps, apologise for them and move on Even though both are keeping secrets, there s an honesty to their relationship that is refreshing, and a sense that these are two people who are going to make a go of things, no matter how shaky the start to their life together All in all, His Christmas Countess is a superbly written, beautifully paced romance and it s going right onto my keeper shelf.