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I used to read Barbara Cartland romances when I was younger They were typical old fashioned romances, with heated glances from an accomplished seducer thrown at a fluttery lass primed for a sexual awakening at his talented hands But she resists and there s no nooky until after a proper wedding After entering puberty, I tired of her endless stream of witless, clueless virginal heroines whose knowledge about sex could fit into a thimble worn by a fairy I yearned for romances with sex, erotic, good old fashioned smut with people who weren t afraid to mix it up and get dirty between the sheets.You know that old adage about being careful what you wish for Nowadays, it seems that sexual competence comes loaded with all sorts of foolishness, with witless, clueless protagonists who chuck their morals, decency and intelligence right out the window the moment their gonads start talking I understand very well that the adult world of sexuality is filled with messy consequences for people who make the wrong move, what with paternity suits, sexual harassment cases, etc A man doesn t have to marry a woman if he compromises her virtue any longer But he can be forced to pay through the nose if he lays a finger on her that s actionable in court.So I expect a certain amount of common sense from my romantic protagonists When Faith Crawford feels a forbidden pull towards her boss after winning him in an auction bid, I know it s just a matter of time before the two of them give in to their mutual longing read lust and have a tumble in bed I just didn t expect her to participate in a torrid kiss After she sternly tells herself he s off limits In the first chapter.Insert facepalm here.Faith and her boss Dylan Hawke don t do much to resist each other after that She decides to go with him to his apartment because, hey, they re both adults, right Naturally, they fling caution to the wind and start going at it like bunnies To be fair, Faith is the one to initiate mattes, what with touching Dylan and offering herself He s keeping his hands to himself and resisting her with all his might But when a beautiful redhead is offering herself well, he just can t keep saying no, can he The rest of the novel deals with Faith s growing lack of trust in the situation and with Dylan s anger over her apparent withdrawal They separate, people give them stern lectures and it all turns out well in the end So no need to feel that maybe they rushed into anything Yeah, right.What a pair of fools They deserve each other. So maybe this book should get kudos simply for being the first book I ve read from start to finish in a long time And while I love the workplace romance yes, irony because I H A T E them in real life but I just didn t feel the connection between them X in fact I had to look up a name Faith I got but Dylan just not that memorable I didn t see other than initial physical attraction which was a bit enh for them to have that insane chemistry other than what is forbidden It didn t really click for me until the end I also kinda skimmed paged the love scenes because I wasn t getting the heat and connection from them It seemed to go from fizzle to fucking although of course a Silhouette Desire would be much classier and romantic than fuckingor it s supposed to be And of course this one was I wish say I did really like how that played out and I don t want to give spoilers but I think it was very realistic, her choice, the drama his and her hurt BUT the great resolution Very nicely done there.D so maybe C #EBOOK Ð Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers, #2) ⚤ What Happens When An Ambitious Employee Buys Her Boss At A Bachelor Auction Find Out In This Story From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Rachel Bailey Florist Faith Crawford Has A Brilliant Plan Win Her Company S CEO At A Bachelor Auction And Use Their Date To Show Him Her Designs But Her Plan Backfires When The Focus Of Their Meeting Shifts From Flowers To A Floor Tilting Kiss For Dylan Hawke, It S Time For Damage Control Promoting The Talented Faith Is A No Brainer, But Fraternizing With Her Is Strictly Forbidden Dylan Must Remain Professional The Fate Of His Business Rests In The Balance Too Bad Dylan Won T Rest Until He Gets Another Kiss Could not put this book down Read it in one sitting.I was pleasantly surprised by how much we saw of Liam, Jenna, Meg and Bonnie from The Nanny Proposition that we saw in this book.I think part of why I could not put the book down was the will they, won t they that was the result of Hawke Bloom s non fraternization policy.Not so patiently waiting for Adam s story now. Really enjoyed this and learned a few things about florists along the way Great writing, which I always expect from Rachel. I enjoyed the story It wasn t complicated The plot drive was believable and the connection between them was apparent from the start The book was well written I also liked that there was no betrayal forced by an outsider. 2.5 stars 4.5 Stars Bidding on Her Boss is book two in The Hawke Brothers series by Rachel Bailey and my favorite I highly recommend all three books I thoroughly enjoyed Faith s and Dylan s love story and how it came to be and the obstacles they had to overcome It was somewhat unique and out of the ordinary which made its appeal that muchbeguiling.Our Hero Dylan Hawke is the youngest in the family and the CEO of Hawkes Blooms, his family s floral business He is your typical gorgeous man who is a playboy but is trying to clean up his reputation Soon his whole family will be in the limelight when his brother marries a princess The Nanny Proposition and he is doing damage control to improve his image and not cause any further embarrassment When asked, he decides to become one of the bachelors that will be auctioned off at a fundraiser Our Heroine Faith Crawford is a very talented florist for Hawkes Blooms and has been wanting an audience with the CEO, Dylan Hawke What better way to have his undivided attention than to outbid the other women and win him as her date It takes her life savings but she manages to do just that In the past she has submitted many floral designs to her manager to be handed over to the department that selects designs for their many stores and catalogs She feels she and her floral designs are constantly being overlooked and she wants to get to the bottom of it She knows she is very good because many of the customers request that only she designs their arrangements Getting the CEO alone and giving him an up close look at her designs might make all the difference Once Dylan sees her designs he knows there is some funny business going down at the location where she is employed He also knows that the No Fraternization Policy for the company is placing a damper on the instant connection and attraction he feels for Faith and vice versa The stolen kiss the night of their first date is a shocker and he definitely wants a repeat performancebut the policyRachel Bailey wrote a great story and took us on an adventure into the world of flowers that was interesting She brought the blooms to life and I could picture them in my mind s eye The characters were so well developed and the story progressed at a realistic pace Kudos for this series and especially this book which was my favorite of the three.Read this book to find out the story of Dylan and Faith Although it is a stand alone, I would recommend reading the series in order for complete understanding of the characters from previous books in the series that are present in the following books. Very good book Faith is a talented florist who works for Hawke s Blooms She s been trying to get one of her designs into the company catalog, but has met resistance from her manager So she decides to bid on CEO Dylan Hawke at a charity auction and use their date to show him what she can do She doesn t expect the attraction that flares up between them.Dylan is the youngest of the Hawke brothers and the one known for being a bit of a playboy With his older brother about to marry a princess The Nanny Proposition he feels that it is time to change his reputation He starts by offering himself as one of the bachelors for his new sister in law s charity auction He notices Faith Sixty three as soon as she starts bidding on him and is looking forward to their date until he discovers that she works for him I loved the auction Dylan isn t really comfortable doing it, but it says a lot about him that he was willing to put himself through it to help out Jenna It was fun to see him rooting for Faith to be the winner The zing of attraction has him really looking forward to their date His disappointment the next day, when he discovered she s an employee, was deep I also loved his initial confusion over just what it was she wanted I liked Faith and how she found a way to go after what she wants All she s looking for is an honest chance to get her work looked at She wasn t expecting to want Dylan in a personal way, and she fought it She knows the company policy also When their first date doesn t go as expected, she s determined to try again, but the after effects of the unexpected kiss they shared are hard to ignore I loved her reaction to the promotion she was offered and how she made Dylan understand her point of view.It was great to see the way that Dylan began to understand Faith and what she was really looking for I loved the way that he introduced her to his brother Liam, and the doors that opened for her Because of the company policy against fraternization, they tried very hard to keep things professional, but it was a losing battle I loved seeing the way that they were able to share parts of their pasts with each other, and how they got closer because of it But when her emotions started getting involved, Faith panicked.Because of events in her past, Faith doesn t trust that anyone she cares about will stay in her life She s afraid that the same thing will happen with Dylan, so she pulls away first I hurt for him, because he had put his feelings out there, but he had also missed doing some things that would make her believe in him A kick in the seat from his brothers made him see where he went wrong I loved the ending and seeing Dylan s go big moment and how Faith reacted.I really enjoyed the background of the flower business and seeing some of the behind the scenes things I loved Dylan s recounting of how the business began and the parts he and his brothers played when they were younger The story of the new flower and the things that went into its launch were really interesting I also enjoyed the relationship the brothers had with each other It was fun to see them give Dylan a hard time, but they were there to support him when he needed them I m really looking forward to Adam s story. This is such a fabulous story I loved the first one in the series and now we get to read Dylan s story and meet the beautiful florist Faith Crawford who will make such an impact on Dylan s life.Dylan Hawke helps run the family flower business he runs the shops Hawkes Blooms and is very hands on with this and loves his job he is well liked by all of the staff He is known as a playboy and with the wedding coming up of his brother Liam to a princess he is trying very hard to change his image and the first thing he is doing is volunteering himself at an auction to raise funds for the company charity little does he realize at the time that the winner will change his life forever and also cause some problems with company rules Faith has not had a very good childhood and has problems setting down roots for too long every time she thinks this is it something has gone wrong so trusting is something that comes very hard to Faith but she does love her job as a florist and wants to have one of her arrangements listed in the Hawks Blooms stores catalogues and will go to a lot to get that chance so she bids on her boss at a charity auction for three dates with him and this starts a journey to a HEA that has ups and downs but the love they share is beautiful and will have you smiling.This is a story not to be missed it is emotional and sensual as Dylan and Faith try so hard to stick to the company rules but in the end give in to their feelings but is this enough for Faith who has a lot to overcome I highly recommend this story and I am very much looking forward to Adam s story thank you MS Bailey for another fantastic story.