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It is about 4 00 a.m when they come for me I am already awake, strung out on the fear that they will come, and the fear that they won t I won t recap the basic plot, as that s covered in the blurb If you re worried or hoping this is a slasher type book, it is not It is a suspenseful Young Adult mystery There s a bit of romance, but it s in service of the question of who the guilty party is than really romantic Something I actually preferred.I enjoyed the isolation aspect With the island cut off from the mainland except at low tide Although it s not all that unique in the genre, I think it was handled well and added to the tension of the plot We re fairly quickly introduced to the game, Killer , and don t have to wait too long before it starts Still I found that things really picked up during the second half of the book, as it was then that I really started to find it un put down able The first half of the book was fine, but the second half really gets good.I had several potential suspects in mind while reading this, and kept going back and forth on who I thought the guilty party was likely to be It kept me guessing.I was very impressed with the showing, not telling, in this book In Cate s head I could really feel the way we can freak ourselves out when stressed, just from her inner dialog Where you start to get spooked over things that aren t anything to be spooked over, just because you re so on edge or become suspicious of everything.Another example of the showing, not telling, is the way I began to not trust one of Cate s friends in particular, simply due to what he said and did, and the way he said and did them He to me felt like someone who either had boundary issues or was socially inept, or he was a jerk in that fake nice way some people have a talent for And this was accomplished without the reader being told what to think I enjoyed that Overall I think this is a very enjoyable story for young adults who like mysteries and suspense I do not think this one would do as well for those adults like me who enjoy reading YA Although well done, and having some personality of it s own, I think most adults familiar with the genre will probably find it a bit tame.I received a free expiring copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I was thinking of giving this a 2.8 but I ve slept on it and it doesn t deserve it 2 Stars.As you guys can probably see by my updates this book took a LONG ass time to start How awesome does this sound Our MC Cate is in a boarding school called Umfraville Umfraville is for geniuses and on an island that is only accessible by Boat if the tides are right or helicopter After reading this my internal conversation went a bit like this Me Oh cool setting What do you have plot wise book Book Oh well every year 13 kids play The Assassins Game A game where one of them is the Killer and has to kill all the others before they guess who it is You can kill someone with a fart bomb as gas, a water balloon filled with red paint as a grenade the possibilities are endless with a school of gifted children, right RIGHT Me WRONG.Killer Game is boring The game doesn t actually start until the half way mark and for geniuses the pranks kills were lame We are in a fictional world of kid geniuses I m sure they could come up with something a bit inventive then covering someone in red paint I wanted to see people get killed not covered in food colouring, build a droid to launch missiles at people Set up a hold in the floor and capture people silence of the lambs style I DON T KNOW I JUST WANTED MORE Oh and for a book that had a real killer thrown into it no one dies Was I scarred at any point No The one plus I can say for this book is it was easy to read and I didn t find myself wanting to DNF it Upon finishing the book Me Well that was a whole lot of not much Book But weren t you surprised by the ending Me If surprised you mean slightly happy it was over, disappointed that it wasn t a shocking reveal and a little bit hungry then yes, I was very surprised Book If your looking for a thriller look away, Killer Game is about as Thrilling as me on a Monday before my coffeeThank you to Netgalley and the publishes for allowing me to read a free copy in exchange for an honest review #Epub Í Killer Game ⚣ At Cate S Isolated Boarding School, Killer Game Is A Tradition Only A Select Few Are Invited To Play They Must Avoid Being Killed By A Series Of Thrilling Pranks, And Identify The Murderer But This Time, It S Different The Game Stops Feeling Fake And Starts Getting Dangerous And Cate S The Next Target Can They Find The Culprit Before It S Too Late I was super excited at the premise of this book I love any and all things like a secret society, so I couldn t wait to get my hands on it.Cate is an okay MC She s a little dramatic and I felt like I couldn t ever settle into her inner monologue or the rhythm of the story There are a lot of other characters, but no one really stood out as a solid, likable person to root for.The plot was slow and fast at the same time, if that makes sense There are a lot of things happening, but it still progressed so slowly It really started to get interesting about 70% in, but by then, I didn t care who the killer was I could have easily walked away from this book without knowing that info and not been bothered.Overall, there was something that kept me reading, but I m not sure what it was I loved the concept, but found the execution lacking Huge thanks to Sourcebooks Fire and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review Killer Game is one of those books that has such an exciting concept that you can t wait to sink your teeth into it Instead, Killer sinks its teeth into you.I didn t find the first quarter of the book all that interesting, but I m glad I kept reading, because the rest of the book was really thrilling You turn page after page or if you have an ereader like me, you go tap tap tap tap because you have to know what happens next It s the perfect high school whodunnit and everyone s a suspect.Sometimes it focussed a bit too much on your typical high school drama, though, which I found a bit disappointing But when the Game ha ha, you just lost the Game became the main focus of the story, it was really great and I enjoyed it a lot.Had to dock another star for the ending, though I d figured out the big reveal quite some time ago, but I thought the Killer had the worst motive of all time to kill someone, and I was hoping they wouldn t go there But they did, which I really didn t like.Overall, though, I had a lot of fun reading this book The Game was a really fun touch and it kept me reading for hours on end Thank you NetGalley Sourcebooks Fire for providing me with a copy 1.5 StarOverview I received a ARC of this through Netgalley Thank you to the author and the publisher for the opportunity This was a DNF around 20% for me I really hate rating books this low Especially review books And I feel especially bad about the fact that I didn t finish this But I already had too many problems with it and too many other better books I d rather spend my time reading An isolated, upper class boarding school has a secret society who organizes a giant game referred to as Killer During this game someone is chosen to be the killer and must simulate deaths of other classmates, until someone solves the mystery Pros This started right in the middle of the action, which I really appreciate All too often books spend too much time elaborating on characters and setting before jumping into the plot This certainly did not Cons Okay, so maybe this is my fault, because I didn t read the summary close enough I ll admit I was mainly swept in by the title and the cover, but I was not impressed with the plot I love mysteries, and thought this had potential The plot just seemed off, with no real purpose By far my biggest problem was the startling lack of motivations amongst the characters I could not figure out why anyone wanted to play this game At all Usually in a secret society, the characters get something out of being in the society be it money, power or acceptance This society seemed to promise none of those things It seemed everyone already had money and power, and everyone hated each other just as much in the society as this did without I couldn t figure out why everyone was subjecting themselves to all this hazing and torture Basically though, I couldn t figure out why anybody was doing any of the crazy shizz they did I also had a problem with the writing as it never really appealed to me in fact it seemed rather simplistic throughout Maybe it s because I didn t read far enough, so I can t fully critique this But I was never really enthralled by any of the characters As a narrator, Cate fell flat to me She would go on random asides and distract from the plot often than I liked, and spent far too much time trying to be tough In Conclusion I don t know how this ends but I don t really care. I was immediately drawn to this book on the shelf, with its gripping title and creepy looking cover I m a complete sucker for thrillers, especially when they re done well, and the blurb on the back of the book seemed exciting The blurb, however, really talks up the overall plot of the book, making it seem intense than it is.I wasn t entirely disillusioned with the book the descriptions throughout are lovely, and the setting a rainy, foggy, isolated island boarding school is a lovely place for a thriller to take place There s a bit of a natural feeling love story gem packed within these pages I found my gut burning for the romance than I felt my heart pounding for the suspense Cate, the main character, has multiple love interests throughout the book I won t gripe about it, though, because the author handled it well there was no pining over who to choose I think it s important to note that Cate knew what she wanted from square one.Cate herself wasn t a terribly interesting character, but she felt rather real to me, and I could relate to the level of boring she projects upon herself She plays the game mostly from a standpoint that she wants to feel connected to her peers, and feel a kinship with them pretty run of the mill for a high school girl She is not without extreme emotion, frequently toiling and yelling and confronting, and she s not afraid to show a feminist disposition and call some of her guy friends out on their bullshit She is full of a lot of anxiety, about relationships and friendships The character is easily relatable to the intended reader demographic.There were a lot of side characters in this story, and a lot of them melded together into a big blob of guild members Most of the Assassin Guild, the elite group within the school that plays the game, consisted of popular girls and jock boys, and it s hard to tell them apart Cate s close circle of friends Marcia, Daniel, and Vaughan had a bit personality to them Vaughan had a particular loveliness, and he was full of energy and sparkle every time he was introduced He was a bit off the rails, in a charming manner The most concerning thing to me here was that Marcia, who is supposed to be Cate s bff, was a horrible friend She s so frequently absent There s than one scene where Cate is trying to have an important conversation with her, and Marcia blows her off entirely Daniel, Cate s other best friend, never shows up as a friend figure within the text His character arc, which included an episode of sexual assault, was handled distastefully, felt very incomplete, and painted him as being this ghastly inhuman villain rather than as a human being who needed real help.That being said, I was spurred toward the end due to the extreme suspense A person went missing toward the end of the book, and the author had me completely fooled about whodunnit However, this doesn t mean that it was a good mystery I felt as if the author had intentionally veered away from planting clues about the many killers that were present throughout, giving us only clues that pointed towards red herrings It wasn t an incredibly satisfying close, and the epilogue left some large, scary, and important facts, revealed about the main character s love interest, completely unaddressed Overall, I think this would be a fun, easy, and suspenseful read for teens who are new to the genre.Check out my review blog A fun read, trying to figure out who the killer is Got me on that one, I definitely didn t see him being the killer. Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestRemember those Point Horror books that were so popular in the 80s and 90s R.L Stine, Christopher Pike, Diane Hoh When I was in middle school, my school library had a little bookshelf crammed with these trashy gems, and I checked them out by the dozen I think by the time I had my commencement ceremony, I d read all of the titles they had in circulation.There were various themes, but my favorite was always The Deadly Party a throwback to parlor murder mysteries and escape the room puzzles, the deadly party was all fun games until it wasn t.THE ASSASSIN GAME is a modern version of The Deadly Party Set in a Welsh boarding school, it is about a game of Assassin that goes horribly wrong I took one look at that summary and instantly requested this as an ARC, which I then proceeded to forget about until a couple days ago I downloaded THE ASSASSIN GAME and promptly read it in a sitting Killer is their sophisticated version of Assassin and is kind of like a cross between Assassin and Mafia Cate, our main protagonist who also happens to own the island the school is built on, has been angling to participate for years membership is highly exclusive and members can only be chosen and now, she finally has her chance, thanks to her friends Marcia and Daniel.Her school provides the perfect gothic backdrop with its patchy wi fi and misty shores The rules are simple One person is the killer The game ends when everyone is killed or the killer is discovered Players have multiple chances to guess the killer s identity, but if they re wrong, they re dead Deaths are supposed to be funny pranks, but since this is a spin off of The Deadly Party trope, you know that someone is going to take things too far Which they do, obviously, with a very fatal turn.I really found myself enjoying this book far than I thought I would have I m kind of jaded when it comes to YA I think I m getting too old It s harder to relate to younger characters and their decisions I often finding myself muttering, crazy young whippersnappers and shaking my head over underage tomfoolery I was able to shelve that for this book Killer actually sounds fun well, not the Too Far bits, but the premise of the game itself I could understand why Cate got caught up in the thrill of it, and why nobody wanted the game to end The suspense was TERRIBLE.I mean that in the best way.However, as much as I enjoyed THE ASSASSIN GAME I have to admit, it has its flaws The romance elements in this book seemed forced Cate is torn between two boys a manic genius who might also be dangerous and a mopey nerd who can t take no for an answer I was not impressed with either boy especially when one of them commits what was pretty much an act of sexual assault The villain in this book was also cringeworthy I d guessed who it was halfway through Finally, Cate s narrative is emotionless and wooden I would have liked to have seen some genuine emotion fear, passion, somethingfrom her, and instead was treated withnothing.THE ASSASSIN GAME is a light, fun read that I think will appeal to younger teens and twenty year olds who are feeling nostalgic for the trashy mysteries of their youth Honestly, getting to relive the fun of reading a book that s meant to be pure thrill and nothing else was really great Perfect for summer Don t go into this expecting a whole lot of suspense, but do expect to be entertained.3 to 3.5 stars. Actual rating 3.5 stars.I received this book on a read to review basis from NetGalley Thank you to the author, Kirsty McKay, and the publisher, Sourcebooks Fire, for the opportunity.This novel, whilst not being entirely new in plot and idea, handled a tried and tested concept well whilst feeling unique enough to not feel like a rehashing of a known tale The novel takes place at an elite boarding school on an isolated island off the coast of Wales The over achieving teenagers who go there have their own secret society that requires humiliating and dangerous initiation ceremonies to gain access These culminate in the annual Assassin Games, where a killer is anonymously selected and must attempt to prank kill his fellow society members until he is discovered or has killed them all The game seemed innocent enough, until the members were actually being culled at the hands of an unknown killer and the pack began to turn on themselves.I enjoyed the plot and the goose pimples along my arms it created There were some eerie moments that made this do not read before bedtime reading I also liked the creative manner that the initial prank kills were carried out in The later real killings and disappearances were also spooky and chilling enough to keep me invested on discovering who the perpetrator was.I was invested in the story but not all the characters Some felt a little inconsistent and altered their personalities to suddenly fit the progression of the plot In all, this was a thrilling read and, whilst giving me nothing new, provided me with a puzzling plot with an exciting progression of it.