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Fair reading but I found its lack of excitement disturbing NEW CANON EXPANDED FUTURE No Sith remain, and the lone Jedi that exists, the son of Anakin Skywalker, possesses an untouchable soul At least for now. I was expecting something different from this novel, Aftermath, since it s supposed to be the first book in a trilogy setting the new ambiance in the Star Wars universe after the events of Star Wars Episode VI The Return of the Jedi erasing the previously expanded universe now considered Legends.I don t support the concept of taking away the canon status to all the previous written novels, it s not fair for all the readers that invested money and time reading all those novels, but playing Devil s Advocate for a moment, I can understand the appealing about to simplify an already big expanded prose universe to set a fresh new storyline where to work for the incoming Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens.However, I can t feel that I got a fresh and or simple expanded universe to follow Aftermath barely touches the socio political changes around the galaxy in the Interlude sections of the prose, but instead of making an easier development to follow, it s presented as too many isolated events where if Chuck Wendig, the author, and or the Star Wars Story Group are expecting the readers to follow ALL those incidents in future books, well, it s just too much, too soon, in just one book TO REBEL IS ONE THING, TO GOVERN IS ANOTHER However, to be fair and honest, I do like the general seed planted in all those interludes Since the message is clear The Empire is far to be completely beaten and the so called New Republic is barely still just a cool name without any real power or resources to take the place that the former Galactic Empire was managing To destroy Stormtrooper Garrisons is easy, to keep up running basic services electric power, water supply, street sweeping, police patrolling is hard Now many liberated worlds, from the Empire s fist, are starving and now they are easy targets for pirates.The Galactic Empire wasn t only about oppression, they were supplying also civilian order, public security and basic services to major cities and towns, in many developed worlds, around the galaxy Tiranny or not, they were the government, and if the Rebel Alliance, now the so called New Republic, really wanted to take down the Galactic Empire, they should realize that that implied to have the capacity to take over the public administration of countless of planets.The New Republic is resurrecting the Senate, but that it will take time, too many time, meanwhile the common people is starving, having lost public services and falling prey to criminals and pirates CRUEL TEASING Another bad thing about those interludes, is that some of them weren t about the current socio political downfall around the galaxy, but about certain cool events such as the discovery of a particular weapon thought to be lost and the planning to free a very popular world, but it s like cruel teasing, since you read about those awesome developments without developing them It s just that, a glimpse and later you are dragged again to the main story that honestly isn t nearly as cool as those teasers NEW FACES IN A TEDIOUS ADVENTURE If you thought that you will be reunited again with your old familiar Star Wars heroesyou thought wrong Apart from the appearance of the known character of Wedge Antilles but relegated to a very minor role , this book is about new characters Don t get me wrong, many of those new characters have a lot of potential, however the main plot in the novel is kinda tedious and lacking of all excitement.The Empire is without a leader The Emperor died in the Battle of Endor, along with the fearsome Darth Vader Therefore, the Empire is now full of too many high officials, civilian and military, with fair claims to rule what remains of it So, to avoid an inner war between Imperial Forces, it s settled a meeting in Akiva, an Outer Rim world, to consider options, even the scenario of an Imperial Council.Something that I was delighted was to find Rae Sloane in the novel, she is a character created in the book, A New Dawn an introductory novel for the Star Wars Rebels CGI animated TV series , where she was an Imperial Star Destroyer Captain there, and now she is an Admiral She was easily my favorite character on the mentioned previous novel The new heroes end in Akiva for different reasons, having different agendas, but fate and chance it isn t like that always will put them in the middle of that Imperial Summit, which is too dangerous for the still too fragile New Republic Sadly, the plot is developed in a slow pace, with some action scenes here and there, but at the end, while it was well written, hardly you can consider that it was an exciting adventure what usually you demand from a tale with the Star Wars title on it.Also, as I commented at the beginning, that I was expecting a very different kind of book Since it is sold as the first part of three, that will redefine the universe of Star Wars, explaining how the situation will lead to Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens However, while the brief interlude may help to the main goal, ironically the main plot is just a small slow story that it could be well developed in a couple of chapters and not dedicating the whole book to it. [[ E-PUB ]] ↷ Aftermath ☟ New York Times Bestseller Journey To Star Wars The Force Awakens Star Wars Aftermath Reveals What Happened After The Events Of S Return Of The Jedi It Turns Out, There S Than Just The Empire For The Good Guys To Worry About The Hollywood ReporterAs The Empire Reels From Its Critical Defeats At The Battle Of Endor, The Rebel Alliance Now A Fledgling New Republic Presses Its Advantage By Hunting Down The Enemy S Scattered Forces Before They Can Regroup And Retaliate But Above The Remote Planet Akiva, An Ominous Show Of The Enemy S Strength Is Unfolding Out On A Lone Reconnaissance Mission, Pilot Wedge Antilles Watches Imperial Star Destroyers Gather Like Birds Of Prey Circling For A Kill, But He S Taken Captive Before He Can Report Back To The New Republic Leaders Meanwhile, On The Planet S Surface, Former Rebel Fighter Norra Wexley Has Returned To Her Native World War Weary, Ready To Reunite With Her Estranged Son, And Eager To Build A New Life In Some Distant Place But When Norra Intercepts Wedge Antilles S Urgent Distress Call, She Realizes Her Time As A Freedom Fighter Is Not Yet Over What She Doesn T Know Is Just How Close The Enemy Is Or How Decisive And Dangerous Her New Mission Will Be Determined To Preserve The Empire S Power, The Surviving Imperial Elite Are Converging On Akiva For A Top Secret Emergency Summit To Consolidate Their Forces And Rally For A Counterstrike But They Haven T Reckoned On Norra And Her Newfound Allies Her Technical Genius Son, A Zabrak Bounty Hunter, And A Reprobate Imperial Defector Who Are Prepared To Do Whatever They Must To End The Empire S Oppressive Reign Once And For All Somehow Canon FanfictionI can t think of a better way to describe this book Sure, Chuck Wendig knows plenty of details about the SWU but his writing style is completely discordant with the tone of the film series It really just reads like someone unfamiliar with the language and overall atmosphere but very familiar with minutiae wrote a Star Wars book It just took me out of the story when there were weird innuendos and frag being used as an expletive.While this takes place hot on the heels of the destruction of the second Death Star at the end of Return of the Jedi, there s very little of the characters you know and love here There s a brief scene of Han and Chewy, and a memory of someone wanting to shoot Leia , and brief mentions of Luke, this is mostly random other characters and following them around Because that s what you care about, right new bland characters Oh, but Admiral Ackbar gets screen book time Also, Wedge Antilles whose name has always sounded like the punchline to a bad joke is somehow also there.I m sure I wasn t the only reader who picked this up hoping for a peek at The Force Awakens Sadly, there doesn t seem to be anything really here other than trying to humanize Imperials.You know what else is lacking from this Star Wars book Um, how about the very things that makes Star Wars interesting The Force, Jedi, Sith, lightsabers There s a brief exchange where someone supposedly found Darth Vader s lightsaber and is selling it That s it, folks This book is basically muggle regular human territory There is not a midi chlorian to be had here view spoiler Yes, while there are LGBT characters in this book, I see this as a representation fail We have 2 lesbian aunts who are as tertiary as it gets, and Sinjir Rath Velus who is morally ambiguous Listen, I think it s great to have inclusion but how about some interesting representation instead of these tacked on nearly token kinds of characters Hell, I know there were rumors of Jinn Kenobi floating around and since Mara Jade is suddenly no longer canon, maybe Luke can have a same sex love interest Yes, I know that romance isn t really part of Star Wars which is something I appreciate because I m not a fan of romance in the least , but maybe the representation can be gifted to than just some side character if you really want to have some social progression hide spoiler I quite enjoyed this book This book is not staring any of the main A listers of the Star Wars universe They are mentioned, and there are a couple of cameos the story is really about Disney creating their own characters.I do like the way that even though Luke, Leia, Han are the poster guys the rebellion is bigger than they are There billions of beings with minor to major contributions to the success of going from Rebels to the New Republic This is the sorry of one such pilot in the alliance though she did not fire the killing shot of the second Death Star she was instrumental on setting up Wedge and Lando Now that her war is over se decides to return home to see try and make a mends with her son However what this book is about the war is not over The story deals with how the fall of the top level Imperial leader ship affects different beings From former slaves, to people on the side lines, Imperials wondering what to do next to the power grabbers This book is set in the very early days of the New Republic In fact the New Republic is not even accepted as of yet They also add one something never seen in the SW universe before the inclusion of gay characters C3PO notwithstanding.However one of the main flaws in this book is the way it is advertised as taking as a companion to the new movie If anyone only reason for reading the book is to get a better insight into the Force Awakens movie then they are in for a disappointment you will not learn anything new from this book Another flaw is they this book seems to be setting a lot of things into motion witch are not resolved in this book It has over 10 interludes mini stories of goings on in the Star Wars many of these are self contained but there is one with a special appearance from Han and Chewie witch is not resolved, but looking at the tile of the next book it is than likely to be the main story of that book All in all a good book, but if you are looking for star power and revelations this is not book for you. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsBefore we get started 1 I am not an expert on the subject of STAR WARS novels.This is in fact my first STAR WARS novel, so on the subject of canon, I got nuthin blankslate2 I am not a Chuck Wendig expert This is in fact my first Chuck Wendig novel that I finished.I mention these things b c if you scan the reviews on Goodreads, most of the reviewers are one or both of those things, and many of them did not love AFTERMATH.I did A lot.The only thing I can say in reference to Chuck Wendig s other books is that I tried to read BLACKBIRDS, but it was too dark, too crass, and I called it quits a few chapters in So if you had a similar experience, this one is a whole different animal.A Wookie freeing, singing, dancing murder bot introducing, makes your heart grow three sizes, wonderful animal.In the trilogy meant to be the bridge between the original films and THE FORCE AWAKENS, we meet a new cast of characters while still getting a healthy dose of our longtime favorites.As is typical in a first installment, AFTERMATH lays a lot of groundwork The majority of the book is spent in alternate viewpoints, winding ever closer toward each other, which is not my favorite, but Wendig kept the POVs entertaining enough that I didn t mind too much And in any case, by the time we finally hit the gang s all here portion, I was wholly invested.Now I want to talk about Sinjir I ve followed Wendig s blog since Dragon Con 2015 when he made me laugh so hard in a storytelling improv panel that I thought I was going to puke, so I knew about the controversy going into it I didn t know which character had caused the fuss, but I knew there was one You Wut controversy Me Longtime STAR WARS readers got their panties in a twist b c one of the new MCs is gasp GAY.You Da fuq Me I know, right My newsfeed is currently spitting out all kinds of stuff about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, most of it fluff, but some of it is Upsetting Like the one that quoted a tweet from THE DAILY MAIL promoting a story on Markle that read, from slaves to royalty. NBC News called this a quiet brand of racism. Umm How is that quiet Similarly, the majority of the SW fandom claims not to have an issue with homosexuality, they just object to needless gayness if you re going to have a gay character, it needs to fulfill some greater purpose Just throwing gay people in willy nilly is unnecessary, or worse, political.In other words, don t use STAR WARS canon to soapbox your cause, sir flares nostrils NEWSFLASH gay people are people too You don t need some specific reason to make a couple gay any than you need a specific reason to make a couple straight THEY JUST ARE dealwithitAnd personally, Sinjir was my favorite character B c hilarious combination of narcissism and snark So there s that.There s also a True Believer for a villain, a self serving bounty hunter who might not be as hardcore as she thinks she is, and a teenager who programmed his soldier droid using combat training and dance festivals Sound good to you Then check it out for yourself B c AWESOME. We live in an age in which mediocrity reigns supreme That s fine for the masses We can prop up mediocre movies like Avengers and Jurassic World and overlook their flaws, the audience has lost its taste That s the way of things, fine, just don t expect me to blindly follow Aftermath is guilty of committing far too many amateurish crimes that I simply cannot forgive If I had submitted the dialogue to a film professor, I would ve failed If I would ve submitted the action scenes to an English professor, I would ve failed The author doesn t write dialogue specific to their characters If any character could say a line, then it s not good dialogue In this vast universe, with seemingly infinite species, all of the characters curse in the same manner and, are constantly referencing the stars Is that why the Force needs to be awakened The action scenes are littered with groan worthy similies that constantly take the reader out of the story to look at the author saying, hey, look what I m adding to this universe Just within these pages, we also have out of character moments The writing is also overflowing with excessive punctuation Scenes end before a beginning, middle, and end, to jump back to another unfinished scene, no pace or flow to it Has the author ever read Dracula Ever watched The Godfather Pt II or Touch Of Evil At my Barnes and Noble, there are almost as many shelves of Louis L Amour books as there are shelves for Star Wars L Amour s books have clearly stood the test of time Will Aftermath People may enjoy it in the present It does offer a glimpse at a post ROTJ world What else does it have to offer Will people pick this book up 50 years from now and be filled with a sense of wonder, will it excite their imagination, will they form strong emotional attachments with the characters They will probably laugh at the horrendous writing and chuck it.If you think this a good work That s great, I hope you enjoy it However, you will never be able to convince me it isn t objectively awful I also don t understand why you would give the impression that it s fantastic, that you re being treated to a five course meal, when it s a gas station snack Do you not want the work to be as good as it could possibly be Do not want the level of quality to be the absolute best Are you willing to let characters act out of character because you have an undeniable attachment to the franchise If you don t demand quality, you re going to be fed gas station snacks Fine in the moment, but instantly disposable Time is the greatest judge If you don t know what makes something able to withstand the test of time, study the Masters Read Sir Joshua Reynolds Aftermath is absolute rubbish, and time will not treat her gently. Probably all self proclaimed nerds have dipped their toes into the pool of tie in books for a franchise they like at one point or another, and I m no exception However, I mostly gave up on the concept years ago because reading a Star Wars book when what you really want is a new Star Wars movie is about as satisfying as eating Hamburger Helper when what you re really craving is filet mignonFeel free to insert your own prequel joke here.Yet, the idea of Chuck Wendig doing a book as part of the new post Lucas official canon that was going to bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens Well, that s the same kind of siren call that lured Darth Vader to the dark side.The results are mixed Wendig does a decent job of creating a new cast of characters and giving them a worthy adventure set immediately after the end of Jedi This runs into the problem of trying to introduce new characters to a franchise like Star Wars in a tie in book though We haven t seen these people on screen before so there s just no way that a reader is going to be as invested in them as the ones we know.Plus, you can tell that Wendig was hobbled by the requirements of writing a book that is set between the last phase of the franchise and the new one It s obvious that he couldn t do anything that would give anything away about the new movie, and that s frustrating because one of the most interesting parts to me was the tidbits we get about what the remains of the Empire s forces are planning to do This also severely limited him at using any of the major characters Wendig tries to skirt around that by incorporating Wedge Antilles, but he was a bit player at best in the movies and even here he has little than a supporting role This makes the one brief chapter that actually features a couple of the big cheeses seem like a tease in the same way that Samuel L Jackson popping his head in the door for an episode of Agents of SHIELD isn t all that much fun.It s not a bad Star Wars book, I ve certainly read worse, but it may have been satisfying if it was done after the release of the new movie so that Wendig could have told us rather than dancing around so much of it. This isn t some kind of inspiration story Some scrappy, ragtag underdog tale, some pugilistic match where we re the goodhearted gladiator who brings down the oppressive regime that put him in the arena They get to have that narrative We are the ones that enslaved whole worlds full of alien inhabitants We are the ones who built something called a Death Star under the leadership of a decrepit old goblin who believed in the dark side of some ancient, insane religion The dark heart of the Empire has been destroyed the Lords of the Sith are no This leaves the snake without a head, without a voice and without any unity The remnants of the Empire have no common purpose they are not entirely sure what to do They call a summit to discuss how they should proceed, but in doing so they undermine themselves For the Empire does not discuss It acts with power and unrelenting authority By politicking, they spell their own doom and usher in the days of the New Republic The summit was a very bad move Admiral Ackbar lies in wait But The Rebel Alliance now the New Republic have caught wind of the summit A pilot has sent a message to Admiral it s a trap Ackbar He proceeds with caution and prepares a careful response But, he s not the only one aware of the meeting Locals of the planet Akiva, in which the summit is being held, want the Empire off their world They ve been inspired by the destruction of The Death Star II They re ready to riot, and all they need is the spark to light the fuse They don t fear the Empire any because it has lost its leadership Vader will not be there to come and punish their probable actions So, why shouldn t they stand up for themselves This comes in the form of two bounty hunters who now have the gal to challenge the once mighty force They re assisting a rebel pilot and her young son who have been caught up in the mess It s all a thing of circumstance They attempt to enrage the populace, so they can bring the Imperials down Admiral Ackbar isn t going to get there any time soon, so they have to act against the Empire The Imperials in this aren t exactly evil They re confused and vulnerable But, they re not defeated A cornered animal can still strike back and a desperate one even so They begin to plan their own trap, one to snare the unassuming General So, there s a lot of traps going round But, it s all jumbled up This is a good addition to the Star Wars cannon In terms of its plot, this does work There are, however, some major issues with its structure There are around ten interlude chapters which really disrupt the main plot Each one had a new point of view character, and each one added a random tangent to the story It became a little too much Most of them were completely forgettable in their pointlessness All they achieved was convolution of this There was even a chapter featuring Solo and Chewbacca planning the liberation of Kasykk the Wookie home world It was so far away from this book in its redundancy This novel seriously needed to focus on the conflict in which it was portraying The author tried to tell too many stories rather than just focussing on one The writing itself was fairly good it was quite sharp and emotive at points The quote at the top gave me the feels I appreciated its tone, but the structure needed to be tighter and focused I m not entirely sure why the author added frag as a curse word I think he stole that idea form Battlestar Gallactica, which hampered the feel of this novel It should be reminiscent of Star Wars not another science fiction universe I will read the next book in the series, and I can only hope that it will be better I also hope that the author tones down the comic Admiral Ackbar references Whilst they were funny to begin with, it did start to become a little overkill towards the middle of the book It was like he lives in constant fear of them, bless him No one is that paranoid about space traps Aftermath Trilogy 1 Aftermath An overly trapped three stars. Jar Jar Binks memoir would have been way entertaining I read dozens of EU books growing up and am super enthused about Disney s resurrection of Star Wars the animated TV show Rebels is A , but this book is boring It tries too hard to be clever and stylish at the expense of substantive characterization or emotional impact, and the clues into the Force Awakens storyline are shallow and meaningless Aftermath feels like it was written by an adderall fiend on a 48 hour binge As a fan hugely interested in the new canon post ROTJ timeline, it is interesting to gain a tiny bit of insight into the political and military climate right after the death of the Emperor But my mind is boggled by how masterful the failure is here All I needed from this book was a slice of pizza even frozen pizza would have been fine but Aftermath is just a bunch of Cheez its tossed into a cardboard box. It s my fault for not reading the excerpt from a couple months ago Had I done so, I never would have bought the book Horrid writing style and an absolute deal breaker for me Present tense I despise it Such a shame, as I was really looking forward to this book I read the first page and was immediately disappointed as I simply cannot and will not read a novel in present tense Skipped a few pages and then a few , skimming Hoping But no, he really DID write the entire book like that and in this choppy, one sentence is a paragraph, incredibly jarring way Some were not even complete sentences A few for effect is fine, but throughout a novel No.I don t want a screenplay I want a well crafted story.Returned my book to today.