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These two together are highly addictive, loving the series [Download Kindle] ♎ Tribeca (Hells Kitchen, #2) ♷ From International Bestselling Authors Callie Hart And Lili St Germain Comes A Tale Of Two Families Co Existing In A Melting Pot Of Violence, Murder And Drugs In The Seedy Underbelly Of New York City Roberto Barbieri Is Known In The Kitchen By Many Names Bobby B The Barber Of Brooklyn Il Assassino My Brother And I Call Him Father No Matter What Name You Call Him By, When Roberto Barbieri Tells You Do Something, You Do It No Questions Asked And You Do NOT F Ck It UpMoneyPowerSexBloodIt All Hangs In The BalanceAnd In This World Somebody Always LosesOK TWO IN THE HELL S KITCHEN TRILOGY Release date early December 2015 Can t seem to find when this will be released Reading Order Se supon a que este libro lo publicaban en mayo, ya casi se acaba el a o y nada S que el primer libro recibi muchas cr ticas y no fue muy exitoso, pero para las que seguimos fieles a las autoras, por favor, aunque sea denos una fecha. Available Mar 1, 2018.