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did i read this in its entirety when i was supposed to be pricing it at work in a plot to put it towards my goodreads goal i can neither confirm nor deny Very short and minimal dialogue but still a very interesting story about this infamous man named Rasputin. [Download Kindle] ⚕ Rasputin, Vol. 1 ♫ In One Night Rasputin Was Poisoned, Beaten, Stabbed, Shot In The Head, And Drowned, Then Tied Up And Thrown In A Frozen River But How Did He Get From Siberia To The Winter Palace And Why Was It So Hard To Kill Him A Supernatural Reimagining Of The Mad Monk Collects RASPUTIN The wizarding world of Rasputin I like the folklore element. The art is amazing The art and layout of this is absolutely stunning Also I really love the covers, and all the back covers have a different quote on them which is really cool The story in this first volume was just okay though I mean it was interesting but by the end of it I wasn t really sure what the point was like is this just as straight forward as it seems or is there gonna be a huge twist in the next volume Also there are a lot of pages with little to no dialogue, which I know some people really enjoy but generally just leaves me feeling a little bit lost most of the time, although it is great for the aesthetic. Grigori Rasputin, turned by popular legend and disco into a near superhuman, has been an understandably attractive figure for comics creators He s mostly served comics time as a dark, indeed devilish figure Hellboy probably the best example This is a different Rasputin a kinder, gentler, and certainly spindlier Mad Monk, possessed of genuine and rather benign supernatural powers, and unlikely to make it far up the league table of Russia s love machines.Alex Grecian s Rasputin is ultimately a likeable fellow, which is all to the good in a protagonist, but the comic lacks tension, and his progress into the Tsar s inner circle feels rather low stakes Still, it s an evocative read, and if the story ambles, Riley Rossmo makes everything well worth looking at his Russian forests are as atmospheric as his World War One trenches are dank, and his talent for action choreography is obvious a bar fight, taking up most of 3, is the kinetic high point of the volume Volume 2 promises to take this incarnation of Rasputin into a very different setting, which might give the comic the adrenalin shot it needs. Okay, I actually really liked this Yes, it s a rehashed tale of Slavic mythology and totally ignores much historical detail deliberately , but the artwork and the flow of the work made it a quick and satisfying read. There lived a certain man in Russia long agoHe was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glowMost people looked at him with terror and with fearBut to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dearHe could preach the bible like a preacherFull of ecstacy and fireBut he also was the kind of teacherWomen would desireRA RA RASPUTINLover of the Russian queenda da da da I must admit I ve always been intrigued about the story of Rasputin I first heard of him when I watched the Hellboy film not Boney M He s almost mythical and paranormal In real life he was a peasant and allegedly a mythical healer and we all know what people thought about magic back in the 19th century Burn them Anyway turns out that he was poisoned, stabbed, shot and still didn t die, so they drowned him allegedly and so the legend began This story plays on the mythical healing, with a twist When he heals someone or something that thing becomes part of him Rasputin tells the story beginning with his abusive father and then tells the story about how he met his fate in the future past Overall, promising, but a bit short I m not certain I ll continue with this A bit shallow for my liking. So cool.