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!Free Pdf ⚔ Wildest Dreams ☧ Seoafin Finnie Wilde Was Taught By Her Parents That Every Breath Was A Treasure And To Seek Every Adventure She Could Find And She Learns This Lesson The Hard Way When They Perish In A Plane Crash But She Never Forgets And When She Discovers There Is A Parallel Universe Where Every Person Has A Twin, She Finds A Witch Who Can Send Her There So She Can Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime But Upon Arrival In The Winter Wonderland Of Lunwyn, She Realizes She S Been Played By Her Twin And Finds Herself Walking Down The Aisle To Be Wed To The Drakkar Thrown Into Inauspicious Circumstances, With Years Of Practice, Finnie Bests The Challenges And Digs Into Her Adventure But As Frey Drakkar Discovers The Woman Who Is His New Wife Is Not Princess Sjofn, A Woman He Dislikes But Instead, His Finnie, A Free Spirit With A Thirst For Venture Just Like Him, Without Her Knowledge He Orders His New Bride Bound To His Frozen World, Everlasting But At The Same Time Frey Plunges Finnie Into A Web Of Political Intrigue That Includes Assassination Plots, Poison, Magic, Mystery And Dragons 4.5 Ho Boy starsShe waits for me at windows and buys me dragons There are reasons we walk this earth, I m coming to realize mineWow I mean, wow I did not expect this book to be as wonderful as it is I love Kristen Ashley I know that 99% of the time I can read one of her books and love it Admitting that, I can now say I was extremely skeptical that KA, queen of contemporary romance, could pull off a fantasy book.So I need to go and eat myself some humble pie Because this shit was fucking awesome Finnie tragically lost her parents at the age of fifteen Upon learning there is an alternate universe where everyone has a twin, and that her parents were still alive in that world, Finnie pays a huge sum of money to a witch to switch places with her and her other twin Upon arriving in this new world, this is the note her switch twin left for herSeoafin, Tonight, you marry The Drakkar In the ancient tongue, this means The Dragon Good luck, Sjofn And so Finnie is thus married to a man she s never met before within one hour of reaching this new world Even worse, he seems to absolutely despise herMy husband was clearly not only scary but also a dickFinnie s adventure begins from here.I was completely enraptured with this book I could not put the damn thing down unless I had to for important real life things You know, like work and stuff I really wish I had begun reading this book on a three day weekend or something I loved the world building This is one of the few KA books where I didn t get annoyed with the endless clothing descriptions because well, the clothing was pretty damn cool in this fantasy world.Example A this is how I pictured the wedding dress I definitely had some issues with Frey throughout the book, those of you who have read it know what I mean Basically, he earns himself a spot on my men can be stupid shelf because his thoughtless actions throughout the book were guaranteed to make Finnie feel hurt and betrayed Otherwise Frey was all KA alpha male sexiness Is this book perfect No But it s incredibly interesting, enthralling and everything I hope a Kristen Ashley novel to be. I know you re judging me lol What the hell is wrong with this woman I really don t know lol DNF 25% No RatingOnce again, I don t like a book that everyone else loves I feel so inadequate It s really a matter of personal preference To be quite honest I m full of shit, I don t like certain characteristics in the books I read.In this book there were two 1 Information overload, I don t want to know what colour the dot on the carpet is I don t want to know what the heroine made for supper and how awesome it was.Eg I was wearing ice blue too An ice blue velvet gown that had this kick freaking ass sheen at the tip of the pile that looked iridescent white, like the shimmer on top of new snow The neckline was square, had thick, braided embroidery around the edge and it shoved my breasts up so I was giving some serious cleavage The sleeves of the dress hugged my body from shoulder to wrist, a sharp point of embroidered edged material coming down my hand that hooked at the end around my middle finger.2 The heroine talked way too much.Eg Elves Oh my God How cool this world had elves I looked back at Frey and whispered, How cool At this point, I figured it was time to bring out the white flag, and call it a day DNF Chapter 10I skimmed, I skipped, I jumped Imagine my surprise when after the skims skips jumps, I saw Chapter 10 What That s it Ho boy I freaking lost it.Awesome, it wasn t.Really, it was really not cool Freaking un awesome un cool un whatever.Chapter 10 of 32 And then, I said, Bibi, you must not do a DNF And I said, Bibi, what will people think And what about Finnie s clothes The ice blue gown with the bell sleeves Then, the cloak picked for its warmness and all the platinum threads and silver this and dark wood that Huh Surely, you can take Eek Whelps Ho boy Oh God Squeeeee Okay, that last one is all me The point being, I need to take a step away from this book lest I gouge out my eyes.Finnie, at 30, had the speech pattern of a 12 year old Frey, the H, was sterile, devoid of any gravitas beyond his hunk ness status Don t misunderstand, the story and plot were exciting and different Finnie pays a million dollars to magically teleport from present day to medieval times, hoping to connect with her long deceased parents This medieval world ran parallel to hers, than this, there lived another version of her in said world Teleport, switch places, stay for a year, afterwards, beam me up Scottie, back to the present she goes Except, in the other world, circumstances are not as expected Sounds freaking cool, right Yes, one would think so Until it wasn t The author s use of the basest most simplistic vocabulary turned a really interesting plot into a prosaic, sophomoric story Meanwhile, I understand this book is 500 dear lawd pages long I imagine half of that can be done away with had the editors done their job To fill a book with colloquial and idiomatic phrases etc is vexing to this reader Could this be the reason KA is such a prolific writer Pick 20 words, switch them up, repeat at close intervals, then BAM, 100,000 words done and published Huh There it goesmy last nerve One last thing, here s a quick survey of the most repeated words and phrases 1 Then got over 1,000 results2 Cool 803 Really 904 There was 1105 Freaking 706 And then 1307 And I used over 1,000 timesAm I being a bore Perhaps even nitpicking Sigh I just don t think Kristen Ashley and I are going to get along I nearly rage quit this book three times I will try not to use all caps in this review, but I make no promises Spoilers abound I m not tagging them, so read further at your own risk The first time I nearly quit this book was when Frey, our hero, straight out told his wife he was willing to cheat on her with his former lover Oh And when after saying this, she didn t respond to him being all handsy, he got upset about her DARING to deny him her body The second time I nearly put this book down was when Finnie s mother explained that it was a woman s burden to deal with the fact that husbands sleep around It was also insinuated that if this is happening, clearly the woman is at fault and should be better at sex Yes, this actually happened and I put the book down for nearly a week for fear of throwing my kindle at the wall in a fit of rage The third time I wanted to kill myself instead of reading any of this book nearly rage quit this was when Frey took away Finnie s choice in relation to starting a family when he swapped her birth control herbs for a placebo, thereby impregnating her against her wishes And he did this because he is a man That is his justification He is a man and it is HIS choice when he wants to start a family, even though he doesn t have to carry the child around INSIDE HIM for nine months It is Finnie s body and yet she had no say in the matter, at all JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE A MAN DOES NOT MEAN YOU GET TO MAKE ALL THE DECISIONS, YOU STUPID ASSHOLE deep breaths Let s not forget that Frey also took Finnie s choice to return to her original world away from her, lied to her for weeks about knowing her true identity, and was just a general asshole for most of the book The writing style of this was a little jarring There were sentences upon sentences with multiple commas in them, making it difficult to distinguish where one thought started and ended and I often had trouble figuring out who some statements were relating to because the narrative meandered so much And there was the annoying habit of the internal dialogue being repeated as actual dialogue, one line after being thought by the characters That s probably why the book was SO FUCKING LONG I took to skimming passages and passages of the descriptions of EVERY SINGLE THING THAT FINNIE LOOKS AT Seriously, woman Stop describing your underwear to me I don t care I feel like this really needed a run through with another editor The beginning few chapters were especially messy and there were wrong words used a lot that could have easily been picked up with another pass.This book was really quite tortuous to read I found it infuriating at times, and yet, I did manage to finish it KA does have a way with words, but I am now starting to understand why people can be hesitant to recommend her stories to others There is something in these books that keeps you turning the pages, even if you want to stab the characters in the face at the same time I am not giving up my KA journey, there are plenty of her stories out there and hopefully one of them will be my KA book of dreams Keep your fingers crossed for me, please 2 get me my chainsaw Stars Every once in awhile, I crave a story with an over the top Alpha and a sassy heroine I know that I can always count on Kristen Ashley to deliver when I m in a caveman sort of mood Her heroes are always uber masculine and about as far from metrosexual as you can get Though what they lack in sensitivity, they make up for in pure, primal sex appeal.True to form, Wildest Dreams did not disappoint on any of those fronts In fact, travelling to this alternate universe felt much like travelling back in time by a few hundred years and then throwing in a plethora of supernatural elements This story takes us to a world where there are ancient royal families ruling over their lands where travel is by horse and wagon and where witches, elves and dragons exist Fantasyland is an apt name for this series and I am already hooked.The first book in the series, Wildest Dreams introduces us to this magical world The descriptions were so vivid that I felt like I had been transported, right alongside Finnie I listened to the Audible edition of this book and I thought that the narrator did a fabulous job I am glad that I chose to listen vs read this time around If, like me, you enjoy a good audiobook from time to time, this is a great selection.Kristen Ashley has built an alternate world, where everyone has a twin Although they may have a physical twin in this alternate world, the personalities and other characteristics are certainly not identical With the help of a witch and a large dose of magic, people in this world may communicate with people in this alternate world, or even travel between worlds That is how this story begins.Seoafin Finnie Wilde has plenty of money, but has lost the most meaningful people in her life her parents Ever since her parents died in a plane crash while on one of their adventures, Finnie has been heartbroken She misses them than anything and like them, Finnie is always up for an adventure When Finnie discovers the existence of an alternate world a world where there are living versions of herself and her parents she decides she is going to go there Communicating with the her in this other world through a powerful witch, she comes to an agreement with her to trade places for one year Despite the pleas of her best friend, Finnie pays a fortune to the witch and sets out on the biggest adventure of her life.Only, when Finnie arrives in this new world she quickly discovers that the other her hasn t been completely forthcoming about everything Stepping into the shoes of Princess Sjofn, she is set to wed the fiercely intimidating and ultra male, Frey Drakkar immediately upon her arrival in this new world Finnie doesn t even have time to read the note that Princess Sjofn left for her before she is marched down the aisle She s been duped.To make matters complicated, it is clear that Frey Drakkar does not care for Princess Sjofn In fact, he seems to barely tolerate her presence After whisking her away to a remote cabin far away from her parent s castle, he promptly takes off, leaving her to fend for herself in this new land.Determined to make the best of the situation, Finnie makes the most of her time while Frey is away She befriends the inhabitants of the nearby small town and bides her time until his return She cleans their cabin and makes it a cozy home.When Frey returns, he is shocked to see that the pampered princess has morphed into a completely different person than the one he knew She is kind and funny She performs manual labor that the old Sjofn would have thought was beneath her Perhaps most importantly, she denies that she prefers women lovers over men He doesn t know what game she s playing at, but he intends to find out With the changes in their relationship, the two begin to grow closer As you can imagine, Frey is initially interested only in bedding his beautiful bride Finnie wants to take things a bit slower Of course, there are plenty of misunderstandings and awkward moments along the way as the Finnie of this world tries to blend into the life of Princess Sjofn of that world Eventually, Frey discovers the truth However, he and Finnie are already deeply in love by that point In fact, he has realized that she is his prophesied soul mate and their union signifies the beginning of a new era where the dragons will awaken again Did I mention that Frey commands dragons and talks to elves Overall, I thought that this was a fantastic story I enjoyed every minute of this fantastical world that Kristen Ashley created I fell in love with Frey and Finnie I cannot wait to see where else this series will lead I will be starting the second book immediately.Check out of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.com 5 Wee One stars I m not a huge fantasy reader I don t mind reading it every now and then, but it is not my genre of choice Wildest Dreams makes me want to change that I wasn t sure what to expect with this one, but I loved this book Oh Frey he was just amazing And Finnie was pretty great too Are you ready to be transported to another world A world where most everyone has a twin Finnie is spending a lot of money to have a witch transport her to this world for a year She will switch places with her other world twin , who happens to be a princess Finnie has her reasons for this The biggest is she needs an adventure, and she wants to see her parents again She had absolutely no clue what she was getting herself into When Finnie arrives in Lunwyn, she realizes that she was left in the dark by her other world twin Ten minutes after she gets there, she is expected to walk down the isle and marry The Drakkar Frey Drakkar does not care for Princess Sjofn Finnie s other world twin and he makes that very clear But Finnie he realizes fairly quickly she is nothing like Sjofn and he s very taken with her Frey scares Finnie a bit at first, but then he starts to show his sweet side He s protective, very alpha male, sexy and just as adventurous as she is I love Finnie and Frey together I really like the back and forth communication between the two Finnie is always using words Frey does t get and it s fun to hear her explain themIt s good you re hot, Frey Drakkar, and good in bed and command elves and dragons or you d seriously be in trouble He kept smiling but his brows drew together Hot I nodded Hot Handsome, good looking, pleasing to the eye, I leaned into him, Hot He tipped his chin back and laughed then, still laughing, rolled me to my back, his arms around my belly tucking my side into his front, he looked down at me and quit laughing And it is good you are beautiful, Finnie Drakkar, or you would have a very pink arse for risking such a venture Finnie expected the adventure of a life time, but she never expected to fall in love Frey has fallen for her as well He comes to the conculsion fairly quickly that she is not of his world, and he s not willing to let her go back Frey will do whatever it takes to keep Finnie here permanently He does the man thing and makes huge decisions without her input I wasn t happy about that, but I think it was of a time period thing for some of the choices he made Even so, I still just adored this guy Everything he did, right or wrong, he did for the right reason It doesn t matter what time period the book was set in, a KA alpha is a KA alpha Always a little bossy, protective, sexy and swoony Finnie was a fun heroine I loved her sense of adventure and positive attitude I had so much fun reading this book It felt like an adventure in itself I m really excited to continue with this series Well, I drooled my way through all of Kristen Ashley s non pnr non fantasy books and then, in dire need of a KA fix because no matter how fast the woman writes, it isn t fast enough, I decided to bite the bullet and give this series a try.I am so glad I did.If you have any doubts, if you find your ass planted firmly on the fence of indecision, stop Just hop your ass down off that fence and read them They re different than the non pnr non fantasy books, that s true, but so, so good none the less So yeah, clue in and just read them If you re already a Kristen Ashley addict, or interested in checking out her books, be sure to stop by our Kristen Ashley Addict s Support Group here on Goodreads Reviewed by Rabid Reads4.5 starsBR with my peeps at Buddies Books and BaublesSpecifically Robin Bridge Four , Stephanie, and Chrissy ALSO, it s all my fault preens SO If we re Goodreads friends, you probably already know this if we re not, you soon will I LOVE Kristen Ashley.LOVE her.About three years ago I stumbled across one of her books on , one clicked it, read it, and then read every, single one of her other 40 ish books, back to back It took about a month, but I did it Yes I did B c MANIAC cantstopwontstopThere are two reasons why this is the first KA review I m posting 1 I m OCD, so even though I ve read several of her paranormal books since joining Rabid Reads, I ve read them out of order, and thus they must wait.2 KA writes a lot of romantic suspense, and as awesome as it is, no paranormal elements, so no RR review shrugs But don t be mislead by my previous lack of SQUEE on the KA front, b c trust me, it s there.Finnie Wilde is an adrenaline junkie She comes by it honestly, being the daughter of two adrenaline junkies, but as fun as that sounds, it s actually quite sad Finnie is essentially an orphan, having lost both mother and father to said adrenaline junkie ness when she was twelve, so she jumps out of airplanes in an attempt to feel closer to her long departed parents.When she learns about an parallel universe populated by alternate versions of ourselves, she enlists the help of a witch to contact Alternate Finnie, who is than eager to arrange a temporary body swap Real World Finnie is ecstatic, b c Alternate Finnie s parents are very much ALIVE, so against the admonishments and skepticism of her friends, RW Finnie pays Witch an exorbitant fee to perform the swap of her and Alternate Finnie s consciousnesses Meet Frey Drakker swoons One of the most powerful and feared men in the realm, he has agreed to marry to Alternate Finnie to secure an alliance with her father, a significantly less powerful b c Frey is just that badass and important , but still powerful king BUT He is not happy about it.Alternate Finnie is as beautiful as her RW counterpart, but that is where the similarities end Alternate Finnie feels constrained by the limitations of her world She is tomboyish in a reality where a good and proper princess does not favor hunting and archery over womanly pursuits, or gasp prefer the company of women to men waggles eyebrows something she admitted to Frey after imbibing too much wine during their betrothal negotiations.But Alternate Finnie is as pragmatic a choice as any, and Frey has never considered marrying for any reason beyond necessity, so the marriage is arranged.Which brings us to the circumstances Finnie finds herself in post swap in a FANTASYLAND version of our reality filled with magic, and herself a princess about to be wed to a man she has never met.Yes, really.Sound a little far fetched to you A little uh huh, sure, whatever you say, boss I m inclined to agree.BUT.If you re unfamiliar with KA, you don t know this yet, but KA can do things that others cannot do To KA an outlandish ridiculously far fetched scenario is a playground To KA women who make choices that would be questionable in any other context are instead quirky and fantastic To KA brutish and extreme examples of alphaholes are sex on a stick.It s baffling.And WONDERFUL.You should read it nods emphatically It is worth noting that the only reason this is a 4.5 and not 5.0 star read is an excessive use of the term cool in the beginning of the book I am not grading it on a lesser scale b c indie It s really that good That being said, Kristen Ashley is not for everyone If you do not enjoy supremely Alpha type males similar to those you find in Kresley Cole s IMMORTALS AFTER DARK series, then I d skip these However if you do enjoy that kind of character, I encourage you to exercise your ability to one click, b c despite KA s extreme popularity, her books are still downright cheap, so even if you don t love it like I do, you won t break the bank over that discovery It s a basic cost vs potential benefit scenario, people Check it out HAHHAHA IT S SO FUNNY TO HAVE A FEMALE PROTAGONIST WHO SPEAKS AND ACTS LIKE A TEN YEAR OLD HAHAHAHNO.The writing is weird The characters are weird The length of this book is weird as well, as it could ve been 200 pages shorter The whole atmosphere is weird as fuck But above all, the female protagonist, Finnie, is dumb as hell I have no words that would describe how I ve felt while I read her silly conversations Every little thing she does is described to the smallest details Who the fuck cares what the stove she prepared her meals looks like or what exact colour is the bow on her underwear Kristen Ashley tried to make her look like a fresh, funny and just modern character in this weird fantasy world but she only made one whiny, stupid and unbelievably ignorant female protagonist I wanted to pull my hair at the way she speaks or the way she just gets angry at Frey for not taking advantage of her WTF YOU THINK I M KIDDING If I see word cool one time, I m going to cut a bitch Let me give you an example passages from one of the chaptersAs we raced through the forest, I was seeing I needed way practice on Caspia as Frey and his men snaked at a full gallop through the trees, sometimes coming so close I could feel the win as we whizzed by them and all the boys, as far as I could tell, did this without hesitation using nothing but instinct.It was super cool Only I can penetrate it and you as you re with me Wow Cool.Once they formed, they immediately turned, touched a glittering branch and grew to the size of a normal human right in front of my eyes.Unbelievably cool And we do hope you are present when there are future joyful messages we will share with out lord Frey Joyful messages.Cool..Apparently whatever the news was, it was joyful.Awesome.When the last disappeared, I stared at the glowing tree and whispered, That is so coolYes, this is indeed from just ONE chapter I seriously couldn t deal with this any I applaud myself for finishing this idiotic book Well done, you poor soul Well done How this book gained such success is an enigma for me Will I continue with this series Barney, tell em babe.