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A solid 4 Although I found this one slow to start, I eventually got into Clownfellas What a fun bizarro world Mellick has created a mafia of clowns who run amok through six closely related stories, battling rival gangs and each other See the Sideshow, a wasteland on the outskirts of town where mutant clown reject psychos roam the streets, the Carnival where the Carnies rule both mayhem and the laughing gas trade, and Le Mystere, a rival gang of French clowns run by Daddy Longlegs and his twin unicycle assassin sons Some of the stories are better than others but as a whole I fully enjoyed the ride This is one of Mellick s longer books, definitely not a novella.Thanks to Netgalley for the read I am not a fan of clowns, but what makes this book so great is that I was made to root for horrible characters Jimmy Bozo ClownFellas Tales of the Bozo Family is a collection of loosely connected six stories of a mobster family of clowns These are stories of rivalry the French are trying to take over , colourful and original weapons exploding pies, bullets that make people depressed or the ones that make people die of laughter and so on , murders, revenge, jealousy, betrayal, black humour and, weirdly enough, even love the one that works for clowns anyway Info dumping is avoided through retrospective The alternate past present scenes chapters clear up many issues All the stories have one linchpin, my favourite character in the book Vinnie Blue Nose I didn t really like Funny Business I hated Buggy Buttons Clowns are either born or made by using Happy Juice The unfortunate ones become monsters and end up in The Sideshow, the part of the city where even the toughest clowns fear to enter That is only explored in one of the stories I loved it.Anyway, with the exception of Buggy s story I loved this crazy, over the top clownish take on Mafia Provided by Random House Publishing Group Hydra via NetGalley. Free Epub ♷ ClownFellas ☪ Carlton Mellick III Goes Past Silly, Through Weird, Detours Around Dumb, Blasts Through Bizarre, And Gets To A Place Where The Normal Physics Of Narrative No Longer Apply You Will Never Be The Same Cory Doctorow, Author Of Little Brother AndHomelandIn A Topsy Turvy World Where Clowns Are Killers And Crooks, Little Bigtop Is A Three Ring Circus Of Crime, And No Syndicate Is Dangerous Than The Bozo Family From The Wildly Original Mind Of Carlton Mellick III Comes The Short Story Collection ClownFellas An Epic Mob Saga Where Life Is Cheap And The Gags Will Slay YouFor Years, The Hard Boiled Capos Of The Bozo Family Have Run All Of The Funny Business In Little Bigtop, From The Clown Brothels To The Illegal Comedy Trade But Hard Times Have Befallen The Bozos Now That Le Myst Re, The French Clown Mafia, Has Started Moving In And Trying To Take Over The City If That Weren T Enough, They Ve Got To Deal With The Cops, The Feds, The Snitches, The Carnies, The Mysterious Hit Man Mr Pogo, And The Mutant Clowns Over In The Sideshow District With The Odds Stacked Against Them, The Bozos Must Fight To Survive Or Die LaughingPraise For ClownFellas Mario Puzo Meets Barnum Bailey You Just Can T Look Away As The Ridiculousness Escalates Publishers Weekly The Most Original Novelist Working Today The Most Outrageous The Most Unpredictable These Aren T Easy Superlatives To Make However, Carlton Mellick May Well Be All Of Those Things, Behind A Canon Of Books That All Irreverently Depart From The Form And Concepts Of Traditional Novels, And Adventure The Reader Into A Howling, Dark Fantasyland Of The Most Bizarre, Over The Top, And Mind Warping Inventiveness In My Opinion, ClownFellas Is His Best Work To Date Edward Lee, Author Of City Infernal And Header I Rarely Enjoy Clowns Which Is Ironic Since I Ve Been One For Over Four Decades But ClownFellas Is Great On So Many Levels, Irony Being One Of Them What Can I Say Besides I Love ItGreat Read, And Funny As Hell I Have Been Accused Of Being Unfunny Before, And After The Trial I Had To Enter The Witless Protection Program This Is Funny Barry Lubin, Aka Grandma, Longtime Big Apple Circus Clown If Martin Scorsese And Ronald McDonald Had A Baby, This Would Be It Each Story Is Clever, Multi Layered, And Filled With Witty Dialogue A Must Read This Is Horror Mellick S Writing Is Wonderfully Descriptive And Wildly Imaginative I Was Utterly Delighted, Amused, And Engrossed ClownFellas Is A Gem The Qwillery A Rollercoaster Ride Through A Strange World That Borders On Our Own Reality A Story That Is Just As Difficult To Define As It Is To Put Down Examiner Mellick Has Created Another Amazing Read Highly Recommended Kitty Horror 4.5 Disclaimer I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Mellick puts a new spin on mob life by creating a world where clowns are the kings of the criminal underworld The six stories all link to the Bozo family, kingpins of Little Bigtop where they rule the illegal comedy clubs, clown brothels and laughing gas trade With the French clown mob now muscling in on the action it s up to the clown capos to ensure that business is kept lucrative and any problems swiftly dealt with There s some great world building in this book, the author seems to have had all kinds of fun modifying aspects of mob life into a believable and engaging world One where laughing bullets cause you to laugh yourself to death, hats and balloons are used as weapons and if you re not born a clown you can become one by drinking Happy Juice.Characters were a little bit hit and miss with Vinnie Blue Nose being by far my favourite clown and I wished he had featured heavily in the stories During the first story it was hard to keep track of all the different clowns but as the stories continued they stood out a lot with Mellick giving some of them character growth.Only one story wasn t as engaging, the story of Buggy Buttons was not up to the standard of the other stories, Buggy was not a likeable character and I ended up feeling impatient to get done with the story and back to the other clowns.Mellick s has created another amazing read, it s a world that I hope we see of in the future so I sincerely hope this is not the last we hear of Vinnie Blue Nose and co.Highly recommended. I would like to thank Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group for an ARC of this book I loved this book It is one crazy ride with a mafia clown family There are several stories about the different clowns in the Bozo Family or the clowns that work for them My favorite clowns are Vinnie Blue Nose, Hats Rizzo, Pinky Smiles, and Captain Spotty Don Bozo is the boss of the family and he has one messed up, crazy clown son named Jimmy He is in all sorts of trouble in this book But it s great regardless They all live in Little BigTop It s not just a carnival, they have houses, stores, run businesses, it s a whole other world that involves clowns It s not just a clown book, it has real people in it as well The rival clown group is called, Le Mystere, they are a French clown gang It s all so crazy but awesome at the same time Humans have the opportunity to try to become clowns by taking Happy Juice, but sometimes it don t work and it makes you a mutant instead of a clown So you are carted off to another part of town where they live because they are very dangerous I forget what their part of town is called though Either way they are creepy There is a whole list of cool characters in this book and things that only clowns can do I don t want to give away any spoilers Let s just say if you want to read something very different and totally cool, here is your book I had some great laughs even though there are plenty of mafia related activity as well Clown lovers with especially want to read this book 4.5 stars I think it broke into my top 5 Mellick stories Not a huge fan of e readers, but this one is only for the e reader At least for the time being Mellick hooked it up though for 99 cents for a limited time from normal 5.99 price so it was a no brainer purchase He s been one of my favorite authors for years and one of the most original in the game. A very funny send up of mafia tropes, with several serious turns that spin into bizarro land everything you d expect from the wonderfully strange and fantastic CMIII. Random HousePublishing Date July 2015ISBN 9780804179355 Genre FantasyRating 4.8 5Publisher Description For years, the hard boiled capos of the Bozo family have run all of the funny business in Little Bigtop, from the clown brothels to the illegal comedy trade But hard times have befallen the Bozos now that Le Myst re, the French clown Mafia, has started moving in and trying to take over the city.Review The cover should have Vinnie Blue Nose on it This is a collection of stories showcasing the Bozo crime family, a collection of clowns genetically altered with Happy Juice with various offshoots and genetic varieties Listen very carefully or read You need to beg borrow or steal a copy of this novel It is fugging fantastic I don t know where to start The stories are inventive, the overall plot and concept is brilliant, the character development is superb, the movement is constant and entertaining and develops the characters wonderfully The clown weapons are at once hilarious and deadly I fell over laughing when all the clowns shouted in terror that He knows how to mime and subsequently makes a machine gun out of thin air I really liked Bingo Ballbreaker, Pogo and Captain Spotty Even the French Clown syndicate Le Mystere and the sideshow story lines were great developments This should be a movie GET IT Carlton Mellick III may be the most imaginative author writing today and this book doesn t disappoint It belongs to a new genre called bizarro fiction, which is exactly like it sounds Like horror fiction where the primary component is fear, bizarro focuses on weirdness like most of the titles from the cult movie section of an old school video store And there s no better genre for an imaginative author to be working in these days There are no restrictions besides obeying the logic that s associated with a particular setting, following a plot structure, and trying to make the story as entertaining as possible And Mellick s books are entertaining than those of most other authors.Bizarro is often mistaken for a subgenre of horror Although the books are often horror, this isn t always the case They can utilize ANY genre and they re usually absurd, surreal, and comedic often dark And most of them contain heavy elements of fantasy, but not all of them For instance, besides being bizarro fiction, Clownfellas is a comedic crime fiction book with strong elements of fantasy.Normally Mellick is a small press author and EXTREMELY prolific, usually releasing 4 books a year This is his first book from one of the big top 5 publishers Although it s an E book only release, it deserves a print edition.The majority of his books are short novellas, while this release consists of 6 novellas with overlapping characters and plots You can probably figure out what it s about from the title clown mobsters And like all the best stories with criminal protagonists, Mellick makes them extremely likeable and often uses flashbacks to recount their pasts.The concept that this book is based on is fantastic Remember prohibition in 1920s America Well, comedy has been declared illegal in this world instead of alcohol Just as prohibition created much organized crime, the banning of comedy caused men to drink Happy Juice in order to transform themselves into clowns and provide comedy for the masses Although they engage in other nefarious ways to make money, this seems to be their 1 source of income.I highly recommend this book, particularly if you want to read something unlike anything you ve ever read before unless you re already familiar with Mellick. In all fairness, I did expect clowns in line of Pennywise from It than the clowns that were in this book I thought I was reading a horror book, but it was too much humor for it to be called horror in my opinion I did like the Clown world and the characters It was just not what I had expected and also, even though it had its charming moments, I just couldn t really find myself enjoying the whole book Some parts were better than the other But I must admit that even though I felt that it wasn t my kind of book wasn t it in any way bad It was well written and I love the idea of a mafia type of family of clowns I really liked Little Bigtop and its clown population But I was just not totally taken with all the stories in the book.The book has six parts, every part is independent, but they still are connected to the whole story You can say that every part have a different character that s the focus of the story I liked the first part best because it was a great introduction Little Bigtop and the Bozo crime family Earl Berryman, a veterinarian, is on his way to help a lion for Don Bozo The problem is that he is terrified of clowns Great story, I love the ending The rest was also ok, but the one that I felt really wasn t that interesting to read was Funny Business with Buggy Buttons You would think that everything going bad for Buttons all the time would be funny, but it just get s annoying The last part, the Wedding Day was also a bit weak, but at least the bridezilla made the story a bit fun I was mostly quite tired of Uncle Jojo and his problems towards the end of the story.I think Vinnie Blue Nose was the one I liked the best out of all the clowns Captain Spotty was also alright and of course I must mention Bingo Ballbreaker, he may not be the smartest of all the clowns, but he sure is the hardest to kill.Would I read Yes I would, now that I know that is humor than horror I just need to be in the right mood for And, I do hope if it will be Clownfellas books that Vinne Blue Nose will be in it I received a copy of this book from the publisher for a blog tour at TLC Book Tours.Review also posted on A Bookaholic Swede and It s a Mad Mad World