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|Read Epub à Tales of Ordinary Madness Ò La Biografia Di Bukowski Include Due Tentativi Di Lavorare Come Impiegato, Dimissioni Dal Posto Fisso A Cinquant Anni Suonati, Per Non Uscire Di Senno Del Tutto E Vari Divorzi Questi Scarsi Elementi Ricorrono Con Insistenza Nella Narrativa Di Bukowski, Pi Un Romanzo A Disordinate Puntate Che Non Racconti A S , Dove Si Alternano E Si Mischiano A Personaggi Ed Eventi Di Fantasia Rispetto Alla Tradizione Letteraria Americana Si Sente Che Bukowski Realizza Uno Scarto, Ed Uno Scarto Significativo , Ha Scritto Beniamino Placido Su La Repubblica , Aggiungendo In Questa Scrittura Molto Letteraria , Ripetitiva, Sostanzialmente Prevedibile, Bukowski Fa Irruzione Con Una Cosa Nuova La Cosa Nuova Lui Stesso, Charles Bukowski Lui Che Ha Cinquant Anni, Le Tasche Vuote, Lo Stomaco Devastato, Il Sesso Perennemente In Furore Lui Che Soffre Di Emorragie E Di Insonnia Lui Che Ama Il Vecchio Hemingway Lui Che Passa Le Giornate Cercando Di Racimolare Qualche Vincita Alle Corse Dei Cavalli Lui Che Ci Sta Per Salutare Adesso Perch Ha Visto Una Gonna Sollevarsi Sulle Gambe Di Una Donna, L Su Quella Panchina Del Parco Lui, Charles Bukowski, Forse Un Genio, Forse Un Barbone Charles Bukowski, Detto Gambe D Elefante, Il Fallito , Perch Questi Racconti Sono Sempre, Rigorosamente In Prima Persona E In Presa Diretta Un Pazzo Innamorato Beffardo, Tenero, Cinico, I Cui Racconti Scaturiscono Da Esperienze Dure, Pagate Tutte Di Persona, Senza Comodi Alibi Sociali E Senza Falsi Pudori I couldn t get into this book I really liked Post Office but this one left me cold I felt that the quality was patchy a few of the stories I really liked, but some appeared to me to be dashed off at speed or written just to shock. i was first introduced to this book in the bathroom of a one night stand s house i tried to delay the sex part, because i was actually interested in the book than the guy but i was eventually overtaken nonetheless, i went and bought the book the following week. Bukowski is in the form of his life here Every single story hits you hard Most of them aren t than 5 pages long But the impact is tremendous Basically Bukowski has just one story That of the down and out, hard drinking and alienated vagabond who spews out some incredible social commentary There are some gems like the one about guys with clean kitchens And this wonderful line ..doldrums of mechanical people in a mechanical act, trying to tickle their cement souls back into life with a spurt of come That line pretty much nails what is wrong with most writers, actors, musicians, comedians and other artists these days There is some hilarious criticism of Norman Mailer Somebody puts a book by Norman Mailer on me Christians and Cannibals God, he just writes on and on There s no force, no humor I don t understand it Just a pushing out of the word, any word, anything, is this what happens to the famous Think how lucky we are And there is some severe criticism of dull poets like William Shakespeare But there is never a dull moment in any of these stories They are relentlessly pessimistic and viciously funny and they all make you want to quit your job or runaway from home Dangerous literature should make you want to do those things. I simply love Bukowski He belonged to a world I dont quite understand and he disliked people on such a high level it confuses me He describes a universe, where all things are wrong and where meaning of going on seems as dubious as the claim that one can come out of this life still being sane.And yet, there are too many familiarities in what Bukowski says I can sympathise to what he is saying or rather, what he seems to be feeling Though the source of his impressions is different from mine, I think, in many ways, it leads us to the same destination Or such is the feeling Bukowski leaves his reader with anyway.And the speech, the pauses, the choice of words All these things just so happen to fall into the right places so that they can speak directly to the reader, so that the reader would be finally able to understand what is wrong with this world and that, really, none of us will leave from here alive Better kick back with a beer or two.