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READ DOWNLOAD Ó World Without End Ü Il Il Giorno Dopo Halloween Quattro Bambini Si Allontanano Da Casa A Kingsbridge Il Gruppo, Composto Da Un Ladruncolo, Un Bulletto, Un Piccolo Genio E Una Ragazzina Dalle Grandi Ambizioni, Assiste Nella Foresta All Omicidio Di Due Uomini Una Volta Adulti, Le Vite Di Questi Ragazzi Saranno Legate Tra Loro Da A, Avidit , Ambizione E Vendetta Vivranno Momenti Di Prosperit E Carestia, Malattia E Guerra Dovranno Fronteggiare La Pi Terribile Epidemia Di Tutti I Tempi La Peste Ma Su Ciascuno Di Loro Rester L Ombra Di Quell Inspiegabile Omicidio Cui Avevano Assistito In Quel Fatidico Giorno Della Loro Infanzia Seguito Ideale De I Pilastri Della Terra Follett Ritorna Al Medioevo Ambientando Mondo Senza Fine Due Secoli Dopo La Costruzione Della Cattedrale Gotica Di Kingsbridge, Sullo Sfondo Di Un Lento Ma Inesorabile Mutamento Che Rivoluzioner Le Arti Quanto Le Scienze In Cui Ci Si Lascia Alle Spalle Il Buio E Si Cominciano A Intravedere I Primi Bagliori Di Una Nuova Epoca In all practical theory, this book should be on my Sucked shelf It s a tale of the Middle Ages, the gross injustices of the time, and it truly amounts to a thousand page Medieval soap opera It hasn t got much to do with it s predecessorThe Pillars of the Earth , except that it s in the same location 200 years later, with characters that are descendants of the Pillars characters There s none of the complex building and architectural aspects found in Pillars, the graphic sex and violence has been toned down, several aspects of the plot are predictable, and the dialogue seems strikingly modern for a novel set in the 14th century So, why is this book not on my Sucked shelf Because it KICKED ASS With all of the above mentioned problems in the book, it takes on hell of an author to pull off this kind of novel Kenn Follett just plain rules The story goes at a breakneck pace, the descriptions of the feudal system are fascinating, and the characters are complex and multi faceted For every small predictable plot twist, there are a million little shockers, and at the end, there are a few questions about the truth lingering Frickin great I also found Follett s descriptions of the complete powerlessness of women and the ultimate authority of the nobles described with total intensity, and they are displayed over and over again through the stories of the characters Equally interesting were the power struggles between the church, the people, and the nobility Conflict everywhere Love it Another great aspect of this book was the concentration on Medieval ideas about health and medicine, especially during the time of the plague Given that monks are the only physicians, the best cures are blood letting and applying goat shit to open wounds to form a healthy pus If you sit closer to the altar in the church hospital, you ll heal faster Although slight scientific advances are made in the book, the lingering affects of the church s bogus medical ideas seem to have transcended the centuries to live on in modern Italy cover your stomach to avoid catching a cold, wait 3 hours after eating before you swim or you ll drown, sunflower oil is good for the flu, humidity causes low blood pressure, and canker sores are caused by indigestion A complete aversion to all forms of medicine are also fundamental in this society i.e Yesterday my French friend Sandrine had a headache Italians don t like to take Aspirin because it will destroy your liver, but Sandrine is French and has no problem with taking meds, so I offered her an Aleve If you don t want medicine, be Italian and kiss this, I said to her, holding up my pocket rosary Anyway, great book, totally fascinating, very different from Pillars of the Earth, and written by a guy who truly is a master writer.KICKED ASS. We who are born poor have to use cunning to get what we want Scruples are for the privilegedI must confess I am addicted to these Ken Follett novels I finished World Without End and had to pick up A Column of Fire immediately I m also going to get to his Century trilogy at some point These books are bloodstained historical soap operas and I just can t get enough.Follett knows how to create exactly the right amount of drama and set it to the gory backdrop of history I ve always loved being taken back to times that I ve only read about in passing and here we see the horrors of the Black Death up close It is one thing to read a textbook about the illness, its symptoms and its wide reach wiping out up to 60% of Europe s population but it s another thing entirely to be taken into the lives of characters we come to love and seeing it firsthand Knowing at any minute that they or their families could be next It was a truly horrific and frightening disease, and I think the author captures that really well.Follett once again utilizes a technique that worked very well for him in The Pillars of the Earth the plot is often driven by our hatred for certain characters In the previous book, it was William Hamleigh Here, there are a number of candidates competing for our hatred namely, Ralph, Godwyn and Philemon It s pretty effective to despise a character so deeply that we absolutely must read on to see them get their just desserts.It s also just a fascinating portrait of everyday life in 14th century England Two hundred years after the events of The Pillars of the Earth, Kingsbridge now has a nunnery which makes for some interesting politics as the monks try to control the nuns, but they are some seriously badass women and the Guild plays an important part in decisions for the town, as well as the Priory It s hard to explain between the deaths, disease and war how much enjoyment there is in the everyday lives of these people, as we live with them through romance, poverty, heartbreak and betrayal AND these books are so so easy to dip in and out of I rarely feel ready to commit to a thousand page book, but I can easily read this alongside other books and return to the story and characters without a problem.So much fun and drama.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Put some towels down because I sense a fully formed gush geyser about to spill all over this review This book was fantastic and really did it for me I loved it, all 1000 pages, and I wouldn t have minded if it was considerably longer TWSS After than loving The Pillars of the Earth that s right, I lurved it , I had tall hopes for this sorta sequel and let me tell you it was than up to the task I was parched and hungry for a good meaty read Well consider me gorged and my story thirst completely slaked Now before I continue operation lick spittle on Mr Follett for his 2nd delightfully voluptuous epic, let me shine some context on this review so it will better help you decide whether this book is right for you 1 As I mentioned above, I thought The Pillars of the Earth was pure, uncut awesome I my satisfaction gauge red lined while I was reading it If you had similar feelings for Pillars, than World Without End is going to make you happier than Alternatively, if heaven forbid you thought Pillars was a Meh filled bore fest or it just didn t push your joy buzzer, I see no reason why this book will be any different as the books are almost identical in tone and structure Thus, you might look want to go elsewhere 2 Assuming you haven t read Pillars which is certainly not a prerequisite for this book , if you get through the first 100 pages or so and find yourself anxious for something to happen, again this may not be your kind of book In my opinion, the book should grab you roughly and carry you away and if that doesn t happen or if you find yourself disconnected from the characters, then this could be a real slog for you 3 I listened to the unabridged audiobook all 45 hours of it read by the incomparable John Lee who also narrated Pillars John s narration is masterful and definitely enhanced my happy with the story I don t know if I would have had quite the level of appreciation, but for John s involvement If you are a fan of audio books, I would highly recommend this one or anything else read by John Lee Okay, I just wanted to get that out there, because the rest of the review is pretty much a Ken Follett, fanBOYatic extravaganza so let the man crushing begin This story is prodigious, sprawling and addictive than caramel covered crack This is big, bad historical soap opera at its full on finest complete with everything that makes a great period piece politics, intrigue, alliances, betrayals, fortunes won and lost, life long grudges, loves, jealousies, deaths, plot twists, unspeakable crimes e.g., rapes, murders, etc , conflict between major powers, reformers versus status quo, good vs evil and a mysterious letter the contents of which could shake the foundations of the Monarchy itself.Boo Yah Set approximately 200 years after the events of The Pillars of the Earth in the same fictional town of Kingsbridge, England, this story is set against the backdrop of, and incorporates into its narrative, the beginning of the Hundred Years War and the outbreak and spread of the Black Plague These events intersect with the lives of the inhabitants of Kingsbridge in significant ways and Follett does an amazing job painting a credible and highly entertaining portrait of life during the period.Follett introduces and weaves into his vast tapestry dozens of well drawn, intriguing figures who each play a critical role in the outcome of the epic However, the narrative flow centers primarily on the lives of four key people The first of these is Caris, a strong, intelligent, enlightened woman who is the primary proponent for change in Kingsbridge and the main enemy of the old guard status quo represented by the Kingsbridge monastery and Prior Godwyn Caris strongly desires to be a healer and treat the sick at a time when only men may be physicians and the remedies supported by the Church are as bad as the illnesses they seek to cure Caris is out to change that Merthin is a smart, extremely talented architect whose innovative and radical designs are instrumental throughout the story Merthin and Caris are deeply in love but events and their own personal integrity constantly conspire to keep them apart Next is Gwenda who is a favorite character of mine Gwenda suffers unimaginable heartache and grief than any other character in the story and yet remains unbowed by what life throws at her Sold by her destitute father for a cow yes, a cow , Gwenda finds herself on her own early in life and ends up thriving through her wits and huge reserves of inner strength She goes through some horrendous events as part of the story Finally, we have Ralph, Merthin s younger, stronger brother and main though by no means only villain of the story A rapist, a sadist and a murderer, Ralph is as devoid of empathy as it is possible to be He is the Lord of Scumbaggery and the epitome of callousness and abject cruelty Some of the things he does throughout the story are truly shocking and get worse as he gains and influence On a side note how cool is it to have a main nemesis named.RALPH.Joining the above is a stellar cast of supporting characters that all engaging and complex Follett has a real knack for showing us villains through there own eyes and making them seem human and thus all the evil As for the writing itself, Follett really gets the hat tip from me on this point Not for its poetry or majestic beauty though I thought his prose was excellent Rather for its incredibly engaging, breezy readability Despite being over 1000 pages long and having almost the whole story take place in a single small town, I was hooked from the very beginning and never had a moment in which my attention wanted to stray Follett s prose is like a strong but gentle current that just picks you up and carries you through the story until you eventually reach the end and realize how very far you ve traveled It was a greatly impressive feat World Without End is sublimely entertaining and I have rarely been this completely snatched and cloistered inside its narrative as I was from the very outset of this I don t know that I liked this quite as much as The Pillars of the Earth, but that s trying to discern gnat crap from pepper and is due completely to the fact that I read Pillars first Given how similarly both books are structured it makes sense that this one wouldn t feel as fresh and new.That said, Mr Follett PLEASE don t go messing with the formula because it is working like a charm This is quintessential story telling and a masterful piece of historical fiction More please 5.0 stars HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION. This companion novel to Follett s 1989 classic The Pillars of the Earth is set in the same community, 200 years later I d been excited about it ever since I heard it was coming out this fall Maybe too excited, because it just didn t live up to my expectations.The first half of the book seemed a sort of ho hum retread of Pillars In place of Jack Builder, we have his look alike great great great many times over grandson, Merthin Instead of Aliena, we get Caris who I wanted to slap several times during the course of the story Instead of Big Villain William, we get Ralph, Merthin s knightly but less than chivalrous brother And a bridge building project stands in for the cathedral construction of the first book As if anything could The only character I found remotely original was the first one we meet in the book, a little girl reduced to pickpocketing by her starving parents, who grows up to be hopelessly in love with a handsome, honest young farmer.I missed Prior Philip, from the original book, who was a character who at least had some integrity and depth to him All the clergy in World Without End seemed to be corrupt including the ones we re supposed to like.Something big happens about halfway through, to change the book s course and it doesn t get resolved as quickly as I thought it would but the big payoff from the opening scene never materializes That s IT I wanted to say when I read the explanation of what happened There are some good scenes, showing how war and pestilence affect ordinary folk but the heroes in this book talk and think too much like people from the 21st Century to make the setting really believable If you loved Pillars , you might as well try this one, but it s not any great shakes.