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If this book doesn t end up being my favorite read of 2020, I shall perish.But in all honesty, this is the rep I ve been waiting for my entire life Someone pinch me. Yes, please And a copy for all my sisters too I am so here for this I HAS IT A POC ROM COMMMM CHARACTERS WHO LOOK LIKE ME GETTING THEIR OWN FLUFFY ROMCOMS YES PLEASE Also I too went on a study tour in the summer to study mandarin Didn t even come close to falling in love but that s expected this is a fun read, a YA rom com set in taipei crazy rich asians meets to all the boys i ve loved before 7 8 19Did Janice Sung illustrate the cover, because if I am right,wellI am right and fucking knew it LOL.7 9 19And I wasright .my mind A boss ass commercial lawyer and a YA author writing Western born Chinese characters Abigail, you re amazing It s like someone reached into my brain and plucked out all my life goals to show me that, Yes It Can Be Done These Two Aspirations Are Not Mutually Incompatible Please let this narrative be my biography in 10 15 years time. *DOWNLOAD BOOK ✘ Loveboat, Taipei (Loveboat, Taipei, #1) ⇮ For Fans Of Crazy Rich Asians Or Jane Austen Comedy Of Manners, With A Hint Of La La LandWhen Eighteen Year Old Ever Wong S Parents Send Her From Ohio To Taiwan To Study Mandarin For The Summer, She Finds Herself Thrust Among The Very Over Achieving Kids Her Parents Have Always Wanted Her To Be, Including Rick Woo, The Yale Bound Prodigy Profiled In The Chinese Newspapers Since They Were Nine And Her Parents Yardstick For Her Never Measuring Up LifeUnbeknownst To Her Parents, However, The Program Is Actually An Infamous Teen Meet Market Nicknamed Loveboat, Where The Kids Are Into Clubbing Than Calligraphy And Drinking Snake Blood Sake Than Touring Sacred ShrinesFree For The First Time, Ever Sets Out To Break All Her Parents Uber Strict Rules But How Far Can She Go Before She Breaks Her Own Heart read on submission and its AMAAAAAZING you should all preorder it, like its the best book i ever read. Better than Crazy Rich Asians