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I absolutely love this series I finished Boston Jane 1 at around 12 00 A.M I was so intrigued and then went out to buy Boston Jane 2 because I was so excited I was not disappointed I finished this book in 2 days This book is awesome Okay, now, I m editing this review, two years later I still totally love this book, even though I ve outgrown the age group Vibrant, fun historical fiction You love Jane because she has SO many faults she s so real I love Keer ukso, and I kind of have a crush on him But Jehu.oh my gosh he is just so wonderful Like, seriously, why can t people like him exist in real life Unfair Total fun for kids, teenagers, and adults. I would give it a 4.5 if that were possible Such a fun adventure story and the I loved the romance It s truly interesting to see how Jane copes with the prevalent difficulties of living in the wilderness, including a difficult journey to save a man who has a murderer on his trail Exciting view spoiler I loved the part where her eyes were suddenly opened and she realized how she had been seeing everyone and their intentions the wrong way, and finally decided to open up and be tolerant and loving hide spoiler Download Kindle ♐ Boston Jane: Wilderness Days (Boston Jane) ☪ Remember You Make Your Own Luck Abandoned On The Frontier By Her Faithless Fiance, Jane Peck Prepares To Head Home, Only To Learn That The Philadelphia Life She Once Knew Is No But Can A Proper Young Lady Find Happiness As The Only Woman In A Primitive Pioneer Settlement Armed With Only A Finishing School Education And Her Natural Determination, Jane Must Endure Life With Her Flea Bitten Landlord, A Perilous Manhunt, And The Traps And Hazards Of A Blossoming RomanceWill Jane Survive The Challenges Of The Wild, Uncharted Frontiers Of Friendship, Love, And The Washington Territory So I take issue with people in books not seeing things that are obvious to me But maybe I m being unreasonable So let s look at this in bullet point fashion I understood from early in book 1 that Jane s father was dying But maybe Jane was too wrapped up in herself to see the glaringly obvious clues that I saw Also, there wasn t a super convenient time in book 1 to introduce that information to Jane, something that kind of bothers me But it WAS a plot point in book 2 kind of a big one, actually , so it s good that she got the letter in book 2 Is the death of Mr Peck supposed to be a huge surprise to the reader I m inclined to say no.Ok, now I ve worked through that Thanks for bearing with me, everyone.The other thing I take issue with is the mid book, I LOVE him I just never realized it until now Except it s of a Hey, everyone doesn t hate me I just never realized it until now Also, until Jehu pointed it out, I didn t realize Jane complained so much But she does, and that kind of got on my nerves.Sidenote that has nothing to do with anything I keep pronouncing it Jeju, because Jehu just doesn t work for my mind Jeju Island, if you were wondering, is an island in South Korea. Again, an engaging read with enjoyable characters, but nothing deep or meaningful I enjoy a little period detail and education with my historical fiction reading, but this one does give some sense of the period for a young reader.I am getting a little annoyed with Jane s insecurities She always seems to be having maturing experiences, but each new difficulty sets her back nearly to where she started I was especially disappointed by the ending Enough of Sally Biddle At some point you should be over your childhood rival even if she reappears in your life Which, by the way, is so highly improbable that I am discouraged about picking up the last book I will read it and hopefully everything will be resolved. Teton County Library Call Number J Holm JNo ratingThis book takes place in the late 1800 s in Philadelphia Jane does not act like a lady She spits with the boys, eats Mrs Parker s cherry pies, and ends up with cherries all over herself When William arrives to live with Jane and her father, he encourages her to attend a school that will teach her better manners to mold her into a quiet lady who is proper When William sets sail from Philadelphia to explort eh new frontier, all the way to the Northwest coast, will Jane follow Will she leave civilized Philadelphia and her father to live among savages This is an adventure by Newbery Honor autor of Our Only May Amelia, Jennifer Holm Highly reccomended. This series is entertaining, and I suppose I learned a bit from it too There are a few people and events grounded in historical fact, such as the Stevens negotiations where the governor tried to get the area s Indian population to move onto a reservation and failed miserably.Jane herself is a real pip She acts like such an idiot at times but I keep having to remind myself that she is only 16 Some of it is so cringeworthy I m sure we have all done things equally stupid in our time Even so, the scene with the canoe just had me cracking up and cringing at the same time.Looking forward to book 3. I would probably give the whole series like a 2.5 stars, I liked the idea of the story , but there wasn t very good dialogue between the main characters and she didn t finish ideas or thoughts in the story so it made you just wonder what happened next , I don t like that I just don t think it was written very well, the author had to remind us of little things that happened in the first book literally every few pages like we were stupid and couldn t remember what we had just read 5 pages ago, because she said the same things over and over It s like she couldn t think of anything else to say too bad If you liked this book, you might also enjoy I m reading this series at the request of my 13 year old This second book is a fun and innocent story with a stubborn, yet likable heroine 3.5 stars.