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~DOWNLOAD ☨ Secret Refuge ⚖ HIS CHANCE AT REDEMPTION Former Parole Officer Mick Hudson Blames Himself For The Death Of Keeley Stevens S Sister If He Hadn T Paroled A Criminal, She Might Still Be Alive When He Hears That The Suspected Killer Has Been Spotted In Keeley S Hometown, He Worries She Might Be The Next Victim Keeley Doesn T Want To Take Help From The Man Who Could Have Prevented Her Sister S Death, But She Has Than Herself To Worry About She Ll Do Anything It Takes To Protect Her Family And Mick Will Risk His Life To Make Sure That The Past Does Not Repeat Itself Wings Of Danger The Path To Love Is Treacherous Hang on tight This book gets off to a fast start It is filled withchills, thrills, and unexpected twists Secret Refuge is book two of Wings of Danger series but can be read as a stand alone The author makes the story and characters easy to follow as she weaves together romance,intrigue and mystery from the past and present Mike Hudson , a former Marine and Parole officer is haunted by the past Mike blames himself for the death of LeeAnn Stevens by a man, Tucker who was suspected of her death.Mike had recommend Tucker for parole prior to her death He will not let go of the demons who haunt him and will not forgivehimself.Now Tucker is out prison and taunting LeeAnn s sister, KeeleyStevens Keeley is an independent photographer She takespictures in the bird refuge I enjoyed learningabout wildbirds of Oregon and her photography.Mike sets out to protect Keeley but he is the last person she wants near her.The tension was thick and well sustained throughout the story There was an undeniable chemistry between the main characters.The author was able to tackle the tough questions and issues such as dysfunctional family life, deceit, betrayal, viciousness,insecurity, monthly secret generosity, Downs Syndrome, faith,friendship, trust, forgiveness, inspiration and love If you are looking for a book with drama, suspense, lots oftwists and turns plus captivating writing, read Secret Refuge.Thank you Dana Mentink for allowing me to pre read this Myopinion is my own. This book was supposed to be the first book I read by Dana Mentink I saw a post here on Goodreads that she was looking for reviewers and signed up I was so excited when it popped up in my mailbox.Sadly, I didn t read the first book first I got stuck at the halfway point, when one scene has a number of characters show up from the other book Hazardous Holiday It was at a busy time in my life, with a job change, and I let it get shuffled to one side instead of reviewing like I was supposed to Shame on me.However, though I got stuck, I did promise myself that I would try another Mentink book This past year, I did I was quickly addicted to her writing style and have been devouring them ever since She s now firmly in my favorite authors group I finally went back to this book and read it all over agin after reading book 1 Though I still don t find it a favorite, it s a good mystery The focus on birds in this mini series was a fun addition for bird loving me Also, I really enjoy when authors put in special needs characters, especially kids. A mysterious path wrong turns and twists will hold your attention to the end Secret Refuge was my first introduction to Dana s writing and I really enjoyed it I love the quick reads of Love Inspired Suspense and enjoyed the approach Dana took to this highly mysterious tale Keely Steven s has a stubborn streak a mile wide and is adamant about not needing help from anyone Mick carries around his guilt like a bag of bricks When they find themselves caught in between danger and the possibility that things aren t as straight forward as they seem, the question remains will Mick find redemption And will Keely realize that if she doesn t accept his help, she could be putting herself indanger than even she can handle I always feel like, since these are smaller books word count wise , the romance needs to be moved along at a fast pace, which can often times make it seem unbelievable I mostly didn t feel that about Secret Refuge The motivations of the characters were tangible and easy to see carried out Their character changes were also believable and flowed well with the story.The action was swift and constant Dana did an excellent job of keeping the reader guessing and, just when you thought you had it figured out, there was another twist or turn I definitely found myself surprised a few times.If you love romantic suspense and are looking for a fun, fast read, Secret Refuge is the book for you My rating 4 Originally posted on my blog received a free copy of this book for review purposes, but was under no obligation to read the book or post a review I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own. Secret Refuge is nail biting suspense The first book in this series is Wings of Danger, and I was impressed with the author s descriptive talents, and her ability to engross the reader in fast paced action This second book in the series was no disappointment, and kept me riveted to my seat as well This story flowed unpredictably and effectively creating numerous emotions as characters developed and danger lurked around every corner There was no way to guess who was trustworthy or reliable Some of the characters from Wings of Danger surfaced in Secret Refuge, bringing back numerous memories of action from that book New characters introduced added a whole new dimension to the series.A beautiful spiritual quality runs through this book, leading to restored faith and forgiveness Descriptive, believable, well developed, Secret Refuge will remain in my library with it s prequel After finishing this latest episode of Wings of Danger I can hardly wait to see what Dana Mentink has in store for us with Book 3 There s no room for boredom in Dana Mentink s suspense novels Pick up copies of both books in this series and plan to spend some time engrossed in several hours of entertaining suspense Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are my own, and no monetary compensation was received for this review. Secret Refuge is a fast paced story that kept my fingers turning pages and my brain guessing what would happen next Main character Mick Hudson, an embattled former marine, is a flawed and faithful hero He s determined to atone for past mistakes but can t abide the idea of forgiving himself Keeley Stevens is an independent photographer still reeling from her sister s murder and intent on protecting her family The last person she wants on her side is the murderer s parole officer But Keeley and Mick are thrown together in a mysterious race to find the killer and stay alive I loved the non stop pace of Secret Refuge Every chapter ended with a breath stealing cliffhanger, pushing me to read on The story also provides layered, emotional interactions between the hero and heroine, both realistic and tender Dialogue between Keeley and Mick is snappy and humorous I especially related to taciturn Mick He s a man of few words, much like my hubby The spiritual story threads were beautifully tied into the overall theme of forgiveness and grace, and the ending twisted enough to surprise and was sweet enough to satisfy the sappiest of romantics Dana Mentink is a new to me author, and I look forward to readingof her books I give Secret Refuge 4.5 stars and highly recommend this fun, action packed story for readers who love clean mystery suspense. In Secret Refuge you will find an usual story line where the lead character, Keeley takes pictures of exotic birds and landscape The hero, Mick is a retired parole officer who now works at his family s bird sanctuary He retired after trusting one of his parolees, Tucker and recommending that he could have his ankle bracelet removed Shortly after, the parolee is found with his girlfriend, Keeley s sister dead in the trunk of his car Keeley is now raising her niece who has Down syndrome It s appears to be a very authentic look at having a special needs child Mick was adorable with her niece daughter I enjoyed Mick s relationship with his sister and his dad The author created a very touching scene between Mick and his dad There is also a lot of action and suspense and plenty of secondary characters to add depth to the story Tucker is back in town claiming he is innocent and wanting to see his daughter John, the vet who was in love with Keeley s sister There are several twists in the story I think you ll be surprised by the ending.You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug alcohol use in books. SECRET REFUGE is the second book in Ms Mentink s Wings of Danger series, but it easily stands alone Fans will want to read the first book, Hazardous Homecoming, though SECRET REFUGE wasn t as scary as some Love Inspired suspense I ve read It did take a while to get a handle characters Mick blames himself for Keeley s sister s death, as he allowed for the parole of her murderer Keeley seems to be living out her sister s dream, photographing birds, sort of dating her sister s ex boyfriend, and raising her sister s daughter I wondered how these two very hurt individuals would get past all their issues to fall in love Mick wasn t the typical cop hero He is a retired parole officer Used to dealing with criminals, but not the tough guy Keeley on the other hand was very tough One had to admire her bravo even though she made some mistakes as a result I thought I had the suspense figured out but then Ms Mentink threw in a twist I never saw coming at all Great read Recommended. Secret Refuge Wings Of Danger, Book two by Dana MentinkSecret Refuge is book two of Wings of Danger series Dana Mentink has herself another winner I really enjoyed this novel, it is a clean inspirational Suspense romance that grabs you right at the first , and you are glued till the end The story and characters are easy to follow Mike Hudson is a former Marine and Parole officer, who blames himself for Keeley Steven s sister death When Tucker was spotted in Keeley s hometown ,Mike goes looking for him Kelley does not want any help from the man that could have prevented her sister s death He had paroled a suspected criminal and now her sister was dead Kelley will do anything to protect her family This is a fast pace action novel, so hold on tight as Mike and Keeley are trying to stay alive while trying to catch a killer They do not know who to trust I love Dana Mentink novels and can t wait for book three I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest review, which I have given. First off, just love Keeley Flawed, gutsy, Miss I don t need your help and I m not going to trust you ever Seriously, a heroine with tude and as frustrating as that can be, I totally get where she is coming from And oddly enough all that grit and determination just make her seem all thevulnerablewhen you dig down way past the facade she puts on for the worldand especially Mick Mentink fans will recognize Mick from the first book in the Wings of Danger series, Hazardous Homecoming No worries if you haven t read that first one though, Secret Refuge reads perfectly finethan as a standalone It s just Mick was one of those secondary characters that stuck with me and I actually wondered about his back story Now I know Mentink does a superb job of meshing Keeley and Mick s tumultuous pasts with their tense present Theirs is an unforgettable journey towards redemption and truth in so many ways Inspiring and death defying, this edge of your seater makes for a thrilling read.