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I love where the author is going with this series of course the fact that each of these teensy installments being 2.99 is no bueno However, the relationships between both George Alisha and EJ Natalie are both just fabulous I can t wait for the next three to wrap up the series Swoon over George OMG How amazing are George and Alisha together Hot sex, great chemistry I m loving there s two together Together in Nijala in an effort to rescue Natalie But who s rescuing who EJ my love welcome back, I ve miss you so Such a good read, it s a serial so remember its little doses at a time, just enough to keep you coming back Go grab it. [Read Epub] ♨ Captured (101 Nights, #5) ♣ Danger Looms Around Every Corner In Nijala, Where Alisha And George Are In A Race Against The Clock To Find Natalie Before It S Too Late Fighting The Intense Attraction Between Them Becomes Futile, And They Give In To A Long Night Of Unparalleled Lust, One That Results In George Thinking He Might Want A Second Chance At Love While Alisha Prepares To Have Her Heart Smashed By The Sexy English Assassin The Next Day, Her Intelligence And His Legwork Pay Off, And Natalie Is Located Or So They Think What Awaits Them At The Warehouse Where They Hope To Find Her Is Nothing What They Expect Alisha And George Face The Same Fate As Elijah And Natalie Captured, 101 Nights Book 5 by S.E Reign5 stars I just could not put this one down I am so incredibly drawn into the chemistry of George and Alisha The way their interaction evolved in this book was entrancing I loved every part of what they experienced together They are freaking scorching hot together Where the story left off had me wanting to shake my kindle, the cliffy wasn t extreme, but I am most definitely anxious for book 6 Absolutely Loved it and I love this series George is such a hottie Yum I could not put the book down Love George and Alisha together They make a great team in and out of bed I can t wait for the next book Getting GoodDefinitely looking forward to the next book in the series I have to find out what happens next to all four of them George and Alisha grow closer while trying to save Natalie Definitely a cliffhanger ending. I love these serials George has his hands full with Alisha They are in Nijala looking for Natalie Will they find her in time I was so glad to see EJ back in this book Patiently awaiting the next book. Yay No, wait. NAY These endings are killing me Anyway, I m finally at the good part I can t wait to start book book 6 I hope George Natalie are saved and Alisha can come to terms with each other and work together.Everyone deserves a happily ever after, right OMG this book was so good It picks up with Alisha and George trying to track down Natalie Things are going slow Alisha is mad becasue George isn t letting her help with the way she feels he should He is keeping her at arms lenght and that too is driving her crazy.Then one night everything changes George stopped pushing Alisha away He They want each other so bad they can t stand it They give in to a whole night of passion George lets Alisha control everything That is just what she needed after all that she had been through.They finally get a lead on Natalie Will Alisha be able to trust George with her best friend s life the way she trusted him in the bedroom WIll they be able to work together as a team This is my first serial novel and I am starting to get frustrated I want the whole story now I know that we typically have to wait for the final books when reading series or trilogies, but these shorter books just give me enough to really get into then and bam it s over I really enjoy these characters and the suspense that this story brings And lets not forget the smoking hot sex It feels like the next book will beabout Alisha and Elijah trying to work together to save their loves, that should be very interesting.