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Off the chain I couldn t put it down part two had way for excitement than on but hey one lead me to two I laughed and cried great story With closure only after two parts awesome InterestingThis is a must read, definitely was a good read and a page turner Read part one first then come check this one out.. @Free Pdf È Bonnie & Clyde of the Hood 2 ì That S Right Me And My Bitch Walked Off Hand And Hand Now We Off To Live Happily Ever After, Whatever The Hell That Means Bonnie Was Just What The Doctor Ordered For A Nigga Like Myself Who Am I I M Clyde And If You Didn T Know That Already, You Haven T Read Bonnie Clyde Of The Hood Skylar Finally Stopped Blowing My Phone Up After Bonnie Told Her When She Sees Her She S Going To Put Hands On Her But Is She Really Gone For Real My Bro Bing The Married Family Manbut Is He Happy Is His Wife Who We Think She Is Or Will He Have To Kill Her And Last But Not Least, Who Is This Toni She Keeps Calling Collect And Sending Letters To Bonnie I Am Not Feeling The Shit But Bonnie Said Don T Sweat It S Just A Lil Inmate Groupie But What Ya Ll Think Because I Think It S Going To Be Trouble You Think So Too Fuck It Lets Read The Book And Find Out WowGood read left too much hanging in the story, but otherwise it was worth reading needed to end better than it did OmgThis was the perfect conclusion This series is phenomenal Must read won t disappoint The story will keep you intrigued until the end. I enjoyed this book, I look forward to reading from the author This series ended perfectly It revealed alot about the characters In this book Silk became my favorite character I love the bond that Bonnie Clyde have I was in awe with the series and hate to see it end however, I look forward to reading of Rasheed Carters work I am already a big fan of Alicia Howard PageTurner Great readI couldn t wait to find out what happened with Bonnie and Clyde I was so surprised at all the twists and turns, but it was definitely a page turner I love books with good ending and was very pleased I advise to give this book a try, you won t be disappointed Never said if they killed lynch SmhWhat happened to lynch Did they kill him How did bingo get over his SECOND wife that fast WTF Questions left unanswered Why was ninja called to kill Bonnie s grandfather ECT ECT. Loved itThis was a great read I loved the characters and the action was non stop I need some Bonnie and Clyde