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This is a good book for novice cooks The recipes vary in difficulty and are easy to understand The authors give concise explanations of cooking terms and methods, and various foods I know a later book by Rosso I think it was Great Good Food got a drubbing from the critics when it was revealed she didn t actually test all the recipes in a test kitchen But this isn t THAT book This does have basics like how to cook a turkey , with some nice simple vegetable sides. while i love cook books and cooking magazines, i typically don t read a cook book cover to cover however, i m in the delayed process of moving and had already packed all my books except 1 which i just finished luckily the new basics was left out because i recently used it what i love most about this book is not the recipes themselves but that the authors explain the ingredients used and show you many ways to use them i ve never read the joy of cooking, but i use this book in a similar way i m pretty intimidated by cooking meat, but the authors explain different cuts and the best methods of preparing each one that information alone is invaluable to me i also love that the recipes range from the everyday meal in a hamburger and a whole chapter dedicated to cookies to the sublime several uses of caviar and explanations of how different caviar from different types of fish taste and a recipe for a red wine sorbet i highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys cooking at any skill level personally, i m a novice, a passionate novice, but a novice none the less. This is of an encyclopedia reference book than a cookbook It s over 800 pages, to begin with In addition to the recipes, there are countless sidebars and panels with valuable information quotations, anecdotes, techniques, lists of fruit and vegetable varieties, wine selections, etc There is also a wealth of information on how to set up your kitchen what tools to purchase, what ingredients to stock up on And you ll learn the basics of several ethnic cuisines Moroccan, French, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Thai, etc I found myself using this as a research manual rather than actually preparing recipes, although several of them have indeed become basics in my cooking repertoire the pie crust, tomato sauce, corn chowder, california sandwiches, caesar salad dressing, carrot cake, etc You must absolutely try out the Carrot Cake If you re too lazy to make it yourself, you can find it ready made at Barbara s Food Company in Athens Actually, Barbara admits to relying on recipes from Julee Rosso s Sheila Lukins The Silver Palate Cookbook But there are soooo many variations and fusions, sometimes I wonder if the authors are keen on showing us their expertise and their ability to invent trendsetting combinations than teaching us the basics It s all about having fun in the kitchen, yet sometimes I m just looking for a simple, fool proof recipe. New Basics was my very first grown up cookbook, purchased with 20 of my freshman year textbook budget I rationalized the cost because my school s Great Books emphasis meant I d never have to buy an overpriced O chem doorstop Flipping through it today, I am reminded of how central this book was to the development of my kitchen ethics and culinary vocabulary Only after pouring over this book did I realize there was no chocolate in that fancy French dish I d heard of but never eaten It s not cocoa vin I read this book cover to cover and back again before ever having a kitchen, studying it assiduously than almost any other text in college It s filled with lovely line drawings that spill over the pages When I think lemon zester the first thing that comes to mind isn t the one that sits in my drawer today but rather the zester in New Basics s Parts of the Peel diagram The range of recipes is enormously broad and the recipes themselves are easy to follow Funnily, I almost never refer to it at all these days I take it for granted in the way that I took my mama for granted as an adolescent I ll dust it off and cook some from it, and let you know if has stood the test of time I think it will probably be a gift to my foodie godson when he gets his own kitchen. This is one of my dirtiest cookbooks This means that it has been used, used, used I have so many go to recipes which came from this book and they fill such a wide range Strawberry shortcake, cilantro and black bean pestos make them both so that you use the entire bunch of cilantro , grilled butterflied lamb, fajitas, I can go on and on and on. If you are just starting out and have a desire to cook great food then this is the book for you It breaks cooking down and simplifies everything I have made many of these dishes and my family now considers them ours I love the fajita recipe and the guacomole is hot and the Black Bean Salsa These recipes are loaded with flavor and I go to them again and again I have given this book many times for wedding showers. Purchased this book become the Silver Palate Cookbook the our guidebook for special holiday meals and was hoping New Basics would be as useful to our day to day meals but this wasn t too be It s a fine cookbook, but there are numerous other cookbooks which provide recipes which were quicker, tasty, with complete nutritional information. &Free Ebook ☇ The New Basics Cookbook ⇚ It S The Million Copy Bestselling Cookbook That S Become A Modern Day Classic Beginning Cooks Will Learn How To Boil An Egg Experienced Cooks Will Discover New Ingredients And Inspired Approaches To Familiar Ones Encyclopedic In Scope, Rich With Recipes And Techniques, And Just Plain Fascinating To Read, The New Basics Cookbook Is The Indispensable Kitchen Reference For All Home CooksThis Is A Basic Cookbook That Reflects Today S Kitchen, Today S Pantry, Today S Taste Expectations A Whimsically Illustrated Recipe Labor Of Love, The New Basics Features A Light, Fresh, Vibrantly Flavored Style Of American Cooking That Incorporates The Best Of New Ingredients And Cuisines From Around The World Over Chapters Include Fresh Beginnings Pasta, Pizza, And Risotto Soups Salads Every Kind Of Vegetable Seafood The Chicken And The Egg Grilling From Ribs To Surprise Paella Grains Beef Lamb, Pork Game The Cheese Course, And Not Your Mother S Meatloaf Not To Mention Desserts Plus, Tips, Lore, Menu Ideas, At A Glance Charts, Trade Secrets, The Wine Dictionary, A Glossary Of Cooking Terms, The Panic Proof Kitchen, And Much Main Selection Of The Better Homes Gardens Family Book Service And The Book Of The Month Club S HomeStyle Books I ve had this book for years, and always go back to it for great basic ideas I have several of Julie and Sheila s cookbooks and they never disappoint. This is a basic go to in my family for any recipe at any time Great suggestions for menus, easy to follow, and a broad swath of recipes A must get for a person who loves to cook.