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Ugh, what a waste of time I really wanted to like this book The basic plot was promising But I just never cared at all about the 2 main characters They both had emotional baggage that was mentioned and brought up and compared to other situations at the oddest times and it didn t make any sense Their personalities were so dull, bland, one dimensional I didn t feel anything at all for them all the way through I would say that I was hoping they wouldn t stay together, but I d have to care even a little bit for that and I truly didn t My favourite character was Lucas mother And thank god for the kitten At first I thought the extensively described high jinks of the kitten were unnecessary, but they ended up being one of the reasons I kept reading Of course, they were completely unconnected to the plot in any way I really struggled in the first half and then honestly had to force myself to continue reading past halfway All the way through I was thinking I might give it 2 stars because there were some very brief moments that were slightly enjoyable But then The last 2 chapters, wtf Where the hell did all that anger come from, that was ridiculous Seriously, I wouldn t expect a tantrum that dramatic from a teenager, let alone a full grown adult It was so ridiculously stupid, and I immediately downgraded to 1 star It barely deserves that But I m determined not to leave a book unfinished if at all possible This one was truly painful, gotta say I m glad that the other books in the series are written by different authors because I generally like the town and the series To add I really like the whole friends to lovers plot and I ve read a ton of them But this time, I didn t even get why they were such good friends, never mind lovers Other than a couple of throwaway lines saying how they d been through good and bad together , there was nothing to show they had that kind of bond or connection at all. Since this novel is a variation of let s get married for the sake of the baby trope, I breathed a sigh of relief In this modern day and age, there s not a good enough reason for people who barely know each other and shared nothing but one steamy night between the sheets to get hitched If you don t even know whether the one you re marrying is a day or night person, there s bound to be real trouble down the road No, the couple in this novel get married because her visa work card has expired and she s about to be booted out of the United States Marrying to get a person citizenship is a plausible tactic although you d never know it from romance novels It makes sense, it s commonly done and it resonates with many immigrants who find themselves in the same boat of imminent expulsion Thank you, Donald Trump I was pleased to find this couple was not your traditional romantic duo Instead, they were best friends, people who shared common interests, tastes, work and their problems with each other They liked and respected one another and I liked and respected them While I was peeved at the people who congratulated them on their upcoming nuptials because they figured it was about time because there s a natural timetable about getting married, right That s small town minds for you , I adored this pair She s a hard working assistant and he s a rich doctor who hates the limelight Great couple.What really surprised me was the secondary character of Amelia, Lucas s ex I smelled trouble the moment she appeared on the scene and she seemed to be no different from the class conscious, moneyed, snobbish, scheming, narcissistic girlfriend who d left him in the dust for a richer man Stay classy, Amelia So does she provide a frisson of tension, jealousy, suspicion and trouble for our newlyweds You bet Does she break them up Wellll, I ll let you find out about that This is a novel that cheerily surprises with its central couple and tangential plot threads, including the aforementioned Amelia For a novel that proves that love can bethan the smoking chemistry you d find in a meth lab, this is one to value. Two best friend s end up getting married but those feelings turn to love sooner than what they think but one is in denial.In this installment of the Texas Cattleman s Club After the Storm we have to friends that are going to be married but not because they are in love but because she doesn t want to get deported back to the South Africa Julie Kingston no longer has her parents, her mother passed while having her sister and her father passed away She only has her sister but they have not spoken for awhile and the only way she won t get deported is if she could find enough courage to as her best friend to marry her She doesn t want anything to change between them just for them to stay married long enough so she is able to at least get her green card Dr Lucas Wakefield knows that there is something going on with Julie but he never would have thought that she was going to get deported But after speaking with one of the Cattleman s Club members he had a good plan but could they be able to pull off being husband and wife The moment that they kiss on their wedding day something happens and before you know it they are doing what newlyweds do and it s amazing.There was only one problem Lucas never thought he would be seeing his ex fianc ever again much less for her to be spreading rumors about them More Than a Convenient Bride was a read that had me in tears but then it had me laughing my buns off because of the one thing that Lucas did for Julie It was an amazing read that I have to say I wouldn t mind reading all over again There was something about these two characters that I loved maybe it was how they just clicked there were just perfect for each other I love how Julie loved his mother and his mother loved her in return It was perfect when his mother slapped him over the head for making Julie cry but then again he made it up to her when he got her a precious kitten Sure that kitten was hell on wheels but I couldn t believe that he was actually blind oh my the things he would do, the amount of messes he did and the things he climbed The chemistry between these two is passionate and hot.I truly recommend this read to those readers that a quick read with lots of romance.Received ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an Honest Review More Than a Convenient Bride Texas Cattleman s Club After the Storm Book 6 by Michelle Celmer is a part of a series but because of the way it is written you can read the book alone and follow along with the story I love series books so I recommend reading the series, but if you were to pick up this book you d be able to follow.Julie Kingston s work Visa is expiring and the government will not issue her a new one She really doesn t want to go back to South Africa so her best friend Dr Luk Wakefield decides that they should marry so she can stay in this country It is supposed to be a marriage of convenience but after their first kiss at the altar things change quickly There is quite a bit to this story that I m not telling because it would give some of the information away It was an enjoyable, quick read Not quite for a young adult because of some of the scenes in the book, but it isn t erotic in nature. Julie was raised by horrible Father and did not believe in love but she met Lucas while doing good deeds and became instant friends then fell in love with him So glad she realized this before too late. 3.5 StarsChallenges RRRC July 2018 Monthly Challenge 5 July 1 International Joke Day 2018 Stacking the Series 26 45 RRRC The Wonderful World of Romance Quarterly Challenge 29 Friends to Lovers Fly Around the World with AMMP Kansas City, MO MCI Good friends to lovers story Luc and Julie have known each other and worked together for years, and have developed an excellent friendship Six months after the tornado that hit Royal, Julie has been told that her work visa will not be renewed and she will have to leave the US Luc doesn t like that idea at all She has become too important to him and his work So Luc offers her a marriage of convenience They will remain friends and coworkers, just with a little bit of show to convince their friends that it s real.Neither expects the words you may kiss the bride to set off uncontrollable fireworks Suddenly they have trouble keeping their hands off each other But is this a case of friends with benefits, or is there somethinggoing on Julie is cautious about getting involved emotionally with Luc She doesn t want to ruin their friendship, and lose the home she has found in Royal She has some trouble believing that someone like Luc could love her, thanks to some issues in her past His ex fiancee s arrival in town is a blow to her confidence, especially when it appears that he is spending time with her So she keeps insisting that all they have is friendship and sex She can t admit what she has with him until she is helped out by a very unlikely source.Luc has avoided getting involved with another woman since the end of his engagement six years earlier His fiancee hadn t liked how involved he was in his work and broke things off Since his dedication to his work hasn t changed, he doesn t see marriage in his future, until Julie needs his help He started out just wanting to help her, but that kiss at the wedding really blew him away Suddenly he was looking at her a whole new way It still took him awhile to realize that he loved her He was also kind of oblivious to things that were going on around him The arrival of his ex fiancee as the mother of one of his patients threw him for a loop when she first arrived Fortunately he quickly realized that he had no feelings left for her, but because of that he never thought to mention her arrival to Julie I loved the way that his mother pointed out the error of his ways to him Once he knew how he felt, trying to convince Julie became his goal.I was really unsure about the presence of Luc s ex fiancee, Amelia There were times when she really seemed manipulative, and determined to get Luc back for herself, no matter what she had to do There were other times when she appeared to be a worried mom, just interested in getting the best care possible for her son And when she was around Julie, she was the sweet woman who knew she had done wrong and learned her lesson I wasn t sure what effect her presence was going to have until the very end.There were some pretty funny moments in the books that involved Houdini, the blind kitten that Luc gave to Julie I loved the way that Luc had picked out the kitty because of what Julie had said about never having had a pet It was really sweet of him The kitten s antics were a bit of a mood lightener when things started getting intense. As already stated in another review, I m a romance junkie, whether in books, movies, tv shows so on the books side of things, Harlequin has always been a go to editor for me The only problem with the Harlequin books is that the number of pages is really limited and it s difficult to make me believe that the person you met 3 weeks ago is the love of your life and, of course you want to marry the guy Really After 3 weeks So, anyway, this explains why I find the best friend or friend, or friend of a friend that you often sees on social settings to lover stories all theinteresting and why I wanted to read this book You start the story knowing that the characers have a history, a backgroung that you don t really know about you ll learn some of it as the book advances and it makes it believable that they could fall in love with each other In this book, you meet Dr Lucas Luc Wakefield, a millionaire surgeon, a southern gentleman, a devoted son and citizen, an all around good guy He met Julie Kingston, his best friend, six years before the beginning of the story while they were working for Doctors without borders He was trying to work his way past a failed engagement, she was trying to overcome an abusing relasionship, they clicked She s about to be deported after an failed attempt to renew her visa so, in a The Proposal kind of way, they get married I tend to like this kind of book a lot, so it s not really a surprise that I gave it a 4 stars rating Why not 5 then do you ask yourself The book was going well, the rhythm was slow enough, everything was great And then, at the end, it s like the autor discovered she had way less pages left to close everything up and the story was finished at light speed Not really satisfying, in my point of view, but still, 90% of the book is awesome so it deserves 4 stars Sorry for the misspellings, faults, grammatical problems and so on English being my second language, I m doing the best I can 3.75 Stars Let me begin by saying that I have a very difficult time reading any story where an ex girlfriend, ex fiance, or ex wife comes back into the picture view spoiler Since I had no idea what the ex was really after or if she had truly changed my trip through this book was not a relaxing event I was too concerned and keyed up about what the ex was really up to Had I known in advance what the outcome was I could have relaxed and enjoyed ithide spoiler ^EBOOK ✙ More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm #6) ⇧ A Story Of Friends With Marriage Benefits, By USA TODAY Bestselling Author Michelle Celmer After All They Ve Been Through Following The Tornado That Hit Their Texas Town, There S No Way Dr Lucas Wakefield Will Let His Best Friend, Julie Kingston, Leave Because Of A Green Card Mix Up The Only Solution Is To Propose Marriage But What Starts As A Platonic Arrangement Quickly Blooms Into Red Hot Desire Until Luc S Ex Fianc E Returns To Reclaim Her Man And Julie Questions Whether Happily Ever After Is In The Cards Good Thing Luc Has No Intention Of Giving Up His Passionate New Bride Without A Fight