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i ve said this before and i always will after reading this kind of books, these are the ones that will stick with me for years to come This story was completly different to the other three i had read as most eneded up the person being in a conceration camp However this story showed the stregnth of a girl who went into hiding right under the nazi s noses It truly showed what lengths some people went to hide and save jewish people from deportation to these horrible camps This memoir was beautifully written and a memorizing storie of a young girl who had to live in constant fear of being found out. A World War II book about the diary of a Jewish girl in hiding in Holland Sound familiar It is the diary of Edith who s story is quite a bit different from Anne Frank s Edith s older brother gets to America before the Nazi s come Her other brother is in the Resistance Edith lives a relatively normal life until 1943 when she goes to live with a gentile family and has false papers that identify her as a Christian In the meantime, her mother and father both become ill Mom goes to the hospital and lasts a remarkably long time til she is taken to Westerbrock, a holding camp before being sent to Sobibar, a death camp Her father dies in a nursing home He s never sent away Edith is able to visit him one time, but it really is risky for her to travel outside She essentially becomes the housekeeper for the family with whom she is hiding She survives the war and meets up with her oldest brother The story is told both from her diary entries and her memories.A good edition to the canon of Holocaust literature @DOWNLOAD E-PUB Ð Edith's Story: The True Story of a Young Girl's Courage and Survival During World War II ð When Hitler Invaded Holland In , Edith Van Hessen Was A Popular Dutch High School Student She Also Happened To Be Jewish In The Same Month That Anne Frank S Family Went Into Hiding, Edith Was Sent To Live With A Courageous Protestant Family, Took A New Name, And Survived By Posing As A Gentile Ultimately One Third Of The Hidden Dutch Jews Were Discovered And Murdered Most Of Edith S Family Perished Velmans S Memoir Is Based On Her Teenage Diaries, Wartime Letters, And Reflections As An Adult Survivor In Recounting Wartime Events And The Details Of Her Feelings As The War Runs Its Course, Edith S Story Ultimately Affirms Life, Love, And Extraordinary Courage The Most Vivid Evocation Of The Experience Of Nazi Occupation That I Have Ever Read The Independent London Having read numerous accounts of Anne Frank, I was very optimistic about this book All my speculations were proved right when I finished this book in a day Absolutely mesmerizing and beautifully written Must read for World War II literature readers. An interesting counterpart to The Diary of Anne Frank I loved the depictions of day to day life during the war and occupation Really fascinating even when you know it s not going to end well for most of the people. A great story of a Dutch Jewish girl that was hidden during the war, the fate of her family and all of the evil that happened during the Nazi Occupation My heart broke reading this truly moving story. A great Holocaust memoir Edith is a young Dutch Jew and we join her story as the Germans invade her country and start a campaign against her religion Finally, after persecution and the grim life that follows, she is hidden with a family who risk their lives to keep her safe while her family become separated It was interesting to get so much detail about the restrictions placed on daily Jewish life the segregation,curfews,simple things like not being able to visit your friends houses as they were non Jews It must have been difficult for children to understand why they can t ride a bike or swim in the river or have non Jewish friends The book also describes how Edith lives with another family, aching for news of whether her family have evaded the death camps A moving memoir, well written and it keeps you interested throughout It also shows the bravery of those wonderful people who did whatever they could to save Jews by taking them into their home, knowing the penalty for doing so.Book Rating 3.5 5 I never realized that there could be such suffering in the world, and that anyone could live through it Excerpt from Edith s diary, July 1, 1945This is the story of a carefree childhood interrupted by war Edith grew up in Holland in a warm and loving family She kept a diary during these years and the book alternates between diary entries, family letters and her own recollections as an adult Having both her teenage perspective and her adult perspective gives us a truer picture of this time.She is 14 when the Germans invade Holland and we see the slow disintegration of her life At 16, Edith leaves her family, changes her identity, and hides with a Christian family.This is a moving story Like all Holocaust memoirs, it is a story of loss and death It is also a story of courage and humanity. Yes, I have read yet another Holocaust story This is non fiction, the story of Edith Van Hessen who was a teenaged girl who was full of herself and seemed too stupid to understand what was going on around her She just wanted to chase boys and have fun and offered no help to her mother, father and grandmother even as they suffered health problems and the Nazis began marching into her town of The Hague, Holland Her father worked for an American firm and had gotten visas for all of them but only one son Guus actually left since Grandma was born in Germany and had fled the Nazis and was a woman with no country after being stripped of her German citizenship for being a Jew They had been advised to go on to the USA and then get a refugee visa for Grandma there were plenty of people she could stay with until it came through but no, the Edith s parents waited until it was too late They also failed to tend to their health I got sick of reading about Edith s mom s gall bladder attacks and her dad s abcessed teeth and how they didn t get them out They had the money to afford it Finally the mother had a fall and broke her hip and had to spend years in a hospital, the dad s absesses and the irritation led to cancer in his jaw and he wound up in a hospital for the rest of his life and Grandma landed in a nursing home When they started taking young people away, her brother Jules found a family in another city to take her in with stolen identity papers as a friend to their daughter whose parents were hospitalized.Immediately Edith had to grow up and put away her selfishness This is a powerful story and Edith shares every harrowing minute with us Her story is not just a rehash of other stories Read and let your heart be both broken and warmed. This is another great book on the Jewish Holocaust It s amazing the things these people went through and to read about their personal thoughts and experiences and think, they re just like me She was a teenage girl obsessed with boys just like I was Not that I was racist and thought she wasn t a normal human it s just that Holocaust victims have been put sort of on a pedestal in my mind as great people in history When in reality they really WERE just normal human beings trying to make it through some terrible circumstances But anyway, she shares her private story of wearing the Jewish star, going into hiding, and hearing about each of her family members deaths one by one It s a sad and tragic tale, but a great one for those looking into the Holocaust in a personal rather than historical way.