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This was another great installment in the Slater brothers series Keela is a novella that takes place during Keela and Alec s move into their new home Keela is having second thoughts about how fast their relationship is going, and she is wondering if she should slow things way down She also is having nightmares over some traumatic things that happened to her in the last book The unfortunate part is she hasn t shared any of her concerns with Alec She is scared that if she does, he will be upset with her What will happen when Alec finds out Will he walk away, or will he understand and still love Keela and want to work things out with her.I enjoyed getting time with all of the Slater bro s and their ladies The dynamic between them all is just awesome, and how they joke around with each other never fails to put a smile on my face I am once again glad that I chose to continue on with this series At the end of this novella there is a cliffy, but this time I didn t mind it because I can immediately jump right into Kane s book and find out what all is going on I know one thing for surethere is never a dull moment in the life of the Slater menI can t wait to dive right in for Videorecensione 5 GIVE ME A SLATER BROTHER STARS Alec and Keela I felt a poke on my behind rousing me Kitten a voice whispered I felt a harder nudge Get into the bathroom and get yourself off, we just had sex me vagina and arse are closed until further notice Feck off L.A Casey seriously This woman is GENIUS I can t even tell you the amounts of times I ve re read these books It s PURE AGONY waiting for them to get released My favourite brother is Dominic but the rest including Alec share a place in my I loved this novella because all of the characters were incorporated I disliked that CLIFFHANGER WHY OH WHY I recommend this entire series it truly is PERFECTION I love you, Kitten I really do And I love you, Playboy To Neptune and back KeelaL.A CaseySleepless, Read Twitter Luv these brother there super hot I just luvd this I can t believe that so much drama happened it was great getting of Keela an Alec I just luv him these to r just as hot together as the last book they can t get the hands of each other it s so sexy but Keela had my heart broken I feel so sorry for her she is still dealin with the shit th at happened to her an hidin it from Alec she is actually hidin a lot of her feelin in this book an I just want hug an shout at her at the same time I couldn t believe what happened in the last 2 chapters it was super crazy but it made this story just brilliant I can t wait to read like I ve said in my other reviews for this series its super addictive an just great I d highly recommend it xxx [ DOWNLOAD ] ♆ Keela (Slater Brothers, #2.5) ♃ Keela Daley Is Stressed Out With Nightmares And Memories From Her Past, They Are Haunting Her She Has No Time To Dwell On Them As She Is Moving Out Of Her Dog Box Sized Apartment And Into Her First House With Her Fianc Moving House Is A Dreaded Task, And Keela Would Love Nothing Than For Things To Go Quietly And Smoothly, But When You Re Engaged To A Slater Brother, Nothing Goes Quietly Or SmoothlyNothingAlec Slater Loves His Woman He Also Loves Playing Games And Surprising Her Picking Moving Day To Do Both, Turns Out To Be A Failure Of Epic Proportions Alec Wants To Make It Up To Keela For His Mistakes, But As The Day Goes On, And Things Go From Bad To Worse, He Doesn T Know If Living With Him Is Something She Wants AnyWhat Started Out As A Simple Day Of Packing And Moving House Turns Into The Day From Hell Unwanted House Guests Business Propositions Alcohol Pregnancy Tests Panic Attacks Fighting Arguing Sex, And Everything Else That Is Crazy And Represents The Name Slater Keela Has A Choice To Make, And Not One She Will Make LightlyKeela Adores Alec, And What Keela Adores, Keela Cherishes I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank youI love you, Kitten I really do And I love you, Playboy To Neptune and backNormally, I like to expand and give my own brief summary aside from the plot synopsis, but there isn t really anything that isn t stated in the book info that I should comment on.Basically, Keela takes place right after Alec left off, with our lovely couple newly engaged and moving into a house together Yay Keela is still traumatized from the previous horrific events that had taken place and feels as though her and Alec s relationship is escalating much faster than she d like it to be She d like to be not co dependent on Alec and make something of herself first Establish and find herself before taking the walk down the aisle and popping out babies Not being a mooch and rely off of her uber sexy fianc to take care of her Keela wants to be an independently stable woman who can support herself with or without a man.Will her hesitancy and uncertainty pave the way towards strengthening her and Alec s bond Or will will it lead to heartbreak and devastation Not to mention When trouble lurks it s away with shady business propositions and the rest of the Slater guys and gals joining in the mix there s going to be one explosive formula of chaos, laughs, tears, fights, HOT SEX yeah , and pregnancy scares Cute, cute story Gah, I can t wait for Kane s book This book set his story up perfectly with that cliffy and bomb up in the air I wonder who the lucky gal is jumps up and down excitedly Thanks Lee for remembering and thinking of me, and personally shooting this baby straight to my kindle Much love and appreciation 4 The Packing Games starsFor once again, i laughed so much with these Slater brothers and their womenThey are an awesome bunch and I m enjoying reading their adventures As the title is saying this book was by Keela s POV It s been thirteen months since Alec finished and Keela is still having nightmares of this past incident At the same time, she and Alec are moving out of her tiny apartment to a much bigger house near to the brothersBut Keela is suffocating since she is thinking that the things between her and Alec are moving too fast, even though she is so in love with him And in compination with these damn nightmares, the things inside her head are getting uglyThis novel is about a day, moving day and there are happening so many things in there My head still spinning for all those things and i can t wait for Kane and Aideen s bookWhat is this, The Packing Games Four men versus four women, the first team to pack their side of the truck with boxes survives Alec asked, his tone teasing.Bronagh laughed and devilishly smirked That s exactly what this will be, big brother All four brothers stared at Bronagh then looked to me I grinned and they looked to one another and swallowed The lads were nervous because they didn t know what we were up to As usual, the author made me laugh a lot I LOVE THIS FAMILY I love the Slater Brothers But what about that cliffhanger OMG I just can t wait to read Kane. Ok it is official, the novellas in this series is so much better than the novels itself Keela was so hilarious, adorable and appealing My favorite part is definitely Dominic s Man Bible It s the best thing ever And I laughed so hard during the bet So yep, it was a fun read But OMG THE CLIFFHANGER There are so many unanswered questions Why is Ryder and Branna being cold with each other Who is pregnant What is happening with Kane cries I hate cliffhangers Loved this one Each book is funnier than the last and they all have that touch of action to them But the endingoh my godI am starting the next one now