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!Free ☤ Nemesis Games ♫ The Fifth Novel In Corey S New York Times Bestselling Expanse Series Now Being Produced For Television By The SyFy Channel A Thousand Worlds Have Opened, And The Greatest Land Rush In Human History Has Begun As Wave After Wave Of Colonists Leave, The Power Structures Of The Old Solar System Begin To BuckleShips Are Disappearing Without A Trace Private Armies Are Being Secretly Formed The Sole Remaining Protomolecule Sample Is Stolen Terrorist Attacks Previously Considered Impossible Bring The Inner Planets To Their Knees The Sins Of The Past Are Returning To Exact A Terrible PriceAnd As A New Human Order Is Struggling To Be Born In Blood And Fire, James Holden And The Crew Of The Rocinante Must Struggle To Survive And Get Back To The Only Home They Have Left Executive Summary Best one yet I ve always enjoyed this series, but I really loved this book My only complaint would I don t have to read I can t wait for book 6.Audio book Jefferson Mays is back Huzzah Don t get me wrong, he s not one of my favorite narrators or anything, but he is good And the guy they got to replace him for book 4 was not I was considering switching to text for this book if that narrator was used again Thankfully I didn t have to His accents for Avasarala and Alex are excellent as always Everyone else isn t really anything special He has good inflection and reads in a nice and clear voice Hopefully they ll be able to get him for all the future books Full Review The Expanse books have been a lot of fun since I finally picked them up last year However I was starting to feel like maybe it was running out of steam.I liked Leviathan Wakes and thought Caliban s War was even better However I felt Abaddon s Gate and especially Cibola Burn weren t as good.I ve grown tired of the rotating POV s with new characters to follow around Part of the problem is that Avasarala and Bobbie were so great in Caliban s War, everyone that followed was a disappointment.Not only that, but they didn t really feature in books 3 and 4 and I think that s a waste Thankfully that s been remedied in this book While they aren t POV characters again, they do feature fairly heavily in the plot, albeit Bobbie so than Avasarala.The other problem was I always found at least 1 or 2 of the POV to be less interesting than the others The best part is that instead of forcing the readers to deal with some new characters they won t like as much, they chose to make the other 3 POVs the remaining members of the Rocinante Not only do we finally get in the heads of characters I ve come to love in the last 4 books, but we get of their backstories as well, especially Naomi and Amos In fact if you haven t read The Churn previously, I d highly recommend doing so before this novel I think you ll get a lot out of Amos s storyline if you do I m hard pressed to pick a favorite plotline They were all just so good.So apart from excellent choice for POVs what really makes this book so great is the focus of the story The stuff with the protomolecule in the last 4 books has been interesting, but this book mostly takes a break from that.The tensions have long been bubbling between the 3 human factions of Earth, Mars and The Belt OPA have finally come to a head And just when I thought I was enjoying this book, BAM It somehow got even better.This is a very different story than last four That may upset some fans, but for me it breathed new life into a series that seemed in danger of losing its way.Some characters in this book made me so mad Others made me scared or nervous Just seeing Bobbie and Avasarala made me happy I hated having to stop listening each day, and I couldn t wait to start listening again To me that s the sort of thing that pushes something from a 4 star rating into the vary rare company of a 5 star rating It also put it solidly on my favorites shelf I will definitely be listening to this one again.If I had one complaint it s that it s over I can t wait for book 6 If you found yourself not as happy with the last book or two, I highly recommend giving this one a shot, I really think it s best one yet Nemesis Games offers a perfect blend of intimate character stories with a broad scale intergalactic adventure of epic proportions The book takes about 200 pages to establish the stakes before launching into one thrilling close call after another. 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Warning May contain spoilers for previous books if you haven t read them The Expanse is my favorite space opera series right now the only space opera series that I m still following, to be honest, when I ve given up on so many others Not only are things still going strong at book five, they also just keep getting better and better I thought Cibola Burn was going to be the best installment we ll see for a while, but then along comes Nemesis Games, teaching me what a mistake it was to underestimate Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, the writing team behind the pseudonym James S.A Corey Bottom line, this book was simply stellar.The reason why I think this series is so successful Every book gives the reader something new The universe of The Expanse is constantly evolving, with major consequences following in the wake of each installment No longer are the stories simply focused around the mysterious proto molecule introduced in Leviathan Wakes Ever since it was released into the solar system in the third book Abaddon s Gate, opening a literal doorway to a thousand new worlds, the potential for interesting stories has exploded.I see Abaddon s Gate as a turning point for this reason And now I think Nemesis Games may be another one The events of the last novel have not stopped the frantic land rush through the massive ring like gates, as settlers fight tooth and nail to be the first to colonize new planets This has created a drastic change in the power structure of the old solar system, where three main factions exist Earth, Mars, and the Outer Planets Alliance OPA was mainly formed to bring together the population born in the Asteroid Belt Called Belters , they are an oppressed group, marginalized and frequently discriminated for their distinct culture and language, as well as for looking physically different from the humans from Earth and Mars But recently, Belters have started to resist the powers of the inner planets, and one extremist group has gone as far as to target Earth in catastrophic attack, killing millions upon millions.In the middle of this mess, the crew of the Rocinante are separated The decision to go on shore leave right after surviving the events of Cibola Burn meant that Holden, Naomi, Amos and Alex were all in different places when the attack on Earth occurred, so for the first time in this series the four of them aren t together for the majority of the novel Before you get too disappointed though, this turn of events also means that for the first time ever, we get perspective chapters for every member of the crew.I can t tell you how excited this made me I ve been waiting a long, long time to see the points of view for the others besides Holden especially for Naomi, the only female and the only Belter of the Rocinante crew It s hard to believe that it took so long, but after four books, we re finally getting the chance to get up close and personal to characters we ve been following since the beginning But that s not all, either The authors continue to sweeten the deal, bringing back some perspective characters we ve seen in previous books, familiar names that include Bobbie Draper, Clarissa Mao, and wait for it Chrisjen Avasarala Best Character Ever While none of them return as POV characters, all three women have significant roles to play in Nemesis Games.I ve also said before that the books of The Expanse tell very human stories This one is no exception Separated in the wake of the Earth attack and in the midst of all the death and suffering, the four members of the crew realize how much they mean to each other It s very touching as each character struggles to find their way back together, realizing that the spaceship Rocinante has become a home for their little family During their individual fights for survival, we gain a lot of insight into each person s past Naomi s backstory is perhaps the most surprising of all, and also the most heartbreaking Every book in this series so far has had four character perspectives each, and one always seems to stand out for me above the rest No question about it, in Nemesis Games it was definitely Naomi s As much as I enjoyed Amos and Alex s POVs as well, I just couldn t get enough of Naomi s chapters, which really brought her courage and resourcefulness to the forefront.The book ends with a promise of much to come, including possible new additions to the Rocinante family, which would be very interesting to see It doesn t quite leave us with a cliffhanger, though we do get the sense of unfinished business, so you can bet I m on board for book number six.All told, The Expanse shows no sign of slowing down, a great sign for a series that is planned to include a total of nine books, and I m grateful that thus far we ve been seeing a very reliable release schedule of one installment per year With the TV adaptation coming to Syfy, now there s yet another reason to get excited Nemesis Games is the last novel to come out before the series airs, so get on it A 15 year old Belter operative named Filip and a small team infiltrate the twin Earth Mars shipyards on Callisto to steal canisters of High Density Resonance Coating, Stealth tech used on Martian military ships They have a ship in orbit called the Pella that releases tungsten slugs to take out the Martian ships in orbit, as well as the Martian marines in power armor on the surface The team suffers a few casualties but manages to escape with their loot just as their ship launches a rock into the moon.A year after the Callisto attack, 6 days after they got back from Ilus, the crew of the Rocinante arrive at Tycho for repairs the new chief engineer Sakai R.I.P Sam estimates they ll take around 6 months Alex doesn t like how he left things with his ex wife they were happily married and had their own place after he left the MCRN, but he wanted to keep flying and plans to visit her on Mars Amos needs to head back to Earth because a woman he knows Lydia, the face of whom he has tattooed on his chest has died Naomi wants to hire crew since in case anything happens to any of them She gets a call from someone in the OPA telling here that Filip is in trouble.Fred tells Holden that he s headed to Medina Station, as that s where all the power is He and Avasarala are back channeling a lot of the dealings, but Fred s concerned about all the offshoot branches of the OPA with all the new planets, life on the space stations is going to die out, but the Belters aren t all physically capable of living on the planets Apart from Callisto, they made an attempt at attacking Earth as well.Namoi tells Jim that she needs to go to Ceres, alone, and that he needs to let her go or they ll have to break up She leaves, and Holden is completely alone for the first time in years Later, he gets a call from journalist Monica Stuart, who is also on Tycho, and she asks to meet up Over dinner, she shows him a video of a freighter that went through one of the rings and then disappeared.Alex visits his wife Talissa when he gets to Mars, but she angrily tells him to go He gives Bobbie Draper a ring to see if she wants to meet up, and she agrees.Upon arriving in New York, Amos is promptly arrested and taken to an interogation room at the police station Chrisjen Avasarala greets him via TV monitor and asks him what the fuck he s doing on Earth, if Holden sent his hired killer to take out Murtry or something Once he assures her he s there on a personal errand, he s free to go Amos looks up Lydia s obituary and finds that her husband Charles was the last to see her alive Amos goes to meet him.Monica informs Holden that the Rabia Balkhi is only 1 of 13 ships that have disappeared after going through one of the Rings, and no one is talking about it She somehow knows about Fred s sample of protomolecule and wants to use it to consult proto Miller Holden says no way, and thinks maybe the OPA is involved in the disappearances He broaches his theory with Fred, who tells him no way and that he should drop it.On Ceres, Naomi meets up with an old friend, a massive Belter called Cyn, who takes her to see Filip, Naomi s son to Marco Inaro Naomi left Marco after he used a program she wrote to sabotage the fusion reactor on the ship August n Gamarra, killing 234 people this was the initial OPA rebellion, after the UN shut down the proposed Belter homeworld, Terryon Lock, in the Jovian system Afterwards, she tried to kill herself Marco told her to leave and not to come looking for him or Filip.Filip wanted her to bring the Roci to take to the Hungaria cluster where they have a ship called the Pella With the Roci still being repaired, she charters a ship covertly with Outer Fringe Export who Holden had almost taken a job for back before they went through the Ring.Amos heads to Philly and meets up with Lydia s widowed husband, Charles, who turns out to have been an OK guy that truly loved her so Amos doesn t kill him Charles knows Amos as Timothy, and Lydia was Timothy s surrogate mother after his biological mother died Charles says that with Lydia gone, he can no longer afford the house, which was being floated by some gangster named Erich.Amos goes to visit Erich in Balti Erich used to be a small time hacker, he has one tiny little arm and one regular one, and is now running the streets that he and Amos used to work Erich says he treated Lydia very well, but Amos insists he take care of Charles too Erich agrees, so Amos says he won t kill him Erich is grateful, but tells him there was a flechette turret hidden in the ceiling Before Amos leaves Earth, he calls Avasarala and asks her to let him see Clarissa Mao, who he became fond of when they escorted her as a prisoner.Alex goes to visit Bobbie She s been investigating the sources of black market military equipment leaving Mars for Avasarala, and she asks Alex if he ll help her by talking to some of his buddies in the MCRN he says he ll think about it Before he leaves Mars, he visits Bobbie again one time with the intention of telling her no, he can t help , only to find a small group of men have broken into her house and tied her up He calls for emergency services, then rushes in to save her He gets stabbed and she gets shot, but they survive Bobbie tells him the men were there looking for him He says he ll stay and help her.Holden pays a data wonk called Paula Gutierrez to write him a program to find any ships that may be suspicious When he tells Monica, she s upset that he s brought Fred, Sakai, and Paula in on the investigation, especially since they re all OPA The next day, he gets a hit on a ship called the Pau Kant located in the Hungaria asteroid group that is relatively close to Earth and Mars He calls Alex and asks him to check it out before he comes back, then tries to track down Monica again but her room on Tycho has been ransacked and she s missing He warns Fred that he s got OPA radicals on the station.Alex and Bobbie make it to the hospital and survive their respective surgeries Bobbie reasons she was attacked because via the Roci, Alex is involved with Mars, Fred OPA , and Avasarala UN Bobbie says that while the Donnager class warships are well tracked, the corvettes they carried were less so, and with all the battles lately, they were turning up and disappearing quite a bit if you looked at the data properly Someone high up in the Navy would have to be involved for the level of clearance required in overwriting the records that s what she wants Alex to look in to, while she looks into who hired their attackers Alex gets Holden s message about checking on the ship in the Hungarian cluster Bobbie says Avasarala gave her Julie Mao s ship, the Razorback, and that he can use it.Holden and Fred check the security footage and see 2 guys not in Tycho s system in jumpsuits and caps go into Monica s room and leave with a shipping crate They go to the dock and find the crate but it s empty, meaning someone must ve edited the security footage Fred puts the station on lockdown Back in Monica s quarters, Holden finds that her phone seems to be receiving a signal from the hidden camera she wears for interviews They track her to a sealed cargo crate and find her inside, drugged and tied up, but mostly unharmed.Alex meets with one of his MCRN buddies who hooks him up with a Commander Duarte he too has noticed the missing ships, even the same one Alex is tracking, the Apalala Duarte tells him that the tracking of supplies, ships, and material has collapses and they have no idea what all they re missing He tells Alex to meet up with a programmer named Karlo that first noticed the discrepancies in the database Alex goes to his place only to find him dead Alex asks Bobbie to go check out the asteroid Holden told him about, and she agrees to come with him.Fred gets in touch with Anderson Dawes, another OPA bigwig, who points him towards chief engineer Sakai Fred interrogates Sakai, who spills that he was involved he skirted around Fred because he s racist against Earthers, even if Fred is OPA through and through Fred punches him out and throws him in the brig.The ship Naomi purchased is called the Chetzemoka When it s ready to board, she pulls Filip aside and tells him she can t come along on their mission, but that she wants him to have the ship, and that afterwards, there s a spot for him on the Roci if he wants to come with her The giant guy, her friend Cyn, puts Naomi in a bearhug while Karal sticks her with a needle full of sedatives.When they get near the Hungaria cluster, Alex realizes that they re being painted with a targeting laser He makes some scans himself and gets ping after ping of Martian corvette class ships running dark The ships let loose a couple of missiles and Alex takes off at 10gs towards Luna, where the Martian Prime Minister has a convoy, hoping they can make it in time for the PM s ships PDC cannons to take out the missiles Alex kicks it up to 15gs and it rips the wound open in his stomach Before he passes out, he jettisons the core and it crashes into the first of the missiles the Martian PDCs take out the other.Naomi is taken to the Martian corvette where Marco is He tells her he brought her there to keep her safe, because she s one of them but she s pretty sure he really just wanted the Roci Ostensibly, the attack they re planning is because the Earthers are abandoning their entire race to die, since Belters can t survive in planetary gravity A racing ship arrives at their location the Razorback and Marco says to destroy them Naomi is locked up and forced to watch the newsfeed of Marco s assault on Earth.While Amos is in the waiting room to see Clarissa Mao, the news reports that an asteroid hit somewhere in South Africa, causing tremendous damage Guards take Amos to Clarissa s underground cell, and he tells her about all that s happened with the Roci since they dropped her off In the middle of his story, the place goes on lockdown a guard tells them that multiple other accelerated rocks have impacted around the globe, causing massive destruction worldwide The rocks were undetected because they were coated with stealth coating.On Tycho, Fred and Holden are watching the news when 3 people enter the office and start shooting Fred is hit, but he and Holden manage to kill fend off their attackers however, the station s defense grid is disabled and someone fires torpedoes at them One torpedo hits and cracks the drive cone Fred and Drummer coordinate an attack on the intruders in engineering and regain control of the station A second torpedo with a salvage mech on the end impacts Fred s office it escapes with the protomolecule sample.Amos convinces the guards they need to get out of the prison before the building collapses, and they reluctantly agree With the help of a prisoner called Konecheck, who has enhanced strength like Clarissa s, they manage to crawl up the elevator shaft to the surface Konecheck kills a few of the guards and injures Amos before Mao shoots him and Amos kicks him down the elevator shaft The surface is totally devastated and the sky is so dark with debris that Clarissa mistakes the sun for the moon Amos suggests they walk to Balti because he knows some people that can get him to Luna.Naomi tells Filip that after Marco made her kill, she wanted to kill herself she tells him to come find her when the remorse of killing a quarter billion people sets in He tells her she s merde to him.Alex and Bobbie meet with the Martian Prime Minister Smith while they convalesce They debrief for hours mostly the Martians are glad Alex and Bobbie intercepted the hidden fleet, or things could ve been even worse they re still a bit suspicious though Six and a half relief ships are en route one of them is the Chetzemoka however, the ship Namoi gave to Filip.Fred Johnson asks Holden to take him to a meeting on Luna with the Martian PM and Avasarala, who is now head of the UN Fred plays Holden a message he got from Anderson Dawes, asking Fred to join with the new faction of the OPA Holden is appalled, but Johnson is actually considering it that s the side that s in charge now, and Fred can t decide if he should declare against them or stand beside them and help control the fall Medina Station goes dark, and Drummer reports 25 Martian ships are en route to it.Naomi asks Marco if he brought her aboard just to show off he reiterates that he brought her there to save her, and to get closure She insists it s because he s jealous of Holden, which infuriates him and he says he might kill Holden She says he can t do anything to Jim, and he tells her that maybe she will She pieces things together and realizes Sakai must ve used her sabotaged the reactor driver on the Roci.Amos and Peaches aka Clarissa Mao kill some doomsday prepper and load up on weapons, supplies, and a couple of bicycles They walk to Balti and meet up with Erich, then proposition him to go to Luna with them, by way of a private launch pad on Lake Winnipesaukee At first he s incredulous that they d ask him to abandon his territory, but when Peaches breaks his wall of denial and he realizes he s got nothing left, he agrees.Alex, Bobbie, and the Martian PM are forced to flee their Martian convoy in the Razorback when the relief ships turn out to be OPA controlled they attack and board the Martian ships without much resistance The Razorback, accompanied by about 100 Martian missiles flying in tandem alongside them, make for Luna with the OPA ships in pursuit.During the battle with the MCRN convoy, Naomi breaks into an access panel and broadcasts a message to Holden warning him that the Roci s fusion driver has been sabotaged with bad code Marco tells her that since she sabotaged his plan, which was only to shut the Roci down, not destroy it, that now she s forced his hand He plays her a faked distress call in her voice, asking Holden to come save her On the way back to her cell, she stops at the med bay and starts a kerfuffle there, during which she manages to pocket an emergency decompression kit, which should cycle the airlock on the Chetzemoka.Holden gets Naomi s message just in time they shut down the drive at 60% and reload a new driver His hired programmer Paula finds the bad lines of code in the sabotaged driver and tells him that when the reactor hit 95% it would ve lost containment and taken most of Tycho Station with it She realizes this could ve been what happened during all the reactor accidents in the past, meaning they were all murders Holden, Fred, and a crew of Tycho workers depart in the Roci, leaving Drummer in charge of Tycho.Marco issues a statement from the Pella, declaring himself the commander of the Free Navy and saying that Mars and Earth no longer control anything outside their respective planets He calls for everyone from the Belt and the outer planets to rise up and follow them.Amos, Erich, Peaches, et al make their way to the Lake where the shuttles are They find one named the Zhang Guo, but it needs repaired, and there s a tribe of people trying to shake them down Amos beats the shit out of one of them, then Amos et al start repairing the shuttle Just as they re doing final testing on it, the tribe returns with many people and many guns Amos s group manages to stave them off long enough to launch the shuttle They successfully make it past the Luna patrol defenses after Amos name drops Avasarala Erich offers to let him run the crew, since he s now totally out of his element, but Amos just wants to get back to the Roci Clarissa is afraid they re going to send her back to jail, but he assures her that there is no jail to go back to.On the Pella, Naomi escapes from her handler and makes it to an airlock, intending to escape to the Chetzemoka without an EVA suit Her buddy Cyn comes after her, thinking she s going to space herself, but she sorrowfully blows the airlock anyway, killing him and hopefully convincing the others she died as well She just barely makes it to the other ship in time and opens the airlock with the emergency decompression kit she stole earlier She finds that the ship has been mostly stripped bare, all access panels are locked, it s broadcasting a faked message saying she s aboard and needs help, and it s set to blow if anyone gets close to it She starts pulling wires and turns one of the thrusters off, making her go in circles she also short circuits the faked message, making it say this is Naomi Nagata and I am in control Alex gets Naomi s message and takes the Razorback to cautiously investigate With no way to communicate, Naomi exits the ship through the airlock in a suit with only 5 minutes of air she uses Belter hand signals so they know not to get close to the ship Bobbie uses the mag boots on her power armor to ride one of the Razorback s missiles like a surf board and successfully rescues Naomi Once safely aboard, Naomi tells them to blow up the damn ship.Holden rendezvous with the Razorback and immediately gets Naomi to the medbay, since she s suffering from space exposure and plenty of other traumas They all make it back to Luna and meet up with Amos, who smuggles Clarissa Mao onto the Roci in a cargo container.Avasarala calls them all together for an announcement She s going to start a policing task force against the Free Navy, with joint support from the UN, Mars, and the OPA Naomi is brought in as a prisoner, and agrees to cooperate and tell everything about Marco if she and the crew of the Roci are given immunity for past events not related to the attack on Earth Avasarala agrees, and they all go for chow Naomi and Holden head back to their room and she opens up to him about everything They exchange their pieces of the story in almost casual, conversational tones then fall asleep together.When Naomi wakes up, she watches the video of the ship that disappeared entering the Ring, the Rabia Balkhi, and wonders what happened to all the civilian ships, since Marco had only acquired MCRN ships She comes to the conclusion that something in the ring gate is eating the ships.In the epilogue, the Free Navy is confirmed to have control of Medina Station, and are commandeering civilian ships Admiral Duarte of the MCRN has taken control of the remaining Martian military ships in an independent initiative of the fleet, ostensibly working with the Free Navy but planning to attack them from the rearguard later Duarte appears to have the protomolecule sample and another much larger alien artifact A Donnager class ship called the Barkeith goes through the Laconia ring the crew experience a sensation like they are clouds and can see the spaces between atoms A solid, fog like alien presence appears on the ship and kills the crew. First, a warning I have officially passed the point of objectivity for this series You know you ve passed that point when you no longer care what happens in a book series as long as you get to spend time in its world hanging out with its characters This isn t a place I get to easily, but once I m there, I never ever leave Love, it is irrational.With that said, oh boy, this book was awesome In retrospect, one of my favorite things about each book in the series is how different each one of them are to each other They re all essentially told with the same style and tone, but Corey wastes no time languishing in story plots His characters evolve Things in his world change, most often in ways that are terrifying and wonderful, in the most basic sense of the word full of wonder There s always a moment in each book that Things Change Forever And in this one, that thing is probably the biggest thing of them all, and it s even exhilarating because if you ve read the four books prior to this one, you are likely very attached emotionally to the characters experiencing these world changing eventsA penname for writing duo Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.This book also brings us POVs from all the four main crew members of the Rocinante for the very first time We ve always had Holden in there, but now we get Naomi, Alex, and Amos up in there, too And with their POVs comes much needed backstory on all of them, especially Naomi Hoooooo, Naomi By the end of the first chapter, you know what s coming in terms of what I m about to spoil, so I m not really counting it as spoilers The Roci is so beat up from her years of space travel, and particularly her last voyage through the proto molecule gate, she s going to need serious revamping and repairs It s going to take weeks, months So the crew split up for some shore leave Amos receives news that his foster mother has died on Earth, so he takes off to take care of things Alex follows his lead and heads home to Mars, and Naomi heads back to Ceres station after a mysterious message from a man from her past So, when the trademark Horrific Thing happens, we are in a unique position to get lots of different viewpoints on it, and of course, Holden and Co are right smack dab in the middle of everything.I loved this book I love this crew It was so satisfying It was terrifying and horrible and I never wanted to stop listening to it It makes me want to re read the first two books to see if I will love them now It makes me want book six PRONTOIf you decide to start reading this series, know you are in safe hands They release a new book every year like clockwork.So, bottom line, this book was awesome, but you maybe can t trust my opinion because love is irrational But you probably should anyway because I have excellent taste 4.5 stars The most nerve wracking Expanse novel yet sees the crew of the Rocinante separate for a variety of personal reasons during some down time for ship repairs Slowly, they find themselves drawn back together as a strange conspiracy morphs into a shocking, game changing event.This time, each of the Roci crew has their own POV storyline, instead of the usual cycling through a new cast of supporting characters The opportunity to take an even closer look at these people we ve come to love instead of always seeing them through other characters eyes is the best kind of reward for being a devoted reader of this series Nemesis Games takes The Expanse in an eye opening new direction and is easily the best book in the series thus far. I loved getting the perspectives from each of the view of the Rocinante I also loved splitting them up so we can see a little of what they re like outside of Holden s orbit My only quibble would be that the story arc leaves me hanging which in show business I believe is called leaving me wanting Which ultimately is a good thing but damn All of the Expanse novels have left you on a hook for the next one but never as intensely as this one I don t think SO MANY MYSTERIES ALL THE MYSTERIES This is as good as it gets Can t expect everyone to be on the same page We re still humans after all Some percentage of us are always going to be assholesNaomi Nagata Nemesis GamesBoy, that escalated quickly I mean, that really got out of hand fastRon Burgundy Anchorman The Legend of Run BurgundyAfter their latest misadventure the Rocinante is in need of extensive repairs that will keep the ship sidelined as the crew finds itself with a variety of personal matters that need their attention so they split up and head to different spots all over the solar system Unfortunately, one of them gets caught up in an elaborate trap that will have a devastating and long range impact The Expanse novels have been about big events potentially changing the future of humanity, but these things have been done against a backdrop that fundamentally hasn t changed The political and military organizations have remained mostly stable, and a large part of the story is about the reaction by those powers to what s going on What happens here is particularly sneaky on the part of the authors who make up the James S.A Corey name because this is the point where they ve kicked over the table and upset the entire game That makes sense because by their 9 book timeline this is where we cross the halfway point so we re firmly in the second act which is where things traditionally get dark for the heroes of any kind of story What s shocking here is the extent of the damage done, and it s made even disturbing that even those who have generally been portrayed as being the most powerful and savviest characters get caught flat footed Once again, that makes sense in the greater context of The Expanse because one of its on going themes is how short sighted selfish people can always draw attention away from larger threats and find a way to fight over things even as humanity should be on the brink of a new age of limitless exploration and expansion This is especially been built up as part of an increasingly good job of developing villains At the start of the series the third party subjective nature of shifting the point of view around a handful of characters sometimes made the threats seem vague or to come out of nowhere Since the third book the authors have done a much better job of finding ways to put a face on the bad guys, and they ve got a knack for creating a particular brand of smug self absorbed jerkfaces who are masters of developing rationalizations for their actions.Another selling point here is that at this point in the series we re fully invested in our main characters Or at least I assume that anyone who is reading the 5th book of 500 page novels cares at least a little bit about these guys By scattering the crew of the Roci around and making them the narrators who carry the story, it not only brings a lot of the epic scale down to a relatable level, it also sets up a near guarantee in emotional investment Even as they re going through different trails and tribulations they all have one goal, to get back to their ship and each other That s the hook that carries off this whole thing because it s what all the readers want, too.I could nitpick a bit about how some of the coincidences seem a bit much or that the novella The Churn probably should have been boiled down to backstory for this one rather than selling it as a extra by itself But overall I m just having too much fun with this series to gripe much other than bitching about how now I gotta wait until the summer of 2016 for the next book I just hope I don t get Dark Towered on this thing. 4.75We re not making any official statements, especially when James Holden s in the room No offense, but your track record for blurting information at inopportune moments is the stuff of legendOK, this was awesome I think after the short story The Churn , which was all about how Amos got to be who he is and where he is, this is my favorite book of the series so far It was everything you want from a Science Fiction Space Opera Drama And none of that manufactured stuff either, it was all plot and characterization, pure entertainment gold It is great to be back with the crew of the Rocinante, Amos, Alex, Naomi and of course, our none too bright but earnest and lovable Earther James Holden He seemed to be in particularly good shape this time aroundWhat did you do Fred asked There was a button, Holden said I pushed it Jesus Christ That really is how you go through life, isn t itYep, that is our Holden, who somehow, miraculously is still alive and has build a reputation for himself and his crew, as the guy who is always in the middle of things and comes out on the right side of every conflict That has brought a ton of popularity and quite undeserved hero worship or hatred, depending on the point of view, for a dude that speaks and acts before he thinks Making things worse is the fact that his shipmates are loyal and love each other like a family, so they all feel like they have to follow in his footsteps and have his back, thus getting themselves constantly in trouble on his behalfHere s the thing, Amos said If you did go in there, you might feel like you had to do something And then I might feel like I had to do something And then we d all be doing things, and we d all wind up having a worse day, just in generalWell, after couple of rough years, the Rocinante is in the shop for repairs and it will take months to get her back into shape The crew is restless and it seems all of them see their vacation time differently Alex goes back to Mars to see if he can have a closure with his ex, Amos goes back to Earth after receiving the news of a close person having passed away, and Naomi receives a mysterious com from some Belter dude named Marcus and takes off for places unknown, asking Holden to let her keep it private until she comes back All three promise they will be back, but this brings on strong the fact that the crew is less than bare bones and they need to hire at least couple of people However, first, they have to deal with their problems separately and we get to see all four POV s and what they go through I loved thatAlien super weapons were used, Alex said, walking into the room, sleep sweaty hair standing out from his skull in every direction The laws of physics were altered, mistakes were madeA very militant wing of the Belter Uprising start a series of atrocities toward not only Earth, but Mars and all establishment, including the Belter OP, and of course our gang, though separately, get in the middle of the problem The situation also involves the best UN politician with the worst potty mouth, Avasarala, her counterpart on the Belt and Holden s off and on friend Fred Johnson, and our favorite Martian Marine Bobbie is back I love all of them so much, it was such a treat having them once again ready to rumble No one puts things in such a colorful and memorable way as our grandmotherly UN politicianAlso, Nathan, if you re listening, and I assume you are, I m the best and only friend you ve got Give her permission to share what she has, or I swear to God I ll have you turning tricks out of a prefab shed on the side of the highway I m trying to save humanity hereAs much as I enjoyed the humor, most of this book concerns some hard self explorations by all of our heroes, as well as really horrible losses for humanity At times I was left feeling like no matter how many brilliant things Humanity comes up with, we will always find reasons and ways to hurt, humiliate, or annihilate each other, and this is just so very depressing Since things got really bad here, I cannot wait to see what the authors do with the follow up, since things are left very bleak by the end of this book I am so tempted to just go straight into the next one, but I know I have to pace myself, or book burn out is sure to followCan t expect everyone to be on the same page We re still humans after all Some percentage of us are always going to be assholesI would recommend this series to all fans of Science Fiction and good, exciting, heart thumping entertainment all together Now I wish you all Happy Reading and may you always find what you Need in the pages of a Good Book