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Good book Penelope is the single mother of a teenage boy They moved to Shady Grove from California to start over after her divorce Her son, Andrew, isn t happy about the move and leaving his friends behind and has been a royal pain in the behind One day, after another exchange of words with Andrew before he storms off, Penelope indulged in a little too much wine, then attempted to use the gas grill Leo is one of the firefighters who responded to the neighbor s 911 call.Once he realized that she was alright, Leo was pretty amused by Penelope Her precise speech and habit of talking with her hands fascinated him, especially once he realized she was drunk, not injured He was also attracted to her I enjoyed seeing him make excuses to stick around a little bit longer to make sure she was okay.I enjoyed the development of their relationship Penelope was shocked when Leo showed up at her work to ask her out He s younger than she is and very good looking, but she doesn t see any point in their going out It was a rather painful scene, especially for Leo He s not used to be turned down flat when he asks a woman out, and Penelope was pretty blunt I also thought she was a bit obnoxious in her response to him it seemed like she had no interest in even being polite It got even worse when Penelope discovered that Andrew had lied his way onto the school football team, for which Leo is the coach That confrontation among the three of them was loud and antagonistic, at least from Penelope and Andrew I had a lot of respect for Leo because he kept his cool It was interesting to see the deal that they ended up working out among the three of them It also gave Leo his chance to get to know Penelope It was pretty sweet to see how much they did have in common and how the attraction and feelings between them grew.But Penelope has a major stumbling block to anything serious with Leo, and that is Andrew Because of his serious illness as a child, Penelope has become extremely overprotective Andrew is the be all and end all of her life, and she lets him walk all over her There was a horrible scene when Andrew realized what was going on between his mom and Leo I liked the way that Leo dealt with Andrew and his attitude He also had some blunt words for Penelope about her attitude I wanted to shake her until she saw the truth, and ached for Leo when she walked away I loved the event that opened her eyes and her reaction when she did It was great to see her finally stand up for herself It was nice to see that it was the woman having to admit to being an idiot, and Penelope s big moment at the end was great.Now, for Andrew No doubt about it, he was a brat for most of the book His crappy attitude toward his mom was really obnoxious, especially considering how she had cared for him when he was sick Yes, she was overprotective and a bit controlling, but a better attitude might have been able to change some of that He was also manipulative, and I loved seeing Leo call him on that instance of it At first, I thought his friendship with Gracie was going to have a good effect on him, but he even managed to screw that up I loved seeing her confront him over his actions He got a real wakeup call from his mom at the end, and it was encouraging to see the effect on him. 3.5 stars I have such a soft spot for Beth Andrews this book, like many others, features a person who is complicated and not necessarily likeable That s so unusual in a romance, but so like life I enjoyed that Penelope s strengths her love for her son her sense of structure and order were also her weaknesses There is one thing I always find frustrating about Andrews writing, and it was in this book too the ends are SO quick I yearn for adeveloped conclusion, for a sense of the couple s next steps I am forever looking at the pages left in the book with a sense of worry, because I know the resolution will view spoiler happen in 3 4 of a page and just wrap up too too quickly for me hide spoiler To read this review and others like it check out my site at www.homelovebooks.com I do love a romance with a firefighter, not really sure why, but I love me a good firefighter So this is the fifth book in the series, so I was a little bit worried that jumping in this late in the game, but it s a stand alone romance so I went for it So I have to say that I didn t really like Penelope I wanted to, I really did, it just didn t happen for me So first a little bit about her, she is a single mom of a teenager boy he s sixteen I believe , and he wasn t always the healthiest kid It s easy to understand why Penelope would be overprotective of her son considering the amount of time they spent in a hospital fighting for him to life That being said, she actually came offweepy then over protective She goes out of her way not to have a life, and the only thing her life is about is her kid She meets Leo after over indulging in some wine and having a bit of an accident with a grill, and the most memorable part of that meeting is that her neighbor is super annoying, even for a teenager At the end of the day Penelope is way too much inside her head, and a little bit to boring for me Now it took me a while to get a good feel for Leo When we first meet him he is at a family get together, and I assume after reading that first scene that the other books must have dealt with Leo s family members because there was way too much information about them then was needed, and was almost a little confusing Also Leo kind of came off as a jerk because of his interactions with his sister, but I was willing to give him a pass and see how I felt about him as the book goes on He seems like a good guy, he s a little too aware that he is a good looking guy, but other then that he s perfectly fine I easily liked him a lotthen I liked Penelope At the end of the day I wish I had liked this bookI mean it s hard to get behind a romance when I don t really bond with one of the characters Having the kids point of view was an interesting turn of events, but that s about it If you have already read this author or this series you might want to check this book out. A Shady Grove story, Leo Montesano is a firefighter who cares too much when he loses a victim of a car accident Penelope Denning recognizes his hotness, but knows she s way out of her depth and could never be someone he might want to get to know better She s wrong, which sends her spinning nighttime fantasies and her teenage son into further nastiness at the thought that his mother could actually be someone his football coach wants to date Eewww When Drew is attracted to the girl next door who isn t one of the in crowd, he has to fight his own attraction to her even as he tries to fit in with the other kids Real life complications abound in this tale, revealing both how teenagers screw up, even when they might have had a good excuse, such as having almost died from leukemia But isn t it about time Drew gets on with life and stops blaming his mom for not having a perfect life And, isn t it time Penelope started living her own life and demanding that her 16 year old take responsibility for his own happiness When Leo asks her that question, she kicks him out of her house and her life, only to learn that Leo has kicked Drew off the football team when he stopped playing to help the team Life sucks, doesn t it Each of these individuals has to accept that they can t control everything When they do, HEA happens or does it Read and find out for yourself. The author does a particularly nice job with character motivation Penelope s slightly smothering care and Andrews s teen angst are well drawn RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.Miniseries In Shady Grove &READ EBOOK ↵ Charming the Firefighter (In Shady Grove, #5) ⇔ Look Who She Attracted One Glance At The Hot Firefighter Who Responds To A MisguidedCall And Penelope Denning Knows She S Out Of Her Depth Leo Montesano Is A Charmer With An Exciting Career She S An Accountant Focused On Getting Her Son Through His Teenage Years Yet Leo Is Definitely Pursuing Her How Can She Possibly Resist As The Attraction Between Them Ignites, Penelope Discovers A Wild Side She Never Knew The Passion Makes Her Think About A Future Beyond This Affair, Until Her Real Life Interrupts And When She S Convinced She Must Choose Her Son Over Romance, Leo Does Something She Never Expects