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This one surprised me with the heat level I haven t read Harlequin Blaze recently, and this was the most explicit Harlequin I ve ever read The heroine was kooky, lighthearted, and didn t want emotional involvement, only a temporary fling with a hot guy She was dismayed to realize she had fallen in love with him, because she meant to return to California after a month I ll have to try Isabel Sharpe again. @KINDLE ç Some Like It Hotter ñ She Takes Hers Tall, Dark And Extra Hot To Coffee Shop Owner Eva Meyer, The California Coast Is Beautiful, Mellow And Boring The Solution Swapping Lives And Coffee Shops With Her Twin Sister For One Month Now Eva S Settled In The Bustling Big Apple, Where She Can Order Anything Anytime And What Eva Really Wants Is The Extra Hot, Topped With Whipped Cream Sexiness That Is Ames Cooke While Eva Is Convinced She S Found Her Perfect Cup Of Delicious Man, Ames Isn T Quite Sure What To Do With The Quirky Little Number Who S Charged Into His Life He S Supposed To Be Attracted To Someone Cool And Reserved Like Her Sister But Eva Has The Unnerving Ability To Turn Things Seriously Hot And Steamy Besides, It S Only For One Month And Like Every Good Coffee Addict, Ames Can Stop Whenever He Chooses This was surely a different read I usually read about the guy pursuing the girl not the other way so that was refreshing Also not to mention the fact the girl was completely out there with her personality matched with her style of clothing At first i found the author s prose a bit difficult to follow, but after finishing it, it was a good match to the style, premise and characters of the story When I started this book.I was bored with it.I almost stopped reading it midway through it but I am glad I kept reading it.It got pleasingly better theI read it.This book is romantic and sexy and I can t wait to read Chris s story when it comes out.This book is very good. Punctuated by descriptive and passionate love scenes and a truly enjoyable pairing, Some Like it Hotter is one of thememorable Blazes of the year so far, certainly priming readers for Chris forthcoming installment RT Book Reviews, 4 1 2 stars TOP PICK.Miniseries From Every Angle Before this book, I read book number one and four in the Harlequin Blaze bundle Maybe that was why this book didn t do it for me I couldn t help but compare it to the others and it fell short I can t believe I m saying this, because I m usually all for the strong female characters, but Eva was just too much I guess I just like to read romances where the man is the pursuer Then there was the double storylines I d have preferred it if the sister s story had been told either completely separate from Eva s, or parallell with it Sarah Mayberry has done this sort of thing brilliantly in several of her books, just hinting at the other sister s brother s friend s budding romance This book had its moments, but I m afraid I ll have to give it 2 stars, as it was an ok read for me. Sex scenes are seriously hot I usually love her work, but found the female characters so annoying I could not get past the character intros in the first couple of chapters and quick skimmed the final 75% of the book The Calif girl was an airhead who was sweetly arrogant and pushy she put my teeth on edge so much that I could not get into the rest of the book I know the plot was setting up twins with opposite personalities, but the descriptions of the snotty NY twin and the NY roommate just made me question why would I care about and readabout these people and their lives I suppose I might have come to enjoy them, but there are so many books on my reading list, I don t want to force myself to finish a book just because I purchased it Disappointed.